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We’ve all had it with incessant attacks by vicious Internet trolls, but when Hannity “had enough” he decided to do something about it.

Sean Hannity To Out Internet Trolls

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By —— Bio and Archives May 2, 2017

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Warning to Internet trolls, reputation ruiners, serial sexual harassment and racist accusers with no backup evidence. In fact to all stealth stalkers roaming the Net 24-7 seeking the destruction of Conservatives: Radio and television host Sean Hannity is coming to get you.

That he will take no prisoners has millions of Internet users over the moon.

If Hannity, who “spent a lot of time with attorneys” over the weekend shows us how IP addresses are traceable, it’s all over for unscrupulous trolls who destroy lives under the convenient cover of anonymity.

How many trolls and Internet stealth stalkers—cowards at heart—would continue spreading malicious “libel”, “slander”, “defamation’, “tortious interference” if they had their masks ripped off, their names, hometowns and pictures exposed for all to see online?

“Last week Hannity hit back hard after he was accused of sexual harassment by blogger and attorney, Debbie Schlussel. He vowed to take legal action causing Schlussel to walk back her claims. (Gateway Pundit, May 1, 2017)

“Today, Hannity took to his Twitter account and fired a few warning shots saying, “A lot of time with an army of attorneys. Topics include: libel, slander, defamation, tortious interference. Stay tuned.”

“Hannity also tweeted saying ‘FYI, whoever you are IP addresses are traceable. Get ready.” His series of tweets sounded like he may be going after more than just one person who has been spreading lies about him.

“In any event, it’s about time conservatives hit back. Leftists constantly slander us conservatives, accusing us of being racists and anti-Semites with no evidence to back it up.”

Trolls attack their victims for a variety of reasons, including obsessive envy, personal vengeance for offended sensibilities, imagined or otherwise, the money paid by second parties who use them to take out their political enemies, or as a guarantee to bring attention to themselves and a speedy route to more traffic for their many failing blogs and websites in the wobbly economy of the current day.

Outing them through revealing their IPs will see the increase in troll population dropping like proverbial flies.

One thing to force someone off the air or out of the work force by trolling under the cover of anonymity.

Quite another if their wives, husbands, parents, friends and loved ones see their names and pictures online when their IPs get them outed.

We’ve all had it with incessant attacks by vicious Internet trolls, but when Hannity “had enough” he decided to do something about it.

And just to think that outing trolls into the sunlight may never have come about had Debbie Schlussel not gone after a beloved public figure.

Go, Sean Hannity, Go!



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