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Though you will get no warning from the MSM, count on the masked anarchists in a revved-up protest coming soon to a town near you

Refuse Fascism and MSM Blame Right Wing News for Protest Major Fail

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By —— Bio and Archives November 6, 2017

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Though you will get no warning from the MSM, count on the masked anarchists in a revved-up protest coming soon to a town near you.
AntiFA borrowed the title of their de-facto commander Hillary Clinton’s silly book when kicking off their nationwide rallies and riots yesterday hoping to leave the masses asking: What Happened when hardly anyone showed up.

What Happened, AntiFA version was that the anti-fascists, who are really society’s loudest fascists,  wanted to make it appear as if “far-right conspiracies” completely made up the coming “Antifa Apocalypse”.

Yes, if you saw Saturday’s non-event ballyhooed by a full page ad in The New York Times, you probably only imagined it.

The stated goal of the protest was, according to Refuse Fascism, “to create a sustained movement on the streets to remove Trump’s administration from office”.

“The group ran an ad in The New York Times on page five this week: “The TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! NOV 4. It Begins. BE THERE. JOIN WITH THE THOUSANDS.,” it proclaimed in stark black and white. (Newsweek, Nov. 4, 2017)

“What Trump and his administration are doing could pose an existential threat to humanity,” Andy Zee, a member of the advisory board for Refuse Fascism told Newsweek in a phone interview about the ad. “We’re in one of the most perilous moments in history right now.” (See Andy Zee Video Below)

Refuse Fascism held back on its AntiFa, ISIS, Revolutionary Communist party players. screaming Snowflakes and masked anarchists on the first day of their advertised massive demonstrations if only to make it appear as the Fake News of outlets who had warned the masses of their intentions as stated in the NYT full page ad.

“What was billed as a massive demonstration of resistance to fascism and the tyranny of the Trump administration, Antifa managed to gather 300 people in Times Square. In Portland, Oregon, the ‘crowd’ was not numbered in the thousands or even the hundreds, but in the dozens. (Ray DiLorenzo, Nov. 5, 2017)

As the hours of Saturday dwindled by there were scant MSM stories about what Refuse Fascism was up to coming from a news hold still dominated by the many sexual victims of Horrid Harvey Weinstein.

By bedtime, some citizens started to think that Refuse Fascism must have had some kind of pre-arranged agreement with the MSM for a complete blackout.

When stories of the protest that never really happened started to break, MSM news was all about about how the rightwing media had hyped the protest from thin air:

“Far-right conspiracies had morphed the event into a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations. Antifa was going to start a civil war. Antifa-bred supersoldiers were going to behead white people in town squares across the country. These stories were pushed hard by far-right outlets like Alex Jones’ Info Wars and Gateway Pundit, feeding an engine of clickbait to build a mind-blowing but utterly meaningless news story almost entirely out of thin air.” (News Week, Nov. 4, 2017)

Not to be outdone came Britain’s Daily Mail, bringing up the rear by pointing the finger of blame at Fox News:

“Doomsday scenarios of mass violence and chaos, which were promoted by right-wing media outlets like Fox News, did not come to pass, according to authorities.

“In Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, hundreds of protesters took to the streets to denounce President Donald Trump and his administration.”


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Daily News, it would seem, like millions of others, does not bother reading Page 5 NYT ads.

But the chief reason why Day One of the Refuse Fascism protest was a big fat fail, not mentioned by the MSM, was because President Donald Trump was not anywhere on American soil hosting one of his rallies to draw thousands.

In other words because their protest was planned months ago, by the time the date hit, they no longer had any focus.

The President had skipped town for his official Far East official Asian visit.

In short, Trump completely and deftly outfoxed screaming, protesting masked anarchists.

Anarchists will now have something to really scream about when they stage their upcoming ‘Scream at the Sky’ event.

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But hoping that AntiFa et al have finally lost their drawing power and will go quietly into the night holds about as much promise as the Black Plague disappearing in Madagascar where people keep dancing with corpses.

As ‘Jack’ may have unwittingly warned us in a Newsweek interview, Refuse Fascism and Antifa are not giving up and will be back:

“Jack, a 25-year-old spokesperson for Refuse Fascism, who asked not to use his last name, told Newsweek that he wasn’t concerned by the attendance of the event, and that it was just the beginning of removing Trump from office.

“We always want more people,” Jack said. “This is just the first day.”

Though you will get no warning from the MSM, count on the masked anarchists in a revved-up protest coming soon to a town near you.

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#NoFascistUSA Emergency Meeting, Andy Zee


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