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Hillary thinking that cropped hair could cover all her lies

#DayWithoutAWoman March: Let’s talk about Hillary’s hair

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By —— Bio and Archives March 11, 2017

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, Hillary Clinton wore a new short bobbed hair do with bangs.  International Women’s Day march leader, anti-Israel, pro Sharia activist Linda Sarsour, wore handcuffs.

“Linda Sarsour and other activists involved with the Women’s March’s #DayWithoutAWoman have been arrested in New York City, the Women’s March account and A Plus reporter Isaac Saul reported on Twitter. (Fader)

After convening at 59th and 5th, on the southeast corner of Central Park, protesters marched down 59th Street towards Trump International Hotel on Wednesday. NYPD soon arrived and gave dispersal orders. According to Saul, “Police gave several warnings to disperse. Sarsour and others refused, one was taken to the ground.”

While Sarsour and other activists were depicted sitting in a paddy wagon waiting to be booked, Clinton was much more comfortable at the Vital Voice Global Leadership Awards at the the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C, though she made a great pretence of the worldwide fear felt for the “public activism seen in the face of Donald Trump’s most controversial acts since becoming president”.

“As we all stop to look fear in the face, the result has not only been action, but passion,” she told the female leaders assembled.” (Vanity Fair, March 9, 2017)

“She also made headlines for her new haircut: a short bob with bangs.”

Take that, oh fright-to-females-everywhere Donald Trump!

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary couldn’t ward her opponent off with screeching and not by fainting, but the whole world must have been waiting with bated breath for the Women’s Day debut of her latest hairdo.

“Clinton’s hair has been the source of headlines for decades. Despite years of public service and a résumé of accomplishments, people still love to talk about the changes happening on the top of her head—and she knows it. She turned the joke around on the press in 1995 when she quipped, “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” Clinton most likely knew Wednesday that people would be dissecting her new bangs, but she didn’t let that distract her from delivering a speech on the importance of gender equality. (Vanity Fair)

That’s 27 years ago that we didn’t remember but power-mad Hillary did.

“Gender equality” is Hillary’s signature issue.

Hillary’s clinging to gender as a passport to power.  To her way of thinking, Bob’s not your uncle but your Auntie Bobette, or perhaps something in between.

“The former presidential candidate spoke through her clothes as well, wearing another red pantsuit to show her solidarity with those who participated in the Day Without a Woman strike. She wore a different one a day earlier while delivering a speech to Girls Inc. in New York, where she discussed supporting young women who strive for political careers.  (Vanity Fair)

“In D.C. Clinton spoke to an audience of female leaders and focused on the importance of maintaining hope for the future of gender equality. “Never lose your optimism, your persistence, and your resistance,” she told them. “We can build the future we envisioned when we started on this journey with Vital Voices two decades ago, for women, for girls around the world, and for us here at home.”


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All Hillary Clinton had to do to regain lost limelight on International Women’s Day was to get her hair cut.

Hillary did it, Michelle Obama did it and a million and one suffragettes did it.  Cut their hair in allegiance to an ism they call feminism, that is.

As someone said about a Sarsour picture now travelling over the Internet, “Oh the irony of this picture!, a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab telling American women they’re oppressed.”

It’s right up there with Hillary thinking that cropped hair could cover all her lies.

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