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But a funny thing has happened to Trudeau on his way to Marrakesh. The French Carbon Tax Revolt against his bosom buddy President Macron has suffered a major setback scored as an unexpected historic victory of the ‘yellow jackets’.

Going to take more than riding flagrant hatred of Trump for “liberal international order” to remain

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By —— Bio and Archives December 4, 2018

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Going to take more than riding flagrant hatred of Trump for liberal international order to remain in power
Why would Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau be wiling to blow more than half a billion dollars on a left-leaning media already in the tank for him?

Just like the country next door’s, the Canadian media is overwhelmingly left-leaning, and from the $1-billion-a-year taxpayer-subsidized Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) down through the media ranks, is already in Trudeau’s back pocket.

“Watching from the country next door how the American media, which supplies a 90-plus-percent negative coverage of all things President Donald Trump, and whose blatant intent is to drive him out of office, Trudeau wants a 90% left-leaning media in place for Canada’s upcoming 2019 federal election. (Canada Free Press Nov. 23, 2018)

“Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants an American-like,  left-leaning mainstream media for Canada—and is investing more than half a billion taxpayers’ dollars to get it.”

Only a Trust Fund Baby, which Justin Trudeau is, courtesy of his late, fabulously wealthy father Pierre Elliott Trudeau, would so cavalierly throw more than half a billion dollars at a mainstream and social media already in the tank with him.

Could it be that enough Liberal Canadian media are tottering on the brink of bankruptcy and Trudeau aims to keep them around at least until after his reelection in 2019?

Many news outlets in both Canada and the U.S. are failing in an era where both print and internet media face major and continuing declining advertising and traffic.

Online Conservative Media, firmly suppressed by social media, is no threat to Trudeau, and won’t be until and unless social media lets them out of the sandbox.

Canadians will go to the voting polls in a 2019 federal general election at a time when Trust Fund Baby Trudeau has already bought off the media.

Canadian Liberals don’t seem to be aware that the Canadian masses realize that buying the media is equivalent to buying reelection.

It was in December of 2016 that former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden tagged Trudeau as the new leader of the West, saying that he “must be a champion of the Liberal International Order”.

“The progress is going to be made but it’s going to take men like you Mr. Prime Minister, who understand it has to fit within the context of a liberal economic order, a liberal international order, where there’s basic rules of the road.” (Joe Biden, Dec. 8, 2016)

Edged into victory by top members of former President Barack Obama’s campaign team, Trudeau, married with children, self-identifies as a ‘feminist’.

As time was to prove, Trudeau has been living up to the image to which Biden called him, going on to befriending French President Emmanuel Macron as a “brother”.

These are only some of Trudeau’s deposits to the “liberal international order” to date:

In 2017, he paid out $10-million from the public purse to convicted terrorist Omar Khan, getting away with it courtesy of CBC lionizing and the Conservative Opposition choosing to wait until after summer holidays before addressing the issue.

In October of 2018, he legalized recreational use of marijuana.

It was only weeks before investing more than half a billion dollars in the Canadian media when dictatorial Trudeau publicly defended a decision by Statistics Canada to compel banks and financial institutions to release the personal transaction data of 500,000 people without their consent.


Continued below...

“Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen grilled Trudeau during question period Monday following a report by Global News that revealed Statistics Canada is asking the country’s nine largest banks for the transaction data of 500,000 randomly chosen Canadians, including everything from bill payments to cash withdrawals from ATMs to credit card payments and even account balances. (Global News, Oct.29, 2018)

“StatCan has said it has the legal authority to do so — even without informing Canadians or getting their consent — in order to build a personal information data bank to analyze  things like consumer trends and spending habits.

“With a long history of government privacy breaches, Canadians are rightly worried,” Bergen said. “Why are the Liberals collecting the personal data of Canadians without telling them?”

“Trudeau said his government would ensure that all personal information would be protected and the anonymized data will be used for statistical purposes only.”

Canada, one of only two countries worldwide where assisted suicide is now the norm,  has doctors who are proposing euthanizing disabled children. (LifeNews, Dec. 3, 2018)

Currently Biden protégé Justin Trudeau is gung-ho in leading the charge for the United Nations Global Compact On Migration in Marrakesh, Morocco on Friday, advising sovereign nations that Canada could lead the world in resettling refugees by 2020.

But a funny thing has happened to Trudeau on his way to Marrakesh.  The French Carbon Tax Revolt against his bosom buddy President Macron has suffered a major setback scored as an unexpected historic victory of the ‘yellow jackets’.  (Fox News, Dec. 4, 2018)

It’s a new day with the first positive proof that it will now take far more than riding on flagrant hatred of Donald Trump for members of the “liberal international order”  to remain in power.

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