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Meanwhile, outside of the fake news, fake hype, and fake outrage that was going on, voices of reason spoke out

Russians indicted but still no collusion

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By —— Bio and Archives July 14, 2018

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Russians indicted but still no collusion
As preparations are being made for President Trump’s meeting next with Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Friday that Special Prosecutor Mueller had charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with crimes related to the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee. That’s right, the investigation meant to prove President Trump worked hand-in-hand with Vladimir Putin to fix the 2016 election, again presents results that show no collusion.

Rosenstein even said so in his statement, that “there is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime.”

Rosenstein also said, “There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.”

After Rosenstein’s announcement, as if on cue, Democrat Senators Warner and Schumer each found a podium and a camera crew to say, in effect “Whoa! Cancel the meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. More proof Trump colluded! Stop the meeting! America is doomed if we don’t stop it!

This whole charade is worse than a cheap knock-off to a Captain America movie: “Super Prosecutor Mueller, help! It’s your patriotic duty! Do not allow this takeover of America by Russia to take place next week! We’re doomed if you don’t!”

If, as Senators Warren and Schumer say, the President’s meeting with Putin really did need to be cancelled due to an impending foreign takeover of our country, why would Prosecutor Mueller and his pro-Clinton investigative force not finally bring the indictment (or something!) that would prove, at least in the court of public opinion, that Mr. Trump was guilty of something treasonous, before he meets with Putin next week!

Instead, we see a phony roadblock put up. Stupid as it is, they had to do their best with what they had. Indict somebody! Anybody!

Sure, the indictments were a phony attempt at “proving” the guilt of Donald Trump in this concoction of a non-crime called collusion. But the Democrats can’t just give up, Oh, they say, here’s something. Indict some more Russians who will never be caught, indictments that were probably considered a year or two ago then dropped because they knew the accused would never be extradited by the Russian government.

Of course, If there was proof of “collusion,” they would have felt obligated, before the President meets with Putin, to release some kind of indictment that would have actually been related to the Trump campaign.

Now, as a result of the latest hype, on top of two years of the Democrats’ cries of collusion, the masses of the indoctrinated Left are freaking out, actually expecting America is done with. The President, in their minds, has been convicted of treason, and new “proof” of it has been made known.

Meanwhile, outside of the fake news, fake hype, and fake outrage that was going on, voices of reason spoke out.

John Negroponte, a former Deputy Secretary of State, former Director of National Intelligence, who also served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration, was asked about the indictments in relation to the upcoming meeting of Trump and Putin.

“It could have just as well waited until the president had left Europe. So it raised my eyebrow. I don’t know what the mitigating circumstances are,” Negroponte said.

“If it’s been scheduled, it’s important that these two heads of state meet. Russia is a permanent member of the [United Nations] Security Council, it’s a nuclear weapons state, it has global reach, whether it’s in the Middle East, or in the Korean Peninsula, or elsewhere, and I think it behooves us to have that kind of dialogue,” he said.

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Rolf Yungclas is a recently retired newspaper editor from southwest Kansas who has been speaking out on the issues of the day in newspapers and online for over 15 years