Democrats will do everything for the so-called “white working class stiff” except be one.

Democrats Can Kiss Their Lost White Working Class Vote Goodbye

By —— Bio and Archives--October 14, 2018

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Democrats Can Kiss Their Lost White Working Class Vote Goodbye
Mickey Mouse had Goofy, a cartoon character whose full name has occasionally been given as Goofus D. Dawg. Barack Obama had vice president Joe Biden, ‘officially’ known to deplorables as ‘Bite Me’ or just plain ‘Uncle Joe’.

Good thing that someone in the Obama administration had an official name.


Relatred: Trump Rally Television Viewers: ‘Bite Me, Fox News’

Fox News ‘contributor’ Leslie Marshall and the New York Times are trying to revive the lifeless mantra that the Democrat Party is the party of the of the white working class by rejuvenating Joe Biden as the mantra’s top cheerleader.

Both Marshall and the NYT support Biden’s 11th-hour appeal to his party to not give up on winning the votes of the “white working class”.

Marshall’s column on Biden, the Comeback Hero was posted on Fox News yesterday.

Scribes at the New York Times are saying practically the same thing.

“Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., in some of his harshest criticism of President Trump to date, said on Friday that the president was “trashing American values” and undermining institutions to “amass power,” as he appealed to his party to not give up on winning the votes of the white working class.” (NY Times, Oct. 12, 2018)

In other words “Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.” is accusing President Trump of doing exactly what the unhinged Democrat Party is trying to do: “undermining institutions” like the Constitution to “amass power.

On the idea of Biden being media touted as the best Democrat connection to the “white working class”, no one puts it better than Canada Free Press friend ‘Steve’, who moved from Pennsylvania to the “la-la land of Schumer & Gillibrand in New York State:

…”Oh how well he connects to the white middle class.  Yup, we all take a leisurely hop to work and back everyday on AmTrak and have a Secret Service detail at our Delaware residence that we charge rent to…..all for the luxury of protecting our hair plugs.”

Steve also ponders how “in this #MeToo ravaged landscape does Ms. Leslie think the roamin’ hands guy will fare?”

The answer is far and wide since #MeToo keep all roaming hands Democrats sacrosanct while going after only Conservative White Males.

The idea that the Democrat Party stands up for the average working stiff and must never give up on winning the votes of the “white working class” has come and gone long before Midterm Elections.


Because the Democrats will do everything for the so-called “white working class stiff” except be one.

The days of the working class being represented by politicians is Gone Like The wind.

Referred to as “deplorables” now by Democrat elitists like Uncle Joe’s pal Hillary Clinton, they are told for whom to vote by Fake News media pundits and only count when it is time for the Democrat Party to claw back lost power.

“Campaigning in rural Kentucky for a Democrat running in one of the nation’s most watched House races, Mr. Biden appeared to be testing themes for a potential 2020 campaign to unseat Mr. Trump. (NYT)

“He is just trashing American values the way he talks about people, the way he makes fun of people, the way he denigrates folks,” Mr. Biden said. “I got to tell you, I think there is a method to his madness because he wants you to get down in the mosh pit with him.”

“[While Mr. Biden spoke about Trump, the President held a typical rally in Ohio.]

“Mr. Biden is one of the few national Democrats thought to be able to connect with the white rural voters, ancestral members of the party who have abandoned it to help form the bulwark of the president’s electoral coalition.”


He didn’t steal ‘em, Joe, he earned ‘em.

“In an interview after the rally, Mr. Biden did not hold back on his criticism of the president, saying that his attack on everything from federal courts to Republicans in Congress is about “amassing power.” Mr. Trump’s approach has been particularly effective among the white working class in rural America, Mr. Biden acknowledged, but Democrats need to re-engage and try to win back that vote. (NY Times)

“We can’t possibly in my view win the presidency unless we can begin to reclaim those white working-class voters that used to vote for us,” he said.

“Mr. Biden recognized the power of Mr. Trump’s appeal to grievance, but he said it had its limits.

“His value set is much too narrow and self-serving, and I think it’s deliberately designed to appeal to the legitimate frustrations of a lot of working-class people by finding a scapegoat, the ‘other,’” Mr. Biden said. “You lost your job, your identity is being threatened because of that immigrant.” He added, “It’s an old, old method.”

“But, he added, “I look out there and I just don’t know how much more grievance can be appealed to by this guy to keep a majority.”



“…I don’t buy this thing that there is this great divide with white working-class people on progressive issues vs. economic issues,” Mr. Biden said. “I haven’t found that.”

“Mr. Biden appealed to the Democratic Party to not give up on winning the votes of the white working class.

“The crowd in a packed Bath County High School gymnasium at one point broke into a chant of “run, Joe, run.”

Joe Biden is already running.  He’s been running from reality for a long, long time.

Proof of that came during then President Barack Obama’s speech to address the historic passage of the health care bill back in 2010, when Biden was caught on an open mic telling him: “You did it… This is a big f—-ing deal.”

Meanwhile, it shouldn’t be “run, Joe, run”, but ‘Patriots, “run from Joe Biden”.


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