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Mandate for a Socialist Agenda

The Bird Brain Flu Epidemic

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By Malcolm Hedges —— Bio and Archives October 21, 2007

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Progressives around the world and more specifically in the USA have unilaterally decided that the election of November 2006 was a mandate for their Socialist agendas.

The Democrat leadership in the US Congress is running wild with every Socialist scheme they can manage to remember.

Welfare care, UN takeover of the USA, demolishing freedom of speech and social engineering via the education and medical establishments are now considered to be endorsed by the general populace?

Thanks to 40+ years of subversion of the US school systems by Progressives, very few people in the USA under the age of 60 have a clue about real history, political systems or society.

For some reason the people in Canada, Germany and France have opened their brains and eyes and recognized that Socialism is just another political ponzi scheme. (Good for them!)

After the new mess created by the Democrats in the US Congress, it would seem that the few Americans that still comprehend reality would ignore their petty peeves and vote for the continuation of the USA in 2008.

Republicrats are a plastic and shallow group, but generally believe in there being a USA after November 2008. Demercrats could care less, all they care about is short term political power and consider the USA as a real pain in the rear.

Bird Brain Flu, though normally associated with Demercrats has recently surfaced in Conservative and Republicrat circles! People are inadvertently advocating voting for elimination of the USA on the basis of some minor social issue?

People NOT suffering from The Bird Brain Flu must vote for the continuation of the USA!

If the USA is converted to the UPSSA or inhaled by the NAU, none of the petty crap will matter anymore! All rights of people will be exterminated by Big Brother.

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