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But, one of these days, I swear that big, good-natured fella, the ARMY of conservatives here in America, will have had enough and finally reach his last straw. Then, surely he will turn and fight

When Do We Get To The Last Straw?

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By —— Bio and Archives June 25, 2018

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When Do We Get To The Last Straw?
It was when I was a kid in junior high that I came to the end of my patience with bullies. At thirteen, I was an easy-going young man closing in on 6 1/2 feet tall. On the way there, a lot of my smaller (most all of them were) peers discovered that I would take a lot of ribbing and silently absorb it or laugh it off. One particular morning, however, I was on my way to give a special girl a satin heart full of chocolates, and the candy was balanced precariously on the bundle of schoolbooks I had under my arm. As I was walking down the hall toward her classroom, one of my regular irritations - a normal-sized classmate of mine - attempted to entertain some friends by running up and pushing me from behind. My books and the chocolate box went flying to the floor.¬† The heart-shaped box sprang open, and the chocolates rolled in all directions. A fight ensued. The perp went home with two black eyes and a bloody nose. All who witnessed my last straw testified in my favor. Our principal completely exonerated me. And no one ever messed with me again. When I got into college, I was 6’10” tall. That tussle in junior high was the very last time I had to use my fists to communicate with anyone. No brag. Just fact. Enough was enough.

I wish the conservative faction in this country would get that tired of being bullied. Much like the good-natured derp that I was in seventh grade, I just don’t think conservatives - even¬Christian professing conservatives - have caught on to the fact that we do not have to continue docilely being pushed around as the last vestiges of free America are being assaulted and irreparably damaged. I am certainly not recommending immediate physical violence as a solution to any of the societal/political difficulties we have been experiencing. But, here and there, we do have entirely workable, effective ways and means at our disposal to deal with the problems we are currently allowing the bullying left to ram down our throats.

I have seen a lot of conservative commentary conjecturing the possibility of another civil war here in our nation. In many respects, the inevitability of such a thing happening presents itself as an emerging threat that seems more likely every day. I’m hoping that won’t happen. And I know that if we begin now to make it understood, in the polls and through aggressive and unyielding declaration, litigation, and legislation, that our patience has come to its final end, we can avoid civil war - absolutely. But when the unavoidable necessity of that ultimate protest presents itself, just as currently no one is asking us to stand on our feet and defy their bullying, we will then not be sent any invitations from the opposition. They want us to just fold up and let them destroy us without notice or resistance.

As pertains to me, my size has certainly precluded the likelihood of a lot of people getting in my face. And I have never been one to pick a fight, because I know that it is always best to let sleeping dogs lie. But I brought up my dimensions in order to make a comparison: The people who make up conservatism and conservative Christianity here in America comprise quite a great number. If we were truly united we would make up an imposing and formidable adversary - one that warrants some respect. Moreover, a lot of the left and undecided are daily making decisions to move their opinions and support toward the right. Every day the lies and evil shenanigans of 2018 socialism posing as liberalism become more visible. And there are a lot of people who don’t want to put up with that anymore. It therefore makes perfect sense that the liberal news media/entertainment empire and the largely liberal-owned and governed Internet are becoming increasingly hostile toward conservative efforts to inform and bring solidarity to the right. If it is within their power, they’re not going to let that happen. If Disney buys Fox, it will be ‘Katie, bar the door.’

But how much more of this abuse can those of us who play by the rules continue to take? Hillary can, with impunity, lie like a rug and change colors like a chameleon. And Obama can do all that while traveling the world on our nickel and keeping a task force of our most expensive Secret Service on their toes 24/7. And the liberal mainstream media totally covers up their every iniquity. But when our First Lady puts on a jacket thumbing her nose at the press (who has every intention of criticizing her, regardless of what she wears or does), the major networks are instant to report how all the nations of the world are OUTRAGED at her condescending and racist ‘heartlessness’! That sort of nonsense will now make headlines, coast-to-coast, with accompanying cartoons and commentary. Michael Cohen’s shredded documents have been reassembled as he is threatened with crucifixion. And all the while a guilty-as-hell Hillary Clinton who destroyed boxcars of damning evidence will do more of her worldwide whine tour - perhaps this time in Tanzania - using an interpreter to tell her African audience about the evils of “Trump” and the electoral college.

The conservative people who keep going to work and continue paying the bills for this nation have had to watch race riots and towns being torn to shreds because our black president spent his eight years stirring the pot of racial hatred - that had, prior to his appearance, lay largely dormant and healing - in order to preserve his voter base and further intimidate whitey. And we must stand back and remain silent-while a tide of illegal immigrants, many of whom are criminals, floods our country and scoops up our tax money. But when Donald Trump - who had to win the Oval Office twice - tweets something directly to America so the liberal media liars can’t twist the truth out of it ... again, there is hell to pay. Conservative writers backtrack through the interrogations of years of liberal liars covering each other’s tracks before Congress. But we can’t write fast enough to bring to light the bottomless dishonesty of those professional politicians. Years of practice have made them fine-artists at feeding liberal news reporters the necessary linguistic fodder to warp their lies into plausible statements of confusion at news time. Hillary Clinton, dodging Congress’ tracing her responsibilities in the Benghazi abortion, flails her hands in the air and rants ” ... what difference does it make?!” entirely because she flat ran out of excuses. And honestly, when it comes to Hillary Clinton what difference do ANY of her illicit or illegal activities make? Obviously none at all to anyone who is afraid of the Clinton machine. Lying Obama accidentally confirmed his knowledge of her secret and illegal computer system. And not a charge has been filed. But a ruined Paul Manafort has been thrown into solitary confinement (‘for his own protection’) while a lighthearted Robert Mueller and company look for other ways to drag out a fairytale investigation that should never have started. Meanwhile illegal aliens who commit serious crimes are released into our towns and cities under the fabulous “catch and release” policy that applies only to them. If only Paul Manafort were an illegal alien!

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Nevertheless, the good-natured, hard-working, law-abiding and taxpaying right will continue to take it on the chin. And the Clintons, the Obamas and other of the left’s weirdos like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Al Green, Cory Booker and so many more will continue to tickle the ears of their followings with whatever harmonizes with the hatred and anti-Trump propaganda the liberal press/tv is spouting for them. And a continuum of B and C grade actors are climbing on the Trump-hate train in order to seize some career-reviving attention for themselves. (I’m not the only one who didn’t even know Peter Fonda was still alive!) Stuff we never saw when our first and worst black president’s regime was up and running. Can you imagine Bruce Willis walking around with the bloody head of Barack Obama? Or a ‘Free Shakespeare In The Park’ production featuring Obama being lynched? It would never happen, of course. But an overweight and graying, silly old, four-eyed man such as Robert De Niro - maybe looking to further pump his restaurants - can walk on stage at an awards night and speak filth about our president and his supporters. And then, how pitiful, like a little boy, he waits for the approval of an audience full of hypocrites who are slaves to the same machinery that makes or breaks lackeys like himself who will or won’t play that game.

Since President Trump’s election, I have watched the socialist left and the lame-stream media scratch and claw trying to undo the mistakes they made in allowing Hillary’s fix to fail. So much vicious but groundless heat has been aimed at The Donald & Co. that I’m certain it’s only the grace of God, largely through the prayers of His people, which has kept that tank rolling on in the momentum of unprecedented success. But, much worse than that, I am ashamed of the people in this nation - those who call themselves conservatives and/or Christians - who are distancing themselves from the left-generated ‘embarrassment’ of being a Trump supporter. It astounds me that the professing conservatives/Christians who, in the privacy of a booth, voted for Trump - our Godsent President who is now daily facing hell for so unflinchingly defending our Constitutionally guaranteed religious and moral standards - can, afterward, in the same pair of shoes, so spinelessly deny their champion. If you are not willing to wear the same stigmata that everything that is wrong with our dying America hates, then you are indeed the devil’s advocate. And you deserve the plague that will surely destroy us in the next round of prevailing liberalism.


I watched our President, Donald J Trump, yesterday as he honored the heartbroken parents of the children who have been butchered by the scum of Mexico and nations southward flooding our nation.

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Many are even borrowing or stealing children as tickets to blend in with the migrating crowd. Those Third World governments certainly don’t want the outlaw ‘immigrants’ whom they have encouraged toward America, which has subsequently become the ‘Heaven-On-Earth’ for murderers, rapists, drug runners and chronic criminals of all genres. And our leftist ‘liberal’ politicos who care about nothing other than keeping a tight grip on the power, wealth and privilege their offices guarantee them, will use any sort of lying melodrama to get that rabble into what’s left of our nation. Real conservatives are entirely supportive of immigration coming in legally. The democrat/‘socialists’, on the other hand, are interested strictly in securing a voter base for themselves that will never shoot itself in the foot by casting ballots for anyone who is serious about protecting the best interests of our taxpaying citizenry. After all it is the big, clumsy, good-natured conservative faction in this country that keeps the gas and lights on so the left-guarded illegals can run free and prosper. But, one of these days, I swear that big, good-natured fella, the ARMY of conservatives here in America, will have had enough and finally reach his last straw. Then, surely he will turn and fight.

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Dave Merrick, is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.

He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.