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Isn’t it time for America to Construire ce mur (build that wall) to protect its citizens from potential jihadists crossing the U.S. border from Justin Trudeau’s Canada?

Islamic Terrorist Threat From Canada Higher Than That coming from Mexico

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By —— Bio and Archives July 23, 2017

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Montana ranchers who live and work within feet of the longest international border on earth, the Canada-US border, had it right in November of 2015: the unsecured border the U.S. shares with Canada should be a bigger worry than the Mexican one.

...“In Montana, which shares a 500-mile (800-km) border with Canada, border agents and some residents say they are concerned about Ottawa’s plan to bring in 25,000 Syrians by year-end, even though the government there insists its screening will be thorough and there are limited indications that militants may be seeking to use refugee status to cross borders. (Canada Free Press, Nov. 27, 2015)

“The world’s longest shared land border attracts a fraction of U.S. attention and security resources taken up by the much shorter southern border with Mexico, which is patrolled by 18,000 U.S. border agents compared to 2,200 in the north.” (Reuters, Nov. 25, 2015)

In November of 2015, the worry was the 10,000 unvetted Syrian “refugees” being flown into Canada by the year’s end, from flooding over America’s unsecured northern border and the 15,000 the newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was bringing to Canadian soil in February.

No one, other than the Montana ranchers and a single security guard paid much attention to the worry of terrorist crossings from Canada to the U.S. back then.

The story withered on the vine before any grapes could grow.

The calendar moves up to today with two little lines in a report that “terrorist groups based in the Middle East find some support in Latin America despite the geographic distance”: “Nevertheless, the report suggests that the Islamic terrorist threat stemming from Canada is higher than that coming from Mexico.

“However, State indicates that the Islamic terrorist threat may be higher along the U.S. northern border than on its southern counterpart.” (Breitbart, July 21, 2017)

“This year, U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), responsible for American military activity in most of Latin America and the Caribbean, warned,“Violent extremist organizations like ISIS seek to radicalize and recruit vulnerable populations in the Caribbean and parts of Central and South America.”

“ISIS is operating in Brazil and the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, points out State, adding that the socialist country of Venezuela continues to maintain “a permissive environment” that benefits known terrorist groups including Hezbollah.

“TheAssociated Press (AP)deemed Trinidad and Tobago as “the largest per-capita source” of ISIS recruits in the Western Hemisphere.”

No mention of the “permissive environment” that benefits terrorists from Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who only two weeks ago paid $10.5 million to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, who killed American Delta Force medic Sgt. Christopher Speer and blinded Sergeant First Class Layne Morris after being captured and detained at the Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

How many terrorists will now see Canada as the best country in which to form cells?

“In short, Trudeau nicknamed ‘Prime Minister Fluff’ by many detractors not part of the 39% who voted him in, may con Canadians that screening of the “refugees” he’s bringing in before the year’s end is “thorough”, but not down-to-earth Montana ranchers who live and work within feet of the longest international border on earth. (Canada Free Press)



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“While mainstream media attention is on America’s southern border, there are zero border posts, checkpoints, or any other visible signs of security—other than watchful ranchers and farmers—along the 500-mile-long American northern border.

“The rhetoric of politicians like Justin Trudeau are cold comfort to the the roughly 100 ranchers who span Montana’s border with Canada.

“The ranchers don’t have to see what’s going on with the influx of illegals on the boob tube, they see what’s happening by dint of holding front row seats to the movement of illegals over the unprotected northern border, with their only separation being miles of prairie grass.

“The ranchers and farmers—so good at their jobs because they have to be—are credited by U.S. Border Patrol agentAndrew Herdina, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council—the border patrol union—as being “our best asset”.

“Herdina says the most effective tool in tracking illegal border crossers is not the border agents or surveillance airplanes; it’s the roughly 100 ranchers who span Montana’s border with Canada.” (Reuters)

“Last year, one rancher called the border patrol to report two strangers on his land, Herdina said. They were two Guatemalans who had crossed the border illegally.


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“Janas Strauser, owner of 66 Ranch on the border, said: “The people up here will report people who cross the border. The ranchers and farmers call them in.”

“While the border patrol union has a stake in securing more jobs and funding, its view was supported by a 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office, a non-partisan congressional watchdog, which found that only 32 miles of the border was properly secure and that the security risks were genuine.

“The terrorist threat on the northern border is higher (than on the Mexican border), given the large expanse of area with limited law enforcement coverage,” the report said.”

Northern border security has been fraught with more worry since Trudeau, Trust Fund son of former Celebrity Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was elected in October of 2015.

That the 5,525-mile, unsecured northern border, is safe, is nothing but a romance.

But there’s no romancing Montana ranchers and farmers because there’s no romancing those who actually work for a living.

Isn’t it time for America to Construire ce mur (build that wall) to protect its citizens from potential jihadists crossing the U.S. border from Justin Trudeau’s Canada?

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