April, 2009

Our Miss Brooks:  Welcome to the Soros Pentagon

One of the many perks of being POTUS, or TOTUS, if you are a stickler for accuracy, is that you don’t need to go through the nettlesome process of applying for a security clearance.  POTUS gets to decide by fiat what positions should require clearance, and we must accept his appointments as competent patriots, notwithstanding titanic amounts of evidence to the contrary.  The president is also at liberty to install incontestably unqualified individuals to sensitive posts.

By Joy Tiz - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

The Real Torturers

When the Obama White House disclosed memos from the previous administration’s discussions about terrorist interrogations, critics jumped at the chance to accuse, yet again, the Bush administration of torturing detainees.

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Alberta missed chance to strengthen free speech rights, says League

The Catholic Civil Rights League today expressed disappointment that changes to the Alberta Human Rights Code have not addressed the problem of the commission hearing free speech cases. The League has long argued that such provisions should be removed from the Code.  This section of the Code has been relied upon in the past to attack Bishop Fred Henry for statements made in a 2005 pastoral letter about the re-definition of marriage, and to prosecute Pastor Stephen Boissoin for a letter to the Red Deer Advocate.

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Maytime in the Rain


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Obama’s job, deficit claims are iffy

President Barack Obama turned the page on 100 days in office with an iffy boast about job creation and claims of fiscal prudence that are hard to square with his spending.

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State Department Poised to Trade US Sovereignty for UN Council Seat

In its ongoing infatuation with international law and treaties that surrender U.S. sovereignty, the Obama White House is working to secure a seat on the United National Human Rights Council. The Council, an inter-governmental UN body charged with promoting and protecting human rights around the globe, has no authority to issue binding legal judgments and can only offer advisory opinions on perceived violations. In an effort to secure this seat, the Obama administration has submitted a series of “Commitments and Pledges” declaring its loyalty and “deep commitment” to the United Nations.

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Biomass trash: It makes no gas, gas, gas?

It was scorned in the Katrina hurricane,
And we howled in the North Dakota rain,
But it’s all right now, it’s CO2 gas,
But it’s all right, biomass trash makes no gas, gas gas…*

* - Suggested shower lyrics for Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) sung to the tune of a Rolling Stones’ hit in wishful rationalization of why its OK to support global warming alarmism AND the burning of biomass for electricity.

By Steve Milloy - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

Health care reform a prescription for political headaches

Doug Firby, Columnist, Troy Media Corporation

Spiralling health care costs are the bane of every provincial government. And, as Alberta is learning for the second time this decade, taking bold action to bring those costs to heel is only guaranteed to deliver political grief.

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Cap and trade all about appearance

- Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, Columnist, Troy Media Corporation

Canada’s National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy has proposed that Canada adopt a national climate change strategy and that it use a national cap and trade as the cornerstone of this strategy, doing away with a patchwork quilt of provincial regulations and law.

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Homegrown terrorists identified!

That right wing “terrorist” memo sent to law enforcement agencies is far worse than anyone imagined.  It is, in fact, an obvious attempt by the DHS to politicize state and local law enforcement

Holy Toledo!

By W.R. McAfee - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

NYTimes Sends American Tourists to One of England’s Most Dangerous Areas for ‘Hip’

One would think that The New York Times is purposefully putting American’s in harm’s way with its latest travel section vacation suggestion. If it isn’t doing it on purpose, it certainly is acting almost criminally negligent over its reader’s safety abroad. Back on March 22, the Times suggested that Americans vacation in Deptford, one of England’s most dangerous, crime infested areas. And why would the Times want to send Americans into such a seedy and dangerous place? Because it’s “hip,” man. What else?

By Warner Todd Huston - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

Winning the War on Terror

Islamic Terrorism has become to the early 21st century, what Communism was to the late 20th century, the ultimate existential threat that the civilized world was forced to grapple with. In this article I will take a look at a few of the existing approaches, and their pros and cons, for winning the War on Terror.

By Daniel Greenfield - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

Swine Flu Spread By Illegals and Terrorists.

Recently, the Flu virus has spread to the Middle East and New Zealand.  It started from Mexico and Japan .  Once Mexico started having it, they experienced many deaths and illnesses.  The fact the Swine Flu has spread to so many places means the Swine Flu is very easily contagious.  Yet many sick Mexicans cut across American borders and infect Americans living here.  What the Obama administration should be doing is implementing stricter measures to keep the illegal entrants out of our country and quarantining them in huge numbers. This also includes Non-Mexican illegals, as well.

By George Koukeas - Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Full Story

Connecticut BBB Warns Against Swine Flu Scams

Wallingford, CT -  Based on reports from online security experts, Connecticut Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the lookout for fraudulent e-mails and Web sites trying to take advantage of the current swine flu outbreak.

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