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In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason

Jackie Mason: God Created World with One Day Off, Congress Can’t Pass Health Care with 235 Day

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By -- Breitbart —— Bio and Archives August 12, 2017

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In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie takes aim at Congress — and in particular, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — for their failure to make any significant progress on the passage of a health care alternative to Obamacare.

“]McConnell] is the guy who said on a hundred different shows every day for the past six months since Trump was elected, ‘We’re gonna pass this bill right away, it’s gonna go here, there, we’re gonna have it right away, bing, bing, boom,’” Jackie muses. “And he had no question, no hesitation, no problem, it’s positively gonna pass. Before you could say ‘Hello,’ the bill will be right there.”—More, Plus Exclusive Video….

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