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Shouldn't some taxpayers consider trying impeachment for two-faced Rep. Maxine Waters?

Maxine Waters Replaces Tax March With Trump Impeachment

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By —— Bio and Archives April 17, 2017

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Democrat rep Maxine Waters was the squawking Big Band leader for media purported tens of thousands of anti-Trump protesters who marched in more than 150 American cities under a ‘Rooster’ symbol yesterday.

“Among the marchers was an oversized inflatable rooster, sporting an angry expression and a sweeping metallic orange hairdo meant to resemble Trump’s signature style.” (Reuters, April 16, 2017)

Yes, inflatable roosters can “sport” angry expressions when the mainstream media is describing anti-Trump protesters out on the march.

Almost anything can happen when the progressive left needs a replacement for a bogus Trump-in-cahoots-with-Vladimir-Putin-narrative and the swift switcheroo over to the demanded release of President Donald Trump’s ‘missing’ tax documents, is it.

While the supposed Trump lookalike rooster replaced the pink pussy caps of the day after Inauguration Women’s March, the sign and placard messages remained the same: “He’s not MY President taking the lead.

Pro-Trump supporters who turned out to counter Maxine’s mob were assaulted in Berkeley making for a bloody Easter weekend.

But Reuters dutifully reported that “In Manhattan, a good-natured crowd rallied at Bryant Park before marching up Sixth Avenue to Central Park.”

Trump’s taxes have become the switcheroo from collusion with Russia as the loudest impeachment call.

A hangover from the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, brought back to the boil last month by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who promised the goods but only reported on two pages of Trump’s 2005 return showing Trump paid $38 million in taxes on more than $150 million in income, Waters is convinced she holds the ace in the hole to get rid of Donald Trump.

In the voice of an embittered Clinton, “Impeach ‘im’!”  has been the Waters’ steadfast screech ever since Election.

Street theatre played a big role in Saturday’s march:

“Thanks to Trump, I think that releasing your taxes when you run for president now has to be a law,” said New Yorker Marni Halasa, 51, who arrived in a tutu and leggings made of fake dollar bills and holding a sign that read “Show Me The Money!” (Reuters)

Media-touted as a “Tax March”, it soon zoomed ahead to Waters’ “Impeach Trump!” demand:

“Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) renewed her call for impeaching President Trump during Saturday’s Tax March in Washington. (The Hill, April 15, 2017)

“I don’t respect this president. I don’t trust this president. He’s not working in the best interests of the American people,” Waters said.

“I will fight every day until he is impeached,” she added, before leading the crowd in chants of “impeach 45.”

Waters has been among the most vocal critics of Trump in Congress, and she has repeatedly signaled that she would be willing to impeach the president.


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“Days after Trump took office, Waters said her “greatest desire is to lead [Trump] right into impeachment.” In March, Waters argued that Trump should be impeached if evidence emerged that he colluded with the Russian government. Later in the month, she tweeted “get ready for impeachment.”

“In addition to the impeachment talk, Waters also blasted Trump at the rally Saturday for refusing to release his tax returns.

“The D.C. Tax March is one of a number of rallies being held Saturday to press Trump to release his taxes.

“Waters called Trump a “liar” because he has said he can’t release his returns because of an audit, while the IRS has maintained that nothing prevents individuals from releasing their own tax information.”

Not answering questions about taxes is inexcusable for impeachable Trump, but okey-dokey for Waters who dodged responding to the Washington Beacon asking for comments about the more than $600,000 she paid her daughter, Karen who has long been on her mother’s campaign committee.

Folks led by the ‘Rooster’  in Saturday’s march should know that Karen Waters was paid nearly $70,000 by her mother’s campaign during the 2016 election campaign. (Free Beacon Jan. 17, 2017)

What’s good for the goose being good for the gander only applies when it’s tried on Donald J. Trump.

“Karen is in charge of endorsement mailers, known as “slate mailers,” for her mother’s campaign. The slate mailer operation has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for Waters’ federal campaign committee in recent years.(Free Beacon)

“In order to appear on a Waters’ slate mailer, candidates for political office must pay Citizens for Waters from their own political committees. If a candidate does not directly pay Waters’ campaign committee, they must credit their own campaigns with in-kind contributions from Waters.

“The mailers are sent to almost 200,000 constituents in the South Central Los Angeles area, where Waters holds considerable sway. The mailers consist of an “official sample ballot” with quotes from Waters about candidates and measures she supports.

“Waters’ campaign received more than 20 payments totaling $297,500 for slate mailer endorsements in 2016.

“The largest payments, worth $35,000, were made by the Democratic State Central Committee of California and Yes on Measure M, a group that pushed for an interconnected transportation system in Los Angeles. Measure M was approved with 70 percent of the vote on Nov. 8.

“Democrat Kamala Harris, the former California attorney general who won a seat in the Senate this November, paid Citizens for Waters $30,000 to appear on the endorsement mailers, campaign finance records show.

“This was not the first time Harris has paid for Waters’ endorsement.

“Harris made two payments totaling $28,000 to Waters in 2010 to appear on the mailer when she was running for attorney general.

“A number of California ballot measure groups and judges also paid Waters tens of thousands for her endorsement this past election cycle.

“Prior to 2006, Karen ran the operation from a state committee called LA Vote. The Federal Election Commission issued an advisory opinion in late 2004 stating that Waters could run the slate mailers through her own federal campaign committee.

“Karen pulled in $65,287 overseeing the slate mailer operation in 2016, making her the third-largest recipient of Waters campaign funds that cycle. Karen, together with her firm Progressive Connections, has received over $600,000 in payments from the Waters campaign since 2006.

“The Washington Free Beacon reached out to Waters’ office for comment on the payments last week but did not receive a response.”

Shouldn’t some taxpayers consider trying impeachment for two-faced Rep. Maxine Waters?

The leader of the Rooster March is throwing stones from the glass house she has long lived in.

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