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You want to take things from people? You want to take away their freedom? First you must disarm them. Then you may have your way with them

The Danger Of Our Time: When Questions Are Left To Die Unanswered

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By —— Bio and Archives July 4, 2018

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The Danger Of Our Time: When Questions Are Left To Die Unanswered
One of the billions of pictured thought-captions floating around the web, asks this question: “Why is it that liberals demand gun control after every shooting - but never border control after every rape and murder by illegals?!” Those sorts of ‘memes’, as they’re called, perhaps rile people up. But, in the big picture, in the sea of words out there, that no one seems to slow down and sort through, it is a good question that should be answered. And that query caught my mind, and wouldn’t let it go. Doctors look at symptoms and thereby assess the possible underlying causes of those outer manifestations of an advancing disease. I suddenly saw that meme as present societal symptoms screaming out for a closer look.

“When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns.”

It is a simple truth that new mass shootings are popping up all too often. And after each shooting there is another ridiculous leftist-encouraged march or walk-out, now popularly orchestrated by ‘genius’ school kids, demanding that our government impose gun control upon all Americans, regardless of how law-abiding they may be. I watched a conservative friend on Facebook arguing with a man who continually posts rants promoting gun control and forced gun confiscation. Finally, in one of those subsequent argument threads, he asked his friend, “You live quite a ways out in the country, don’t you, Henry? Do you own a gun? If not, are you okay with just waiting for the police to arrive while you might have a gang of thugs on your porch - themselves armed with crowbars, knives or guns - beating down your doors and windows, trying to get at your wife and kids? Are you cool with just waiting for the cops to show up? Or maybe, how about just a rabid dog wandering close to your playing children?” His friend did not reply. That was the end of that conversation. Everybody shut up.

Nevertheless, it is so true that every time there is a shooting, there is another outcry for disarming America. And in evaluating the reality of such a thing ever happening, a five-year-old’s common sense can instantly deduce the very same truth that was once printed on millions of bumper stickers back in the 60s and 70s: “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns.” People may have gotten sick and tired of seeing those bumper stickers. Nevertheless it is indeed just that simple. Demanding gun control and gun confiscation - or, in other words, having a gun-less society - would be as effective in eliminating gun-related violence as would outlawing plates, bowls and silverware in order to reduce the number of overweight people in the world. It is a stupid suggestion. But it is the dream that every wannabe despot, socialist, professional politician in America today is chomping at the bit to make real.

As I pointed out in my last article in Canada Free Press, Lenin, Mao and Hitler used the horrific force of ignorant, hungry and brainlessly desperate people - including mobs of impressionable kids - to make up their ‘revolutionary’ forces. After they had successfully harnessed that resource by telling bottomless lies and making whatever empty promises that would motivate the throngs, many of those puppets were killed by those same insanely insecure, promise-making dictators. Those who weren’t eliminated were just absorbed as contributing slaves into the new government created solely for those leaders to luxuriously float on top of. “Power to the people!” Has turned out to be the sales pitch that merely gives the power to the most devilishly crafty politicians. You want to take things from people? You want to take away their freedom? First you must disarm them. Then you may have your way with them.

Between 2011 - 2016, alone, illegal aliens were responsible for over 25,000 murders, over 42,000 robberies, and over 70,000 sex-related offenses?

So when some psycho brat goes on a shooting rampage, a politically correct society that feels so proud of itself in planting signs reading, “This Is A Gun-Free Zone”, discovers, the hard way, that the weirdo killer felt entirely safe throwing his fit in a place where he knew there would be no one firing back at him. Our liberal media, who are partnered with professional, liberal politicians, go out of their way in not showcasing all the many instances where an armed security guard or a responsible and alert concealed-carry gun owner has quelled a sick shooter before he can even fire his first round. They don’t like to report those instances - because such happenings naturally give too much fuel to the common sense argument behind self-defense. Funny how mandatory gun ownership in certain places around our nation is always accompanied by lower incidences of gun-related violence. There is much truth to the old saying, “An armed society is a polite society.” And, even Jesus, the Prince of Peace, told His disciples, as they went to evangelize a lost world, to sell their extra coats in order to buy swords. He did that because He did not intend to lose His disciples and therefore His Gospel message to greedy highwayman who saw them only as walking purses.

And now to the last part of our meme. How many of my good readers are aware of the fact that, between 2011 - 2016, alone, illegal aliens were responsible for over 25,000 murders, over 42,000 robberies, and over 70,000 sex-related offenses? In that same time, just in the State of Texas, over a quarter million criminal aliens were charged with over 600,000 criminal offenses. And yet the left tells lies for them and says they are a safer group of people than our own American citizenry. In 2016-2017 more than 15,000 Americans died from heroin overdose. 90% of that heroin comes in with illegal aliens crossing our southern border. And as a result of our ‘sanctuary city’ policies, in the fiscal year of 2017 more than 8000 criminal aliens were released back into our population. So the second part of that question,“Why is it that liberals never demand border control after every rape and murder by illegals?!” The answer is simple: The left is carelessly defending a largely criminal mob of potential voters who the left knows will not be stupid enough to vote against those leftists who are in fact defending them. Hungry, broke, homeless American citizens are living, day-to-day on the streets of our nation. But they receive no comparable attention from the leftists - the so-called ‘democrats’ - who can’t make use of them, as voters or campaign fodder, as they do ‘the poor, downtrodden’ illegal aliens.

In today’s world where we have worked cooperatively with a very real devil in throwing out God and His Bible, we feel morally satisfied in keeping the new and ever-shifting ‘commandments’ of political correctness. Daytime television talk programs make fun of the true Son of God, Jesus, who died on the cross to save fallen mankind. And, without hesitation, in the same breath they self-righteously defend the popular travesty of godless lawlessness and anarchy in the name of their emerging New World ‘Americanism’. Barack Obama spent eight years achieving his rotten legacy of ‘fundamentally transforming America’. And, as a result, our racial hate/discord is at an all-time high. And the ‘swamp’ in our government that exists purely to nurture itself through the sweat of our toil, will not go down without a fight. But it will, without a moment’s hesitation, open our borders to any and all vermin that will help it achieve its self-serving goals. Is it therefore any wonder that our current president, who is working to expose and drain that swamp, is so hated?

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Today’s politicians know they can say pretty much whatever they want, at any moment, because most of the sheep simply aren’t paying any attention

We have answered that question, Irrefutably, in about a six or seven minute read. But the people who want to ride on our backs into into a future made safe for themselves don’t want us to slow down long enough to evaluate these truths. Today’s politicians know they can say pretty much whatever they want, at any moment, because most of the sheep simply aren’t paying any attention. Many of us are just too busy working to pay our bills! Regardless, in this day and age, most of the huddled masses here within our own shores no longer bother to investigate anything beyond whatever is deemed necessary for making a living. And a lot of our spoiled progeny are consumed in grabbing some immediate distraction in an effort to conquer the invented boredom of sensory overload in the 21st century. Sad, but true

Over 200 years ago, as our Constitution’s framers were leaving public life and this world, they expressed the logical fear that their freshly minted Constitution, in the Republic that would one day be made up of a shifting sea of irresponsible, amoral and contentious people, would eventually become its own worst enemy. They rightly predicted that Thomas Jefferson’s hope of an ‘informed society’, given our fallen human nature, was doomed to fail - dissolving into a mess of battling factions lacking a clear and unified conscience. Well, we are right there, right now. With everything that our good Lord said regarding the last days of this planet, going down like clockwork, it seems that very few of us want to stop and consider the great ‘Valley of Decision’ in which we now find ourselves. (Joel 3:14) But there is no lack of interesting, unanswered questions being asked as we, each of us, are happily ambling along toward our inevitable end.

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