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Welcome to the Brave New World where girls can no longer be girls or boys, boys in a coming society where no one knows who or what they really are in a world where both politicians and popes claim there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism

Jihadi Johns crossing over to Jihadi Janes to escape Mosul

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By —— Bio and Archives July 23, 2017

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The progressive lib-left’s growing obsession with coddling the transgendered is giving big ideas to ISIS terrorists.

The latest ‘minority’, granted sweeping special favors by uber politically correct governments, trannies are no longer just cropping up in school bathrooms and locker rooms, their props are now copied by terrorists on the run.

So far ISIS fighters dress as women and wear makeup to avoid capture but fail miserably. (The Mirror, July 22, 2017.)

“ISIS fighters have dressed up as woman and caked their faces in makeup in a bid to avoid being caught by Iraqi authorities after losing their stronghold in Mosul.”

Hang on a second, isn’t that misogynist?

Not all women wear dresses. Hillary Clinton has been sporting her signature pantsuits for decades.

Not all women come botoxed, a la Nancy Pelosi, nor do they turn up at the office in dramatic purple eye shadow.

“One militant was pictured trying to disguise himself with bright red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, mascara and foundation - but he didn’t bother to shave his face. (The Mirror)

In the infidel world it’s always five o’clock shadow somewhere.

“The man had plucked his eyebrows, added beauty spots just under his eyes and put on a headscarf to try to fly under the radar. (The Mirror)

“But he kept his moustache and goatee, making it easy for Iraqi forces to spot him.”

No kidding!

“The jihadist wore lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and foundation as a disguise.  (The Mirror)

“The ISIS member’s battlefield look included long hair and a full beard.”

So far no screams of outrage from Clinton, feminists or even ‘snowflakes’ who feel perfectly safe where they are.

Meanwhile, a guy’s gotta’ do what he must for survival.

Now that they’ve been Barack Obama id’d as JV (Junior Varsity), now that Justin Trudeau’s paid out one of their noteworthy members $10.5 million, how hard can posing as womenfolk really be?

“The picture of the man wearing full makeup was released after he was captured by Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, the Sun reported.

“An earlier photo showed the man with a full beard, long hair and a unibrow.

Celebrities with unibrows are a dime a dozen. Kerry pic here

Continued below...

“Another image shows a militant wearing a wig and padded lacy white bra in a bid to fool soldiers into thinking he was a woman. (The Mirror)

“However the man’s chest hair was visible just above his bra.

“Other images show militants wearing makeup or women’s clothing, with one carrying a blue handbag and another wearing a red velvet number and a beard.”

A fake is a fake, turned out in beauty spots or not.

The lib-left will undoubtedly argue that only a few ISIS in drag get to make it over border crossings.

The big question is: How do we know?

The Iraqi soldiers of Mosul should be pressed into service for duty in schools, where some men pretending to be women are getting away with it.

Just in time for this year’s “Back to School”, the state now instructs schools to ‘segregate’ students who feel uncomfortable with transgender bathrooms.

“A recently approved Minnesota Department of Education “toolkit” instructs schools to isolate students who are concerned about sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with transgender students.” (The Blaze, July 22, 2017)


Continued below...

“In the first place God created idiots. This was just for practice. Next he created school boards”

Wasn’t it alpha male Mark Twain who once said: “In the first place God created idiots. This was just for practice. Next he created school boards”?

“On Wednesday, an advisory council for the Minnesota DOE approved a new toolkit, titled “Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students,” which provides public schools with advice for how schools should interact with and protect transgender and “gender-nonconforming” students.

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported the toolkit is nonbinding and could be edited in the future, according to Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius.”

Where do teachers and over-hyped educrats find the time to edit “nonbinding” toolkits on transgenderism when they’re graduating students who cannot read or write?

“The toolkit’s stated goal is “to help school districts and charter schools create school environments where transgender and gender nonconforming students are safe, supported and fully included, and have equal access to the educational opportunities provided to all students as required by federal or state law.” (The Blaze)

“Among the many ways the toolkit says schools can create a welcoming environment for transgender students, from kindergarten through 12th grade, is to provide transgender students with access to bathrooms and locker rooms that conform with students’ gender identity and to segregate students concerned with privacy.”


Continued below...

The segregated will be forever cast as “genderphobics”

Talk about straddling both sides of the fence at the same time!

“Schools should work with transgender and gender nonconforming students to ensure that they are able to access needed facilities in a manner that is safe, consistent with their gender identity and does not stigmatize them,” the toolkit states. “Privacy objections raised by a student in interacting with a transgender or gender nonconforming student may be addressed by segregating the student raising the objection provided that the action of the school officials does not result in stigmatizing the transgender and gender nonconforming student.” ( The Blaze)

“There’s nothing in the toolkit to prevent, for instance, a male student from claiming to be a girl and therefore having access to female restrooms and locker rooms, and then for a female student who objects to be “segregated.”

The segregated will be forever cast as “genderphobics”.

“Schools are also told they should “have regular meetings with students, teachers and other staff to discuss how to make transgender students more comfortable. Schools are instructed to allow transgender students to choose the pronouns staff must use when addressing them, and does not require a medial “transition” before students are to be treated as the gender of their choice. ()

“Teachers are warned they could violate federal law if they use the “incorrect pronoun or incorrect name” of a transgender student.”

Welcome to the Brave New World where girls can no longer be girls or boys, boys in a coming society where no one knows who or what they really are in a world where both politicians and popes claim there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

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