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It should go without saying that Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats bear ill will and not “unity” when it comes to President Trump

Lying Down With The Dogs Gets You Swarmed By Fleas, Mr. President

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By —— Bio and Archives September 11, 2017

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Has President Donald J. Trump thrown in with the enemy just as the entertainment industry’s portrayal of his supporters has peaked with them being characterized as “Klingons” in Star Trek: Discovery that is now tacklingTrump-era political divide?

In the movie world Trump supporters will be immortalized as the Klingons.  In that dirty movie known as Washington, D.C., will it from now on be the long-running ‘Donald, Nancy and Chuck Show’?

Perish what’s just got to be the most despondent thought of the current day!

According to CNN, GOP leaders are “shell shocked” by Trump’s deal with the Democrats that extends the debt ceiling by three months.

“Though many Republicans disagree with the decision, which will force Congress to revisit the debt ceiling in December and give Democrats leverage in that month’s appropriations battle, most seemed to accept Trump’s one-off rationale: that he wanted to avert a September mess while massive hurricanes were battering the country every week—and that this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that he is done with Republican leadership. (Slate, Sept. 7, 2017)

“You have to accept (the deal) for what it was, and it’s a very short-term solution to an immediate problem, and I don’t foresee that being a pattern in the long term,” South Dakota Sen. John Thune said. “I think the president wanted to show unity, and it’s important given the circumstances facing Texas, Louisiana, and Florida that we show unity.”

“Showing” unity, Senator Thune,  does not MAKE for unity.

It is safe to say that few, if any, of the 63 million Americans who made Trump their president on November 8, 2016 ever expected him to go off the reservation to make deals with the treacherous likes of Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer et al.

To those who voted Trump in, it would be akin to making a deal with the soul-stealing devil.

With worries of the devastation Hurricane Irma still tormenting most Americans, the rebuilding in Texas and Louisiana just getting underway, worries of Trump’s deal with the Democrats is, at least for now,  taking a back seat.

But folks are still worried that Trump, the best thing that happened to America since Ronnie Reagan, is being offered water from the poisoned Democrat well.

They ponder if their man is doing a questionable deal with the same people who want to impeach him and some who would even back those hoping he’ gets assassinated.

No one—President Trump most especially—should ever trust the cunning Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Though speculation of why Trump did what he did is as frustrating as it is worrisome, it’s still in its salad days.

The whys and wherefores are downright daunting to all who believe that America is well on its way to being made great again.

Talk show radio giant Rush LImbaugh reminds us that “Trump is not an ideologue”, and that because he’s not an ideologue, may not spot the forest through the trees.

There is some truth in the theory that Trump is more maverick than ideologue.

But proof exists that self-acclaimed mavericks can be every bit as dangerous as ideologues.  Think Senator John McCain.

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Says Rush: “I’ve been trying to tell everybody he doesn’t see Chuck Schumer the way his voters do. He just sees Chuck Schumer as another New Yorker who may be dumb, but he doesn’t see him as a liberal. He sees him as an obstacle, he sees him as a guy that he can make a deal with. But he doesn’t see him the way we do because he’s not ideological. At the same time, how many of you…? What really happened? What happened was that Trump kind of stuck it to Ryan and McConnell, didn’t he? And I have to tell you, I mean, there’s a lot of people out there that probably were very happy with that, but not happy with the way he did it.

“I mean, do you have to make a deal with Pelosi and Schumer in order to stick it to Ryan and McConnell?” Well, if you do, he did it. Now there are two theories on what the reaction is gonna be. One theory holds that this is the smartest thing Trump could have ever done. This is like bringing in, call up a rookie from the minor leagues who knows what to do on day one. It’s taken Trump six months, but he’s finally figured this all out, and he’s had nothing but trouble from his own party.

“He’s had nothing but obstruction, nothing but disrespect, nothing but a bunch of lying. On Obamacare repeal and replace, on tax reform, on whatever it is, the Republican leadership in the House and Senate has told Trump to go to (Raspberry!), and they haven’t done (Raspberry!) for him. While all that’s been going on, he has been beaten up by the media more than any person in my lifetime. Not just president. Trump (I happen to know this) is a sensitive person. He’s got a tough exterior. But nobody likes this. Nobody likes being beat up.”

With so many among the Lib-Left having the easy convenience of blaming Trump for all of the ills in their miserable lives notwithstanding, Trump has —so far—been the proverbial duck throwing off all water hurled his way.

Pray that he continues to stay strong for America’s sake.

No, Trump’s not an ideologue, but someone who has significant influence over him is.  That would be his daughter, Ivanka.


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Trump’s not an ideologue, but someone who has significant influence over him is.  That would be his daughter, Ivanka

Ivanka is a liberal who counts Liberal Chelsea Clinton as a friend.

Ivanka could be passing on information about her father —even unknowingly.

We don’t always wear our strongest armour when casually meeting with people we consider our friends.

That’s Human Nature, and Human Nature is, has always been, and will always be, an unchangeable thing.

If Ivanka is still meeting with Chelsea Clinton, she should be barred from attending all meetings presided over by her father, the president. (Seriously!)

Running a country is a world apart from solving the problems of the world while dawdling over coffee with a friend.


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There is big money to be made on hating Donald Trump, the Entertainment industry and famous authors stand to get rich on it.

With the enemy continuing to move in from all sides, you need to watch your back, Mr. President.

There is big money to be made on hating Donald Trump, the Entertainment industry and famous authors stand to get rich on it.

It should go without saying that Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats bear ill will and not “unity” when it comes to President Trump.

We can only hope and pray that there’s some kind of strategy in this latest move that we can’t yet see.

Has America’s only hope for survival-through-sovereignty crossed over to the other side just eight months after what must be the most momentous election of modern times?

Only the Almighty and time will tell.

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