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The most important pronoun in describing their crying and screaming antics is “ME!” “ME!” “ME!” “LOOK AT ME!” comes a close selfie second

Leftists Snowflakes go from “Cry Me A River” to “Scream Me a Revolution!”

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By —— Bio and Archives November 10, 2017

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Leftists Snowflakes go from Cry Me A River to Scream Me a Revolution!,
Snowflake leftist malcontents who went from “Cry Me A River” to “Scream Me a Revolution” in protest to Donald Trump’s election as president gathered in approximately 25 cities last night to “scream helplessly at the sky”.

You can’t make this surrealistic stuff up, only screamers can.

The most important pronoun in describing their crying and screaming antics is “ME!” “ME!” “ME!”

Mindless chant: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”

“LOOK AT ME!” comes a close selfie second.

Oppressed people in many other lands where socialism and communism have stolen their food leaving them no First Amendment rights to protest must be wondering about what some of last night’s signs read: “WTF!”

Occasional screams rent the air piercing their way through the mindless chant: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”  Some screamer leaders proved that they could scream on command when called upon by Mainstream Media reporters. (1.55 of Video below)

Mama, was that bubba adorned with an ear-flapped adorned hat, who danced a little jig in Washington Square Park, New York City really your Baby Boy?

Dancing Bubba


Mamas across the Fruited Plain:These are your children out there,  the millennials you serve endless snacks to in your home basement!

The ‘Scream Helplessly at the Sky’ gang follow in the echoes of terrorists who scream “Allahu Akbarr”;  the crazed mass murderers who shout: “You’re all going to die!”

How fascistic is that?!

Did any of last night’s screamers post “My thoughts and prayers are with you” to the grief-stricken loved ones of the victims of Las Vegas, Manhattan bicycle lanes or Sutherland Springs, Texas?

Protesters ‘Scream At The Sky’ On Anniversary Of Trump Election



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Or are they just the ones taking to social media to troll “people who pray?”

Our screams in seeing ‘Scream Helplessly at the Sky’ goons in action come mostly in the form of silent prayer.

In so many other countries where the law of the land leaves no room for resistance of any kind, the only people screaming are the ones who scream in the agony of pain.

In 2009, at the Tea Party-organized 9/12 event an arrogant and cold-hearted then President Barack Obama flew by helicopter over the heads of roughly one million gathered at the Capitol.

 9/12 Washington DC

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“Can you hear us now?”

Haughty Obama pretended to neither hear nor see them.

There was no screaming from the multitude, only later social media posts asking: “Can you hear us now?”

During the 2016 presidential election campaign snowflakes with tears streaming down their faces must have been sobbing too loudly to have made any note of the early Trump campaign’s Rolling Stones song, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.

Protesters ‘Scream At The Sky’ On Anniversary Of Trump Election

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Not always getting what you want applies to spoiled little toddlers banging their heads on the floor to frighten their Mamas in the Walmart toy aisle, all the way to screaming snowflakes, some of whom never even bothered to get out to vote for Senior Screamer Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If the first anniversary of the Trump Election brought high-pitched screamers out on the run in 25 cities,  what will they do as an encore on the January 20 first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration?

Meanwhile, we should realize by now that the disease of all malcontents, who think that they can force change on the masses by screaming helplessly at the sky, suffer from an invasive disease that no medicine can possibly cure.

Call it a chronic helpless case of the ‘Screaming Meemies.’

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