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Harvey Weinstein’s personal friends the Obamas and Hillary Clinton whose campaigns he generously helped finance, sat back frustrated that the Russian Conspiracy had come to a dead end. It was time to come up with a new scandal

Coming to a News Outlet Near You, ‘President Trump, Serial Harasser’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 13, 2017

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You could actually feel it coming: The sex scandal of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein being forced on Donald Trump to finish what Hollywood and the progressive/left covet most: a scandalous end to the Trump presidency.

The narrative was being written even before Weinstein was fired by his own company.

Weinstein, who got away with it for three decades, was their devil.  His story dominating the news for days on end.

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Now that Weinstein’s ‘rehabilitating’ in Arizona, the shocking reports of stars sexually harassed by him over the past decades will change direction—going for big game in the takedown of the President of the United States.

Weinstein will be on the QT in rehabilitation, first announced as 45 days, now “indefinitely”.  Indefinitely may be long enough to make that Trump movie he bragged about and to fulfil his promise that he and Trump would “retire together”.

On the first day of his going out of public view in Arizona, “the rest of the story” is already being spun.

First came feminist Tina Brown, asserting that Weinstein shares the trait of being a serial harasser with President Donald Trump. (Variety.  Oct. 10, 2017)

“Brown made the comparison Tuesday in a New York Times column with the headline “What Harvey and Trump have in common.”

“The piece was published on the same day that the Times and the New Yorker both released detailed stories of Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuses of multiple women — two days after Weinstein was forced out of his own company.

“Brown worked with Weinstein from 1998 to 2002 on Talk magazine, a joint venture of Miramax’s Talk Media and Hearst Magazines. Talk folded in 2002.

“What I learned about Harvey in the two years of proximity with him at Talk was that nothing about his outward persona, the beguiling Falstaffian charmer who persuaded — or bamboozled — me into leaving The New Yorker and joining him, was the truth,” she wrote. “He is very Trumpian in that regard.”

“Brown said that Weinstein comes off as a big, blustery, rough diamond kind of a guy, the kind of old-time studio chief who lives large, writes big checks and exudes bonhomie.

“Wrong,” she wrote. “The real Harvey is fearful, paranoid, and hates being touched (at any rate, when fully dressed).”

“Brown noted that she became aware of Weinstein’s business practices during her Talk tenure as part of running Miramax’s fledgling book company as part of her Talk deal.

“Strange contracts pre-dating us would suddenly surface, book deals with no deadline attached authored by attractive or nearly famous women, one I recall was by the stewardess on a private plane,” she said. “It was startling — and professionally mortifying — to discover how many hacks writing gossip columns or entertainment coverage were on the Miramax payroll with a ‘consultancy’ or  a ‘development deal’ (one even at The New York Times).”


Continued below...

Brown seems to have kept this to herself for 15 years until after Weinstein was outed.

“Brown credited actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan for going public with their allegations in the first New York Times story on Oct. 5. (Variety)

“It takes one brave whistleblower and then two to get the ball rolling and give the shattered sharers of the same story permission to speak out to The New York Times,” she said. “Kudos to Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, and now all the many new voices captured by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker. Harvey is an intimidating and ferocious man. Crossing him, even now, is scary. But it’s a different era now. Cosby. Ailes. O‘Reilly, Weinstein. It’s over, except for one — the serial sexual harasser in the White House.”

And then there’s Jane Fonda:

“This is not unique. This goes on at the most horrendous high levels. “I mean Donald Trump is — we have a man who is president who does these things. And what kind of a message does that say?  (Deadline  Oct. 12, 2017)

“Unfortunately, that counteracts a lot of the good that we’re doing. Because a lot of men see, well, our president does it and he got elected, even after people discovered that he was an abuser so I’m just going to go ahead and do what I want to do.


“It’s unacceptable and we can’t ever forget that and we have to stand up to them,” Jane Fonda told CNN’s Christianne Amanpour today regarding The New York Times and The New Yorker reports that resulted in Harvey Weinstein being drummed out of his company.

“She cautioned against characterizing Weinstein’s years-long abuse as being “some unique, horrific” case, saying “this goes on all the time.”

“It’s this male entitlement – in Hollywood and everywhere, in offices and businesses all over the world. In bars, in restaurants, in stores, women are assaulted, abused, harassed and seen for just being sexual objects, there for a man’s desire instead of as whole human beings.”

That’s only Jane Fonda, Part 1. 

Part 2 of the interview will air today at 2 PM ET on CNN International.

Count on the next story being about a supposed explosive revelation that Weinstein and Trump were in business together.

Dirt diggers are already at it, throwing their first mud at Steve Bannon:

“Breitbart News has spent the last several days calling out Democratic politicians who received donations from Harvey Weinstein, but it turns out the website’s leader, Stephen Bannon, also had financial ties to Weinstein, The Associated Press reports. (The Week Oct. 11, 2017)


Continued below...

“In 2005, the former White House strategist was chairman of a company called Genius Products, which distributed DVDs and home videos, AP says. They went into business with the Weinstein Company, run by Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob, and the Weinsteins became 70 percent owners of Genius Products.

Transcripts from calls Bannon had with investors at the time show he was excited about the relationship, AP reports, saying the company was “extremely honored to be in business with the new Weinstein Company” and calling the Weinstein brothers “two of the most prolific studio heads in the history of Hollywood.” Genius Products went bankrupt in 2011.”

Harvey Weinstein’s personal friends the Obamas and Hillary Clinton whose campaigns he generously helped finance, sat back frustrated that the Russian Conspiracy was coming to a dead end.

It was time to come up with a new scandal.

They think saturation mainstream media coverage of President Donald Trump as a Weinstein-like serial sexual harasser of women will pull it off for them.

You read it here first.

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