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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

If It Doesn’t Bleed, Get David Axelrod to Astroturf It

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By —— Bio and Archives January 6, 2018

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Fire and Fury, If It Doesn't Bleed, Get David Axelrod to Astroturf It
When you’re trying to pass off outrageous claims in a book planned to make you rich, make sure you get David Axelrod to “astroturf” it before it’s ready to launch.

The formula is as surefire as it is simple.

Write all the rot you can possibly think of while holed up in the White House West Wing;  make claims you have videos to back it up, then get former Obama advisor David Axelrod to astroturf it as legit.

For a dose of reality of what Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff is really up to, take a gander at this:

“Axelrod, appearing on, “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” said, “Wolff is known to be an impressionistic writer, but even if there are embellishments in the way this information is presented, it’s a devastating portrait and it confirms a lot of fears that people had about the the unpreparedness of this president, the unpreparedness of his staff, and the mercurial nature of his personality in a job that requires steadfastness.” (Daily Caller, Jan 4, 2018)

The Cambridge English dictionary defines “impressionistic” as “giving a general view of something instead of particular details or facts”.

Convenient being “impressionistic” when you’re trying to take a president down by getting readers of a book to believe he’s “crazy”.

...“But even if there are embellishments in the way this information is presented, it’s a devastating portrait and it confirms a lot of fears that people had about the unpreparedness of this president”.

Really, Mr. Axelrod!


“Axelrod called the recent headlines surrounding an upcoming book on the Trump White House by Michael Wolff a “devastating development” on CNN Thursday.”

For sure that was the White House interloper-cum-author’s intention, but millions aren’t buying the “Trump’s crazy” meme.

“He continued, “And, you know, the real problem beyond reinforcing those fears, and I suspect by the way that those who love Trump will continue to love Trump, but the real problem is that it becomes a central story now and it will for some time at a time when, at a time when you know, this president was coming out of a break in which he was celebrating having passed a major piece of legislation, his tax cuts and seemed to be getting some footing and now this throws him right back again, and it is a devastating development for him.” (Daily Caller)

For good measure DailyCaller threw this in:

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Rollicking LOLs from the Peanut Gallery.Blame it on “astroturfing” that in a world where ‘Fake News’ best describes much of the mainstream media, gossip now masquerades as truth in the book publishing world.The spinner of tall tales needs no facts, only a fetid imagination and a willingness to go all the way into the gutter.No matter how salacious, no matter how scintillating, no matter how astroturfed, fiction is fiction.

Continued below...

Hearsay is heresy to truth

Hearsay is heresy to truth.

“Add Sean Hannity to the long list of pundits claiming that Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, which had its release date moved up four days to Friday, January 5, is a work of fiction. (Media Equalizer, Jan. 4, 2018)

“In the book Wolff claims that the Fox News host was reportedly willing to give President Trump interview questions in advance. The author wrote that White House insiders said Hannity was open to providing the questions he planned to ask during an interview before it took place. According to the excerpt, Trump conducted an interview with Hannity in the fall after he expressed his willingness to supply the questions in advance, a claim the TV and radio personality denies.

“I never provided questions ahead of time to President Trump and never said I was going to quit my longtime, successful TV and radio career to work for his administration,” Hannity said in a statement provided to The Hill through a network spokesperson.

“A person close to Hannity who spoke to The Hill on Thursday rhetorically questioned whether the staunch conservative, who is reportedly Fox’s highest-paid host and also has hosted a nationally-syndicated radio program for decades, would give up his lucrative salaries and influence for a job that pays little. “Do you really think he would give up his high-paying salary where he has massive influence to work for the government which pays next to nothing?”


Continued below...

“CNN’s Alisyn Camerota offered a hearty warning to prospective readers of the book Thursday, which includes allegations and accounts of palace intrigue in the West Wing, saying it “isn’t really journalism. We should mention that it sounds like Michael Wolff’s modus operandi was to let the people he interviewed spin yarns,” the ‘New Day’ co-host said, said regarding “Fire and Fury.”

“And then he didn’t necessarily fact-check them [interviews]. He didn’t necessarily need two sources,” she continued. “This isn’t really journalism. This is a very interesting read but in terms of the way he processed them [quotes], he admits in the author’s note that he let people tell their own stories and he printed them,” she concluded.”

Meanwhile, Wolff and Axelrod are about to find out that people don’t believe in embellished prose anymore.

They stopped believing in fairytales when a guy called Obama began fundamentally transforming America after being astroturfed as ‘the messiah’ back in 2008.

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