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The arrival of yesterday’s ‘package’/‘letter’ to Vanessa Trump should serve as a warning of the hate-fuelled times in which we now find ourselves

Did Sender of White Powder   ‘Letter’ to a Trump Residence Include a Hidden Message?

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By —— Bio and Archives February 13, 2018

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Did Sender of White Powder   ‘Letter’ to a Trump Residence  Include a Hidden Message?
Ignored by the mainstream media, but worthy of note is that the ‘letter’ containing a suspicious substance that mother of five Vanessa Trump would open,  just happened to arrive on the Birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.

This is the same MSM that continues to downplay or ridicule the multiple threats and death wishes sent President Donald Trump’s way.

“The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. but sent to a Sutton Place home, which he owns, but in which his mother-in-law lives, according to CBS New York. She gave the letter to Vanessa, who opened it and reported discovering the substance. An N.Y.P.D. spokesperson said that the substance was non-hazardous, though it had been taken to a lab for further analysis. Two others in the residence were also taken to the hospital. (Vanity Fair, Feb.. 12, 2018)

Though the MSM will have a field day reporting that the contents of the letter was only cornstarch or some other harmless substance,  five people died from Anthrax contact in the weeks following 9/11.

“The Secret Service only stated that a “suspicious package” was sent to “one of our protectees” and declined to comment further. (Vanity Fair)

Notice how the Secret Service described the mail opened by Mrs. Trump as a “suspicious package” while the MSM majority are calling it a “letter”?

In any case, after evaluation at a New York City hospital following the anthrax scare, Mrs. Trump returned home to her loved ones.

Thank God for that!

But when are the agencies tasked with the job of protecting the president and his family from death threats and calls for physical harm that have increased since November 8, 2016 going to act on them?

Was there a subtle message intended by the letter/package sender that would arrive on the day when President Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated?

The message being that President Lincoln’s life was ended by assassination.

Some of the similarities between presidents Lincoln and Trump are striking.

Both men were surrounded and are surrounded by backstabbers and traitors in deeply troubled administrations.

President Trump has not been allowed to do the job for which he was duly elected and has been beleaguered by under cover operators,  including the FBI, DoJ and left overs from the Obama era ever since his Inauguration.

President Lincoln’s entire presidency was concerned with a horrific war not of his own making, while his personal life included the heartbreak of the untimely deaths of two of his three children.

Most tragically,  just five days after the end of the Civil War, when he should have been able to get on with the job of rebuilding the nation, President Lincoln was cruelly gunned down by a fanatic who hated him and all that he stood for.

The arrival of yesterday’s ‘package’/‘letter’ to Vanessa Trump should serve as a warning of the hate-fuelled times in which we now find ourselves.

Ignore the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, Barack’s painted by an artist who has a great fondness for painting black women beheading white women.

The inherent lurking problems of our day leave no time for the lamenting of art or pretty pictures.

Storm Heaven with prayers for the safety of the progressive/left-besieged President Donald Trump and his

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