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Hatred, no matter how visceral and corrosive can’t wipe out reality

The Televised Reality of Trump Cheers & Jeers at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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By —— Bio and Archives January 9, 2018

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The Televised Reality of Trump Cheers & Jeers at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium
The legalized bully troops of Special Counsel Robert Mueller; the never-ending whines of the Democrats in Exile;  the ganged-up media-hyped ‘Wolfman Hack’ book charging that President Donald Trump should be dragged out of he White House in a strait jacket notwithstanding, America remains the same roughly 50-50 population split it was when Barack Obama was sprung on the public screen from a faux Greek Temple back in 2008 as the new messiah.

When all is said and done, all of the above have not changed the 50-50 reality of the American population one iota.

Proof of that 50-50 reality came last night at the college football championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“Trump was greeted with a roar at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium, the home of NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. Trump faced cheers and jeers from the packed stadium with 71,000+ attendees. (RealClearPolitics, Jan.9, 2018)

Although nothing new, the cheers and jeers that greeted Trump last night, is this morning’s BIG news.

But the cheers and jeers can be divvied up into the 50-50 split that is the American Pie of the day.

It shows, full-blast,  the failure of the Democrat running dog Mainstream Media.  It shows that The 50 percent of the population that survived eight long years of the destructive Obama regime are not only still out there, they’re still wildly cheering their National Anthem and flag.

Alabama star running back Bo Scarbrough seemingly caught by a camera yelling “F**k Trump” in a hallway ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, came across like the the cry of a lone coyote.


“President Donald Trump was set to take the field for the national anthem prior to the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs kicking off their title game in Atlanta. Video posted by Sporting News appeared to show Alabama’s No. 9, Scarbrough, yelling the phrase in one of the tunnels under Mercedes-Benz Stadium. (Newsweek, Jan. 9, 2017)

Tunnels may be the safest place to shout expletives but not always guaranteed to bring your shout within earshot.

Not everyone in the 50% side show up for protest duty when called:

“A civil rights group called on fans attending Monday night’s college football title game in Atlanta to wave white towels to send a message to a visiting U.S. President Donald Trump — but it appears a protest in the stands did not materialize. (CBC, Jan 9, 2018)

“The Atlanta branch of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) also urged people to wear white to the game and to wave their towels as Trump entered the stadium.

“The white was meant to mock the “snowflake” insult that Trump supporters have made against those who oppose the U.S. president.

“We’re going to make a snowflake turn into a mighty blizzard inside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium when Mr. Trump comes,” Gerald Griggs, a vice-president of the Atlanta NAACP, said at a news conference Monday.”


Continued below...

Didn’t happen.  Fizzled out.

The “mighty blizzards” were all of those happening outside of the windows of folk glued to their television sets watching the game for the sake of sports not politics.

Reality has long been impossible for the prog-left to accept.

There were cheers on one side as Trump stood, hand over heart for the National Anthem and jeers from the other.  It was a live representation of the Real America of today like no other.

Dirt diggers behind ‘Fire and Fury’, which The Guardian describes as Michael Wolff’s “instant-blockbuster book also first revealed by the Guardian,  counted on 50 % of those among the populace who would instantly believe that Trump was crazy, the same ones who swallowed whole Hillary Clinton’s accusation that he was a “misogynist”.

They somehow overlooked the other 50% of those who would turn down the Kool Aid with the demand: “Show us your evidence”.

‘Half’,  a concept that can also be applied to the term “half baked”, is only half no matter how you try to count it.

The strategy of the progressive-left, which is to throw chunks of red meat out to the slavering masses, is failing.  The meat of ‘The Russians Stole the Election’ conspiracy is still there rotting on the field; the mobs will want more than the ‘Trump is mentally unfit for office’ conspiracy chronicled in a pre-ordained book that will NOT, unlike its author has promised, be the end of President Trump.

Instead of seeing Trump led out of the White House in a strait jacket, he’s standing in the arena taking the cheers along with the jeers, in that especially minted-for-our time minority so hated by the demented progressive left: A Man.

Meanwhile hatred, no matter how visceral and corrosive can’t wipe out reality.

Unfortunately that’s what 50-50 gets you even when you have all all the weapons on your side.

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