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Dianne Feinstein Leaked Testimony to Get Ahead of Bombshell Obama Spying Scandal

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By -- Rush Limbaugh —— Bio and Archives January 12, 2018

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Jan 11, 2018


RUSH: So Dianne Feinstein releases in rogue fashion the transcript of that flake that runs Fusion GPS. She did it in violation of an agreement she had with the Republican chairman of the committee, Charles Grassley of Iowa, and she’s had I think three excuses now for why she did it.

Greetings friends, great to have you. El Rushbo here from behind the EIB microphone as we head on down the busy broadcast week.

Speaking of crazy excuses, her first example, her first reason was that she just did it on her own because she felt like it. I’m paraphrasing there. She said she just felt like it. She was getting a little frustrated out there at the lack of progress so she just did it. And then she said she was pressured into releasing the transcript. We don’t know by who or by what, but she was pressured and that didn’t work. That didn’t fly.—More…

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