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Meanwhile, it seems to have gone right over the MSM’s swollen head that readers and viewers in increasing numbers are already ‘killing’ reporters by ignoring them and continuing to think things out for themselves

Latest MSM Melodrama Claims Trump Rhetoric Will See Reporters Killed

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By —— Bio and Archives August 27, 2017

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It’s okay, mainstream media fraidy-cats, who fear President Donald Trump’s anti-media rhetoric is inspiring violence against reporters. You can come out from needlessly cowering under your desks now.

Most of us knew that the broadsides the president launched against the mainstream media during his rally in Phoenix, Arizona would bring more than just the usual whining from PO’d reporters this time.

Within days of the rally, MSM members were already feigning fear that they will lose their very lives, allegedly all because of Trump’s rally rhetoric.

“On Trump’s rhetoric, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg asked Wednesday night, “How long before someone is seriously hurt, or worse?” (Washington Examiner,  Aug. 24, 2017)

Americans have been asking “How long before someone attending Trump rallies is seriously hurt or worse by the counter protesters paid to show up?” for a long time now.

They and their questions have been patently ignored by the MSM ever since the 2016 presidential campaign.

Like Mark Twain,  the report of Mr. Rutenberg’s predictions of death and violence have been “greatly exaggerated”.

In addition, it’s more than likely that many in the masses don’t believe him.

“Jim VandeHei, founder of the news website Axios, told Rutenberg for his column that Trump is directly “putting reporters at real risk of retribution or violence.” (Washington Examiner)

All the president’s trying to do, Mr. VandeHei is get the MSM to stick to reporting the facts and telling the truth, a mission that seems to be all but impossible.

“Trump has long complained about the media’s coverage of him as being “unfair” and “fake” but he turned up his aggression during a campaign-style rally Tuesday in Phoenix. There, he vented about the press being “divisive” following the violence in Charlottesville, Va. (Washington Examiner)

“I really think they don’t like our country,” Trump said of reporters. “I really believe that.” He called them “sick people” for not giving him sufficient credit in his denunciation of white supremacists.

“Jeffrey Toobin, a writer for the New Yorker and a CNN commentator, said those comments are likely to inspire the president’s supporters to act out physically.
“Someone is going to do something awful to a journalist,” he said on air Wednesday. “I feel for our colleagues who are sitting there as people yell and boo and chant ‘CNN sucks.’”

“Thursday in the New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristoff wrote, “When Trump galvanizes crowds against reporters in the room, I worry that we may lose journalists in the line of duty not only in places like Syria but also right here at home. Trump will get people hurt.”

Get a grip, Mr. Kristoff.


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Truth is that the media has blamed Trump all along for people getting hurt at rallies.  They only changed the people getting hurt by counter protesters, to reporters when it came to suit their purpose.

“To date, more than two years after he launched his campaign and seven months after his inauguration, there is no clear evidence linking Trump’s rhetoric to any violence against reporters. (Washington Examiner)

But strangely enough the MSM, including Axios, the New Yorker, New York Times and CNN have never reported on that.

“There has been some violence against reporters. In March, people who work for a local California news agency said they were assaulted at a Trump rally by his supporters, according to the Los Angeles Times. But the report said that among the four people arrested at the incident, all were counter-protesters, and made no mention of them being inspired by Trump. (Washington Examiner)

“At the same time, there have been some recent incidents of some on the Left assaulting journalists.

“After the riot in Charlottesville, nearly two weeks ago, some reporters on the scene said on social media that they had been attacked by people counter protesting the white supremacy rally.


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“Among those in the media who said they had been assaulted were Taylor Lorenz of The Hill, who posted a video on Facebook that cuts off after she is heard screaming and a man’s voice yells at her to “Stop # recording.” She claimed she had been punched in the face and that her phone was kicked away.

“The photographer for a CBS affiliate in Richmond was also allegedly attacked by the Left and had to get stitches while recording one of the counter protests, according to the station.

“Just after the election last year, a woman protesting Trump’s win told CNN, “There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world.”

With all the evidence suggesting otherwise, the MSM should quit the melodrama suggesting Trump’s rhetoric will get them killed.

It’s a melodrama that some see as yet another means to set the president up.

Meanwhile, it seems to have gone right over the MSM’s swollen head that readers and viewers in increasing numbers are already ‘killing’ reporters by ignoring them and continuing to think things out for themselves.

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