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They count on a Shadow Government up the street from the White House to turn back the clock

Journos who “Wake Every Morning Looking for Silver Bullet to Kill Trump Monster” Pulling

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By —— Bio and Archives March 14, 2017

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It’s refreshing to see the honesty of David Martosko, U.S. Political Editor of the U.K. Daily Mail, who openly confirms suspicions of a liberal media bias saying: “If you think there is a liberal bias in political media, you really have no idea how right you are.”

Martosko hit the proverbial nail on the head during his appearance on the Fox News Channel program Hannity on Friday night when he said that some journalists “are waking up every morning looking for the silver bullet that’s going to kill the Trump monster, there are journalists like that.”

It won’t be long before Martosko will be added to Harvard University Library’s “Fake News” hit list.

Liberal journalists out on the hunt for silver bullets are not the first.  Activists Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore and other Trump head hunters have organized their own hysterical search parties.

There were journalists during the 8-year-long President Barack Obama administration who woke up every morning “looking for the silver bullet to kill the Obama monster” who came up empty.

Some thought they found it during Obama’s missing birth certificate; during the outrageous lies of Benghazi, during consistent whoppers told during the rolling out of Obamacare, including the faux promise “you can keep your doctor”.

But during each and every one of the multiple Obama betrayals when they thought they had found the silver bullet, they discovered they had only fired off yet another blank.

These were the journalists who couldn’t believe that Obama could continue with the desecration of America by shredding the Constitution, gutting the military, trying to sink America at every turn, saw no one stepping forward to stop him.

It isn’t that Martosko watched his fellow journalists from afar, he was right there in their midst covering the presidential campaign, making his assessment of their conduct all the more authentic.

“Martosko, who covered the Trump and Clinton presidential campaigns, also said from his observations on the trail that nine out of ten reporters covering Trump couldn’t imagine themselves voting for Trump. (Gateway Pundit, March 13, 2017)

“On Election Night when Trump won the presidency, Martosko said he witnessed several reporters in tears at the Trump victory headquarters.”

There were journalist’s tears too on Election Night 2008,  but they were ones who took a back seat to the tears of activists like the Rev. Jessie Jackson and public figures like Oprah Winfrey.

Long forgotten in the passage of time were the worried tears shed by journalists who knew down at heart long before Obama was introduced from faux Greek columns that the Democrat standard bearer wished a traceable ill for America before he was even elected.


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The difference between the hunt for the silver bullet among journalists of the right and the left is vast.

Those who knew Obama spelled danger for a stable U.S. had to bite the bullet, waiting it out during the life of a presidency that promised the Fundamental Transformation of the country they loved. 

Some of them were spied on, harassed and saw their own family members thrown to mainstream media wolves.  At least two of them James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson wait for an elusive justice to the current day.

There were, over the better part of a decade, only small shafts of light in the dark tunnel.  The formation of the TEA Party, which was to be rendered helpless by a political IRS, was one.

The 8-year-long elusive silver bullet when it finally rang out, came on November 6, 2016 when a miracle elected Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th president; a miracle because it was an historic election that beat ALL odds.

The journalists waking each morning in search of “the silver bullet that’s going to kill the Trump monster” are no match for all those who waited for the one to kill the Obama monster because they lack patience, persistence, forbearance and hope.  They count on a Shadow Government up the street from the White House to turn back the clock.

To them, the axiom “All comes to he who waits” is just another worthless saying.

Meantime when they’re not back in the office sipping lattés as they await the latest bogus scandal on President Trump, they’re pulling their own hair out.

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