Welcome to the New Year of 2018 when up is down and wrong is right. Hollywood are the good guys, civil society the bad.

Hollywood Dons Angel Wings for Sexual Harassment Commission

By —— Bio and Archives--December 18, 2017

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Hollywood Dons Angel Wings for Sexual Harassment  Commission
Do most failing Hollywood actors end up moonlighting in politics where they can tell the masses what to do and how to vote rather than just entertain them?

Due to the spreading malaise called lack of public interest Is Hollywood, on an NFL trek with its stars having to switch over to YouTube to remain politically relevant?

Hollywood has become more famous for sexual harassment than for movies. Alphabet (Google), which suppresses all videos with a Christian or Conservative message, is clearing the path for all of Hollywood’s many still whining has-beens.

Hey, the heroes of the silver screen have got to go somewhere when they find themselves washed up.  Failing at convincing audiences you are someone else must carry tons of psychological pain.

Only Hollywood could drag Anita Hill out of mothballs when forming a task force to fight sexual harassment.

You read that right.  Hollywood, which looked the other way during decades of rampant sexual harassment, has donned angel wings to form a task force to fight sexual harassment.

A staged act already headed for the Oscars:

“Some of Hollywood’s most powerful executives are funding a new commission to fight sexual harassment. They’ve appointed a well-known figure to run the commission: Anita Hill. (CBS News, Dec. 16, 2017)

“Some of the biggest influencers in the entertainment industry are joining forces to combat sexual misconduct in Hollywood by forming “the commission on sexual harassment and advancing equality in the workplace.”

“This was the big unveiling,” said Matt Belloni, the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter. He said the commission grew from a meeting called by “Star Wars” producer Kathleen Kennedy.

“Kathleen Kennedy is a major figure within the Walt Disney Company and I think that was the key to getting some of these big CEOs on board,” Belloni said. 

“The long list of supporters includes top executives at Paramount, CBS, Disney, Netflix and Amazon as well as the leaders of high-powered talent agencies. And it will be chaired by Anita Hill.

“I never believed 1991 was the end,” Hill said. ”

Neither did the rest of us, Ms. Hill.

“Hill became a national figure when she accused then-Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment. She recently spoke in Beverly Hills at an event supporting the #MeToo movement.” (CBS)

The #MeToo Movement must have been lying in wait for almost 30 years:

“Everybody who has participated in this movement and will somehow step up and make it how we should have been it 26 years ago,” Hill said. (Hollywood Reporter)

In the power-play known as modern-day politics, Democrat lechers are falling like bowling pins,  but the former vice president not so fondly-known as “Bite Me” has managed to get himself ahead of the curve:

Joe Biden on Anita Hill: “I owe her an apology” (CBS News Dec. 14, 2107)

“Former Vice President Joe Biden is expressing regret over how he handled the 1991 hearing in which Anita Hill shared stories about alleged sexual harassment from her former boss Clarence Thomas who the Senate was preparing to confirm as a justice on the Supreme Court.

“I believed Anita Hill. I voted against Clarence Thomas. And I insisted the next election — I campaigned for two women Senators on the condition that if they won they would come on the Judiciary Committee, so there would never be again all men making a judgement (sic)  on this,” Biden said in an interview published Wednesday by Teen Vogue.”


Continued below...

Bite Me’s on safe ground here too as Hillary Clinton is guest editor of the anal sex-advocating Teen Vogue for the month of December. (CFP, Nov. 19, 2017)

“Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time of the hearings. Thomas was confirmed in a 52-48 vote. Hill alleged that Thomas had sexually harassed her when she worked in his office.  (CBS News)

“And my one regret is that I wasn’t able to tone down the attacks on her by some of my Republican friends. I mean, they really went after her. As much as I tried to intervene, I did not have the power to gavel them out of order. I tried to be like a judge and only allow a question that would be relevant to ask,” he added.”

Sure, Joe.

“The commission’s formation, follows a cascade of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood that began with accusations from dozens of women, against movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein. (CBS News)

“This is by far the most aggressive step we’ve seen,” Belloni said. “This is the one that they’re going to put forth as a code of conduct for the industry to help combat this issue ... The accountability question is the key question here because it’s all talk until there are consequences for this behavior,” Belloni said.

“Members of the new commission told CBS News they aren’t doing interviews yet. But they plan to reconvene early next year and say more announcements will be coming.”


Meanwhile over in movie land, come films dug up from the mouldering bone yard of the past:

“Director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks compared the current presidential administration to that of President Nixon’s at the premiere for their new movie “The Post” on Thursday night. (The Hill, Dec. 15, 2017)

“Both men said at the event for the movie, which details The Washington Post’s publication of the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s, that attacks on the free press from the White House at the time are similar to assaults on the media now, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s a lot of excitement when you talk about stolen papers and government secrets and an administration attacking the press to stop the truth from being told,” Spielberg said.

“That all happened in 1971, but it’s kind of kind of evocative of things that are also part of the current landscape. And so we thought that was a story that couldn’t wait to be told,” he said.

“Hanks, who plays Post editor Ben Bradlee in the film, also told the Reporter that the Nixon administration had launched “a full-frontal assault on the First Amendment by literally trying to stop the press from publishing.”

“You can’t do that and still have the United States of America,” Hanks said. “I think the current administration and their like-minded allies are waging a guerrilla war on the First Amendment.”

“Spielberg’s and Hanks’s comments come as President Trump repeatedly attacks the media for its coverage of his administration.

“He once again attacked the press earlier this month after recent errors in reports about former and current Trump officials.”

Welcome to the New Year of 2018 when up is down and wrong is right.  Hollywood are the good guys, civil society the bad. 

And paramount to everything else, President Trump’s the Monster that’s just gotta’ be Hillary Clinton-ordered IMPEACHED!

The new singalong is now: ‘POO-RAY for Hollywood!’

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