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Problem is that most think the waiting noose is a ‘nothing burger’ while it is the ‘nothing burgers” that feed the most irrational conspiracies of all time

The Democrats’  Crazed ‘Bring Your Own Noose’ Party

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By —— Bio and Archives July 13, 2017

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Hillary’s ‘hangman’s noose’  is ready,  hanging on the nearest tree.  Each time a vagrant breeze comes along to nudge it, just knowing that it’s there waiting, various Dem demagogues go into fits of ecstasy.

Hillary’s hangman’s noose for a beleaguered President Donald Trump is a convenient One-Size-Fits-All one.

Today it’s Donald Trump Junior, tomorrow his brother-in-law, Ivanka’s beloved, Jared Kushner.

The self-declared vigilantes, a throwback to the rampaging ones in the Old West, crazed as they may be, are, fully backed by a salivating Mainstream Media.

They’re coming to take down the president, while Republicans pretending not to see it, hide under their desks.

It’s one-size-fits-all for the crimes the Dems and MSM attempt to justify as the reason for their ‘hang ‘em high’  tactics.

One-size-fits-all even when the crimes with which the Trump family is accused were pre-meditated by the likes of now disgruntled Resistance Leader, ex President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s DOJ gave Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya special entry into the United States, paving the way for her to touch base with the Trump team. 

“The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances” before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews. (The Hill, July 20, 2017)

“This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa.”

“Later, a series of events between an intermediary for the attorney and the Trump campaign ultimately led to the controversy surrounding the president’s eldest son.

Just five days after meeting in June 2016 at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr., presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and then Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya showed up in Washington in the front row of a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia policy, video footage of the hearing shows.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to USSR slams former U.S. Ambassador to Russia on Ukraine

It doesn’t get much more politically premeditated than that.

“The U.S. Attorney’s office in New York confirmed Wednesday to The Hill that it let Veselnitskaya into the country on a grant of immigration parole from October 2015 to early January 2016.(The Hill)

“Justice Department and State Department officials could not immediately explain how the Russian lawyer was still in the country in June for the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and the events in Washington D.C.”

But the Dems could already see the hangman’s noose swinging from the nearest tree.

“IMPEACHMENT!” was only around the next bend.

They know down at heart that you can break a man if you can take down his son with a wholly manufactured scandal, even if that man happens to be the President of the United States of America.

So many are riding shot-gun in the stampeding posse looking to achieve their goal.

But even with a Fake News MSM completely on their side, the plot thickens:



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“Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA, of course) was the first Democrat to put his money where his mouth is on all the rampant impeachment talk. (

“Not even Maxine Waters was bold enough to pull the trigger.

“The four page resolution charges President Trump with ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

“The problem is nothing Trump has done nor anything he is alleged to have done rises to the threshold of criminal behavior.

“And if they did, President Obama would easily have met that threshold as well.

“Worse for Sherman is that very few of his Democrat colleagues are rushing to sign on to the effort.

“The bottom line: lots of nothing burgers are on the menu in DC lately.”


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According to deranged Dems “High Crimes” means “Hang ‘em high!”

Times have dramatically changed since the dirty Dems were forced into exile.  They no longer need the law of the land to prove guilt, just the media narrative to “get er done!”

They are gung-ho to slip that noose on Donald Trump Jr.’s neck, or anyone else they think can rid them of arch enemy President Donald Trump, the man who furiously frightens the media.

The empty noose swinging in the breeze is waiting.

Problem is that most think the waiting noose is a ‘nothing burger’  while it is the ‘nothing burgers” that feed the most irrational conspiracies of all time.

Rohrabacher on Veselnitskaya


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