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Publicity is everything for those who want to remain relevant

Hating Trump Making the Lib-Left Rich

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By —— Bio and Archives December 29, 2017

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Hating Trump Making the Lib-Left Rich
Running neck and neck with the Donald Trump-led America recovery known as MAGA, the Entertainment Industry has its own recovery program called ‘Make a Public Display of Hating Trump To Return Us To Rich and Famous Again’.

For myriad Hollywood Has-Beens and fast fading stars, hating Trump is the only way out of the Dem Dumpster in which they now find themselves.

Without the notoriety of Trump to heap their hatred upon, the far left who finds its heart is the Entertainment Industry would DUBA (Dry Up and Blow Away). Oh, Happy, Happy Day when it finally comes!

Now that public figures like Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore et al don’t seem to be doing so well from the proceeds of their own star power, they are calling publicity to themselves, a kind of publicity guaranteed to boost their bottom line.

From just doing the right thing with MAGA,  President Trump has inadvertently created a cottage industry for his enemies,  one that pays dividends to fading entertainers whose only talent comes from outrageous unproven sexual harassment accusations.

Opportunity doesn’t just knock on the door of of entertainers the public doesn’t want to see or hear anymore, it’s turned around to ram down the doors of anyone who can provide the publicity guaranteed from fallacious charges of sexual misconduct.

And it’s not just the entertainment industry that’s going ga-ga in revving up the money that comes from rampant publicity because it It’s been happening at the same time in Trump-hating Media Land.

...“Trump’s presidency has been a bonanza for the media, delivering record ratings, subscriptions and web traffic, with the president’s admirers and detractors all lapping up coverage about him. ()

Everyone’s in on the Big Gains from Publicity Act, not the least of whom is special counsel leader Robert Mueller who has recently backtracked to indict Paul John Manafort Jr. a second time.

Writer Daniel Greenfield is spot on when he describes Mueller as “the guy who put the Washington Post and CNN in the black, whose investigation keeps lefty hopes for overturning the election results alive, but has to keep delivering something. (FrontPageMag, Dec. 27, 2017)

“Unfortunately he’s running out of material.

“The only purpose of his investigation is to provide fodder for a possible Dem majority to impeach President Trump. His investigation is based on a conspiracy theory invented by the Clinton campaign and utilized for actual criminal eavesdropping by the Obama administration.”

“Paul John Manafort Jr. is an American lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer. He joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team in March 2016 and served as campaign manager from June to August 2016.” ( Wikipedia)

In short, anyone connected to Trump, even if only for two months as his campaign manager, is worth indicting not once but twice.

It’s now Round Two for former, short term Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski:

“A singer and potential congressional candidate said Tuesday that she has filed a sexual assault complaint against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager for hitting her twice on her buttocks during a Washington gathering in November. (Times, Dec. 27, 2017)

“Joy Villa, a Trump backer who wore a “Make America Great Again” dress at the Grammys this year, said she plans to meet with detectives in Washington next week about the complaint against Corey Lewandowski.

“In a phone interview from Tampa, Florida, Villa said she was initially reluctant to come forward because she was worried about any backlash. But she said she called Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department on Christmas Eve after a friend who witnessed the incident spoke about it publicly, and other friends urged her to come forward.


Continued below...

“I didn’t know him at all,” Villa said about Lewandowski. “I only knew him by reputation. He broke my trust.”

“This is not the first time Lewandowski has been accused of assault. During the campaign, he was charged with battery for grabbing former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. The case was eventually dropped, and Lewandowski maintained the support of Trump and his campaign team throughout. (Vox, Dec. 27, 2017)

“Villa has told reporters she is considering a congressional bid in either New York, Florida or California, and Trump himself has publicly supported it. Her allegations come at a national flashpoint for awareness of sexual harassment and assault. Lewandowski joins a list of more than 100 high-profile allegations against powerful people in media, entertainment and politics in recent months—a list that includes Trump, who has been accused of more than a dozen instances of sexual misconduct.” (Time)

With Mueller’s Special Counsel operation losing credibility, the progressive left have no choice but to hang onto their high-profile sexual harassment allegations, which have, just as was expected, boomeranged again back to President Trump.

The shock-a-holics are quietly snowbound during the holiday break but we can count on them coming back with a big BOOM! any day when the snow is gone.

Publicity is everything for those who want to remain relevant.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and fiancé Meghan Markle are contemplating the biggest photo op of all time for a post-presidential Barack Obama with an invite to their May wedding.

How romantic of them!

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