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Chis is a retired, married, mountain bike racer. Chris has had articles published at Wisconsin Interest and a few months ago one at American Thinker. Chris refers to myself as just ‘free lance writer’.

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EU Multicultural Blues

Jan 26, 2018 — Chris Kemble

EU Multicultural Blues
Oh, No, not Emmanuel Macron too! The French election was suppose to show the liberal world order was not collapsing. At least if you ignore the massacre of liberal Social Democrats in every single voting district across France. The media proclaimed that the populist wave that brought Brexit and Trump was over.

But President Macron has turned as hard right on immigration as Marine Le Pen, denouncing open borders, stepping up expulsions of those denied asylum, expanding state power to fight terrorism in a bill passed in October, and planning to toughen France’s immigration policy in a bill to be debated in 2018.