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America is no longer a Republic of free people; it is a land of serfs, governed with an iron fist, wrapped in a flag.

Political Black Ops: ‘Gay Bikers For Ebola’?

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By —— Bio and Archives October 10, 2014

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The silly season is upon us and blood is already in the water.  The sharks are swarming, taking chunks out of the good, the bad and the ugly (commonly called politicians).  Due to the politics of race and class warfare being pushed by B. Hussein Obama, America stands on the precipice of civil war.  The “Ferguson” movement is a direct result of the rhetoric from our race baiting President and his minions; it is designed to polarize America, dividing the citizens, to keep the right and left fighting with one another.  Why would our government pursue such action?  To keep “We the people” from clearly seeing that the struggle is between the people and the government.  It is time that the people open their eyes, become active participants in liberty and the restoration of the Republic.

The first step in any resistance to tyranny is to recognize how much freedom the people have lost.  America is no longer a Republic of free people; it is a land of serfs, governed with an iron fist, wrapped in a flag.  Surveillance cameras are everywhere, even in rural towns, just look up when outside, as sheep only look forward and down.  Police departments across America are using military gear, equipment and tactics to deal with the citizens.  Some departments have drones capable of spying, firing tasers and bullets, all remotely operated and can do so without authorization of the courts.  TSA has moved from searches at the airport to roadblocks and searches in the field.  The fourth amendment is gone.  The second amendment is void where prohibited.  Free speech is only free if it offends no one.  The government controls what you eat, what time you set your clocks to and when you change the clocks, and people think they are free.  Americans are not free. 

Individual resistance to tyranny is the key to individual freedom.  Agents of the government want the people to believe that they are everywhere, but they are not, they cannot be, they lack the resources.  Americans have the will to resist.  Americans must exercise that will.  Take action:

  • Call the office of the offending politician and before the person answering can speak, say, in a panicked voice, “It went bad. I’m getting out now. You should too”.  When the person answering identifies themselves, say, “Never mind” and hang up.
  • Attend a rally for the offending politician.  Carry a dry erase board with a saying on it supporting him/her and get in a position where you will be seen on television and the audience.  Just before the candidate comes out, change your sign to read something else, such as, “Impeach Obama” or “Gay Bikers For Ebola” and hold it up with pride.
  • Attend rallies for the offending candidate, but arrive early and ensure your candidate’s flyers are inside the programs or given out to the people attending.  You can also slip them into newspapers, inside vending machines and magazines in doctors’ offices.
  • Seek out support groups for the offending candidate, such as unions or Organizing For America and find out when their meetings are.  Stand on the sidewalk outside the entry and hand out flyers trashing the candidate and have someone with you taking pictures of all who enter.  If you do this at several meetings, people will stop showing up.
  • Take a cowbell or can of compressed air to an event, stand near the stage, unleashing a flurry of sound whenever the politician tries to speak.  You will be thrown out, if it is private property (so what).  If it is public property, they may try to throw you out, but you can hold your ground legally. Besides, jail isn’t that bad, and you will get released, where you can tell your tale of tyranny and the gulag to the press. 
  • Get half sheet Avery labels and print the offending candidates name on them.  Attach them to “STOP” signs, under the word “Stop”.  Wear gloves when handling the labels and attaching them.  Do not get caught.  You will go to jail for this if caught (Disclaimer: I don’t advocate breaking the law, this is solely for laughs. Right). 
  • Use your smart phone or laptop, attach to those electric, portable road signs and change the message to read something favorable for your candidate, something negative for the other candidate, or something witty, trashing all politicians.  Suggestion:  Impeach Obama.  The password for access is typically “1234” or “ABCD” so that all highway crew members can remember it.
  • Don’t like ObamaCare? Make flyers that say, “Is this your death panel visit?” and leave them in magazines in doctors office waiting rooms. 
  • Gather accomplices (friends) and dress appropriately for your target.  Carry signs that say, “Gay Bikers For Barack” and dress in chaps, spikes, leather, etc..  Carry signs that read, “Sodomites Behind Barack” and dress in a feminine manner.
  • Print flyers that read, “NAMBLA Backs Barack: North American Man Boy Love Association Supports Obama.  He Is One Of Us” and give them out at Democrat rallies.  Being bad never felt so good.
  • Print a few flyers, fold them and put them in unsealed envelopes.  Leave the envelopes in an urban area, on the sidewalk, face down, so the envelop can be seen to be open.  On the front of the envelope address it to your mark (the offending politician).  The flyer inside should look like a letter, something ominous, which would be the kind of thing, the person reading it, would repeat.  Suggestion:  Dear [Candidate], I tried to get him to not go to the press, but HE insists that the story be told.  If you hear he was in an “accident” know IT has been handled.  Destroy this letter”.  People will either take the letter with them, and share it with co-workers, drop it and later verbally share it, or drop it and someone else will share it.  Isn’t this fun?
  • Carry a black sharpie with you and whenever you are in a parking lot and see an “Obama” bumper sticker, change it to read, “NObama” with your sharpie.  You will not believe how good it feels to see that car a month later and that sticker is still on it.  No one ever reads their own bumper stickers.  You can also do this on campaign signs stuck in the ground, by using your Avery labels to make “N” stickers to go in front of the “Obama”.  Do it.  It just feels right.

There is much more that can be done.  Be creative.  Have fun.  Do not get caught.  And, remember three simple rules:

  •   Anyone you don’t know is a cop, fed, or government agent.
  •   All phones are tapped.
  •   All communication, email, text messages, letters, chats, etc., are read.

If you follow those rules life is simple.  Do not surrender your liberty.  Watch the movie “V for Vendetta”.  Failure to act is failure.  Period.  Do not be a failure in the eyes of grandchildren, children, the person in the mirror, or God.  Get up.  Stand up.  Fight for your rights.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Freedom Fighter

General Gonzo S. Patton -- Bio and Archives | Comments

General Gonzo S. Patton, Commander Western Division USA

The Gonzo General is back in black and ready for the attack.  It is time to take the hill of freedom, a never ending task.  Alone, we go to the gallows, together we live free.  Let us chase these tyrants from the hallowed halls.