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A hard right tailwind is blowing in from Europe. The Republican Party must hold absolutely firm on border security and immigration

EU Multicultural Blues

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By —— Bio and Archives January 26, 2018

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EU Multicultural Blues
Oh, No, not Emmanuel Macron too! The French election was suppose to show the liberal world order was not collapsing. At least if you ignore the massacre of liberal Social Democrats in every single voting district across France. The media proclaimed that the populist wave that brought Brexit and Trump was over.

But President Macron has turned as hard right on immigration as Marine Le Pen, denouncing open borders, stepping up expulsions of those denied asylum, expanding state power to fight terrorism in a bill passed in October, and planning to toughen France’s immigration policy in a bill to be debated in 2018.

The rebuke of multiculturalism is stunning

Macron said New Year’s Eve “There must be rules. It’s indispensable that we check the identities of everyone, and when someone arrives in our country who is not eligible for asylum and has no chance of getting French citizenship, we can’t accept that they stay for months, years, in an irregular situation good for neither them nor the country.” (TWAAIV 12/31/17) An Anglo-French agreement to beef up the Calais border wall was reached in January 2018. Mayors in France do not create sanctuary cities, in December seven mayors instead wrote an open letter pleading for federal migrant help.

The rebuke of multiculturalism is stunning. American leftists have for years worshipped European liberalism. Remember when they would begin every conversation with ‘Do you know that in Europe they ...?’ Are they looking now? Europeans are fighting back against the tyranny of the Brussels bureaucrats and winning. A 2013 poll showed Europeans oblivious to immigration and security concerns. Since then the open borders and immigration mantra of the Left have brought disaster. A 2017 poll shows immigration and security exploding to 55% top priority across the continent. An EU Parliament poll puts terrorism at the top of concerns.

immigration and security exploding to 55% top priority

Looking at the EU election calendar more disaster for the Left is coming

The result is leftists losses in every election. Austria’s right nationalist Freedom Party was sworn in on Monday December 18th. Czech Republic voted hard right in October, joining Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in resistance to EU liberalism. In five major national EU elections held since March, the traditional social democratic parties have collectively lost a total of 368 seats. Down from 35 percent, once-mainstream social democratic or labor parties now collectively occupy fewer than 15 percent of the seats in Dutch, French, German, Austrian and Czech lower houses of government. German elections saw the rise of Alternative For Germany from nothing to the third largest party.

The 2015 EU mandatory immigration quota scheme is today met with open defiance. EU Brussels unelected bureaucrats are making threats but the resistance has grown to four countries known as the Visegr√°d Group; Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Austria may join them and as the incoming Presidency of the EU Council starting July 2018, Austria will have agenda setting powers. Politico EU reports that the Visegr√°d Group relocated only 28 refugees in a mandatory quota of over 11,000. Just before Christmas the EU gave the Polish government three months to change policies or face fines, loss of voting rights and a cut-off of funds; the most aggressive act against a member state in the EU’s history. But Hungary pledges to veto any move against Poland. In Switzerland as of January 1, 2018 citizenship law requires abiding by Swiss law and order, posing no threat to the country, being well integrated and participating in Swiss economic, social and linguistic life. A new initiative to limit immigration to Switzerland has been launched. Looking at the EU election calendar more disaster for the Left is coming. Facing a March 4th, 2018 election the Italian governing leftist Democratic Party (PD) is polling far behind both the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and a center-right coalition. Immigration is the number one issue.


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The big wet kiss of the secular, gay rights, feminist Left and fundamentalist Islam is the most bizarre alliance ever

Multiculturalism requires swallowing whole every bad culture and idea on the planet. The big wet kiss of the secular, gay rights, feminist Left and fundamentalist Islam is the most bizarre alliance ever. The multicultural mush that ‘all cultures are equally valid’ explains this absurdity. If Islam is anti-Western and violently intolerant then multiculturalism is a fraud. So no evidence is ever enough to dissuade the true liberal believers. There can be no exceptions so the Left will forever blame terrorism on Western policy, dismiss the threat as minor, attribute attacks to a few extremists, claim terrorists are defeating themselves, etc. Whether by design or folly; led by fifth columnists, appeasers, idealists or the clueless the Left is out to destroy the West. The word ‘assimilate’ is not in their vocabulary. Leftist dogma is that outsiders should not adopt our values, be they communists, tribalists, or Islamic devotees of Sharia law. See Swiss law above.

President Trump gave a speech in Saudi Arabia calling for the reform of Islam that was better received by Muslims in Riyadh than by the anointed elites. Muslims are probably more open to the reform and moderation of Islam than liberal intellectuals. President al-Sisi of Egypt has also called for reform. Obama would not meet with President al-Sisi, choosing instead diplomatic relations with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. But President Trump has meet President al-Sisi twice. What role can the Left play? Zero. Nothing. Nada. They see no problem so can never offer solution. Are Sufi Muslims moderate and Wahhabis rigid fundamentalists? Never ask a leftist, they are incapable of answering such questions.

Multiculturalism is childish naivety, born of elitist egotism and anti-Western self-loathing. It is held together by politically correct censored speech. Today conservatives are liberal on free speech and the Left are PC insult driven anti-free speech fascists. But the dam has broken in Europe and multiculturalists are being swept away in a free speech tsunami.

The only requirement of government is to provide for the common security. Cynical Democrats calculate stacking the electorate with mass immigration, but a hard right tailwind is blowing in from Europe. The Republican Party must hold absolutely firm on border security and immigration

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