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Renaming the President Donald (Harvey Weinstein) Trump To Take Him Out Of Office

By —— Bio and Archives--October 14, 2017

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Right on Cue:  Hate-filled, embittered sore loser Hillary Clinton falsely called President Donald Trump an “admitted sex assaulter”, comparing him to disgraced alleged sex abuser Harvey Weinstein in a British interview.

Just as I called it in yesterday’s column, the progressive/left are trying to transfer Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual transgressions over to Trump in a naked bid to drive him out of office.

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“You could actually feel it coming: The sex scandal of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein being forced on Donald Trump to finish what Hollywood and the progressive/left covet most: a scandalous end to the Trump presidency. (Canada Free Press, Oct 13, 2017)

“The narrative was being written even before Weinstein was fired by his own company.

“Weinstein, who got away with it for three decades, was their devil.  His story dominating the news for days on end.

“Harvey Weinstein’s personal friends the Obamas and Hillary Clinton whose campaigns he generously helped finance, sat back frustrated that the Russian Conspiracy was coming to a dead end.

“It was time to come up with a new scandal.

“They think saturation mainstream media coverage of President Donald Trump as a Weinstein-like serial sexual harasser of women will pull it off for them.

“You read it here first.”

There was just one little British bugaboo waiting for Hillary when she was bashing Trump in England :The Daily Mail came right out and headlined their story, ‘Hillary Clinton falsely calls Trump admitted sex assaulter’.

Worth repeating: “FALSELY” calls Trump an admitted “sex assaulter”.

With Weinstein now on the QT in an Arizona rehabilitation center,  Clinton threw him a lifeline.

But The Daily Mail says it better in one of their subheads: ‘Hillary Clinton, who received campaign funding from Weinstein,  called rape and sexual assault allegations facing the movie mogul ‘heartbreaking’.

Daily Mailer writer Harvey Day went on to peg Clinton down to the proverbial ’T.’

“Clinton was apparently referring to the tape leaked during the campaign where Donald Trump was heard boasting about ‘grabbing women by the p****y’. (Daily Mail, Oct. 13, 2017)

“In fact he has never ‘admitted’ a sexual assault and apologized for ‘locker room talk.’

“She told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: ‘I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories’.

Continued below...

There were no commendations from Clinton for the coterie of women who stepped forward to tell their stories about how they had been sexually harassed by her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

“In another interview with Channel 4 she said her campaign would hand back donations from Weinstein but had still to do so. (Daily Mail)

“That changed her first claim that she would give from her personal income - which would have earned her a tax break.”

Thank you, Harvey Day, millions have been waiting for decades for the truth to come out about the Clintons’

“Hillary Clinton has drawn comparisons between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, saying: ‘we have someone admitting to be a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office’. (Daily Mail)

“She told Marr: ‘I was really shocked and appalled because I’ve known him through politics as many Democrats have.

‘He’s been a supporter - he’s been a funder for all of us, for Obama, for me, for people who have run for office in the United States. 

‘So it was just disgusting and the stories that have come out are heartbreaking. 

And I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories.

‘But I think that it’s important that we not just focus on him and whatever consequences flow from these stories about his behavior but that we recognize this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment or politics.

‘After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.


‘‘There has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic.’

“And asked about allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at her husband and former president, Bill Clinton, she said: ‘That has all been litigated.

“‘That was subject of a huge investigation in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.”

Back to her favorite topic: “’The really sad part of the campaign was how this horrific tape, what he said about women in the past what he said about women during the campaign, was discounted by a lot of voters.’ 

“Hillary Clinton benefited from hundreds of thousands from Harvey Weinstein for her campaigns and her family foundation. (Daily Mail)


  • $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation
  • $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund
  • $5,400 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign
  • Unknown millions in donations from friends 

$13,000 - and none of the rest so far.

“Asked if she believed Mr Trump and Weinstein were similar, she said: ‘I’m not a psychologist, I can’t draw that conclusion. There are credible reports from women about both that sound very similar.’

“In another interview with Channel 4, Clinton changed her tune on how she would return cash from Weinstein.

“In a CNN interview on Wednesday she said it would be part of her personal giving - which would have given her a tax break.

“But on Channel 4, asked if she had returned money from Weinstein, Clinton said it amounted to ’12 to $16,000 dollars, something like that’ and asked if she would give it back said: ‘We’re going to, yes, we’re going to.

“‘Well it has to come out of our campaign funds, so there’s a little more, but it will be done.’

“That would mean that Clinton would receive no benefit from the donation.

“However it leaves unanswered the other vast amounts of money she and her family have received from and through Weinstein.

“As well as personal donations to her campaign, he gave to political action committees linked to the Democratic Party’s campaign for her, donated up to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and brought in huge amounts of money from his celebrity circle.
“Clinton does not appear to be suggesting she will return a cent of that.

Continued below...


“Here are just some of the donations and fundraising Weinstein was behind according to public records: 

  • $679,275 raised as a ‘bundler’ for Obama’s 2012 campaign - one of the top 40 in the country
  • $250,000 donations to the Democratic National Committee since 2003
  • $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation since 2003
  • $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016
  • $16,200 to Chuck Schumer in total 
  • $5,400 - the legal maximum - to Clinton’s campaign in 2016
  • $5,400 to Richard Blumenthal in 2016
  • $5,400 to Martin Heinrich in 2017 
  • $5,400 to Al Franken in 2014 
  • $5,000 to Elizabeth Warren in 2012
  • $10,000 to Corey Booker in 2013”  

Meanwhile, transferring Harvey Weinstein’s transgressions over to President Donald Trump is well underway by the progressive/left.

The vultures are circling.

First came feminist Tina Brown, asserting that “Weinstein shares the trait of being a serial harasser with President Donald Trump” in a New York Times piece; followed by Jane Fonda telling CNN: “This is not unique. This goes on at the most horrendous high levels. “I mean Donald Trump is — we have a man who is president who does these things. And what kind of a message does that say?”; followed by Clinton in England.  Who knows whether Michelle Obama will be bringing up the rear?

They’re on a roll and convinced that renaming the president Donald (Harvey Weinstein) Trump will achieve what the Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary conspiracy could not: drive America’s 45th out of the office he surprisingly won in last November’s election.

Stay tuned.

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