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“Get the US out of the UN” is not just a widely-used slogan, it’s a must!

Isn’t it time for the UN to leave US soil?

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By —— Bio and Archives September 23, 2011

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The United Nations in New York City, USA has graciously opened its assembly to any member nation to express its thoughts about serious concerns facing the world.  I highly doubt that members of the UN had in mind when the body was formed in 1945, that the podium to discuss world topics would include diatribes against the US at its allies.

Yet that is the direction that the UN General Assembly meetings have taken. Rants from Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has caused UN members to walk out in disgust as he denied the holocaust, said that 911 was an inside job, and mentioned his readiness for the Islamic “Mahdi” to return.  This rhetoric only serves to raise tensions.  He has done the same stunt before with no corrective action taken.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice responded in defensive mode, saying that since the UN’s founding, it has allowed members (no matter how vile) to speak, but they have “limited ability,” they cannot “travel outside of New York City.”   

It seems the United States has limited ability to curtail this sort of rhetoric.  Are there no standing criteria for members of the UN General Assembly to conduct themselves when addressing the UN body?

The podium at the UN has been an attraction for rogue nations like Iran to spew propaganda; not offering any solutions to any problems.  They salivate at the chance to gain an audience at the UN to rant.  Not to mention, Ahmadinejad and others like him have enjoyed the pleasure of stepping foot on American soil, enjoying the sights of New York City, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, but are hostile to the West.

How does this bode well? How does allowing such individuals to come to our nation send the message of peace and solidarity between the nations?

Such offensive anti-semitic remarks have been spewed from Ahmadinejad, who again prompted a walkout by those who attended the General Assembly… in all, thirty member delegations walked out.

Spokesman for the US mission to the UN Mark Kornblau said, “Mr. Ahmadinejad had a chance to address his own people’s aspirations for freedom and dignity, but instead he again turned to abhorrent anti-Semitic slurs and despicable conspiracy theories.”

It is a shame that such behavior has been allowed to continue for so long. If we are a patriotic nation, we would call for the ouster of the United Nations from the United States. There are other reasons why I and many others feel this way, but the reasons I mentioned above should be enough to sicken the average individual.

Leaders of rogue nations should not have a platform on our own soil to bash our country and allies and defile our soil with their outlandish statements! Let’s stop supporting an institution that allows this…the United States must take a stand…

“Get the US out of the UN” is not just a widely-used slogan, it’s a must!                       

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