Politicians, not all, but far too many of them, do not care a fig about sexual harassed victims, they only care about politicizing sexual harassment charges to take down Donald Trump.

Time to stop paying millions for politicians giving in to their baser instincts

By —— Bio and Archives--November 19, 2017

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Time to stop paying millions for politicians giving in to their baser instincts
It’s not the chant: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!” that is foremost in the minds of the progressive-left.  That’s just the one they send snowflake screechers out to grab public attention when screaming helplessly at the night sky.

The never-ending mantra of the progressive-left is: “Hey, Hey!”, “Ho,” Ho!” Donald Trump has got to go!”

That’s the chant that’s their driving force, the one they mindlessly repeat to themselves as they go about their shady business;  the chant they plan to scream without end after they’ve managed to bring the Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore sexual harassment charges back onto President Donald Trump, the last one before the “IMPEACH HIM!” finale,  which has been their intention all along.

• Congressmen exposing their genitals on the House floor—getting to go unnamed
• WaPo Replaces ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ To Take Out Trump
• The News Can Kill You and is doing it to Targeted Enemies Every Day

They’re likely out hunting for Trump sexual harassment victims right now,  grooming them down to a ’T’ before parading them out for introduction by a waiting and pre-prepped mainstream media.

Now that so many eyes and ears have been focused on the over-played Russia-Gate, the progs are ready to roll out Donald Trump Sex-Gate.

And there won’t be any possibly forged high school yearbooks to get in the way of the lynch mob this time.  They’ve had a whole year to come up with what they believe is an airtight and foolproof ‘Dump Trump Strategy’. 

In other words they’re convinced they now have the goods to overturn the results of Election 2016.

Meanwhile they’ll keep the machinations of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel with no evidence of which to speak and keep it running like a television serial to entertain the masses.

Then then there’s the comedy of Mitch McConnell’s calling for an Ethics Committee investigation: Still throwing spears at Roy Moore, McConnell now tells a Senator Al Franken watching world: 

“As with all credible allegations of sexual harassment –” this is clearly credible. There’s a photo. “I believe the Ethics Committee should review the matter. I hope the Democratic leader will join me on this. Regardless of party, harassment and assault are completely unacceptable — in the workplace or anywhere else.”

And the downright laughable offer from Al Frankenstein himself:

“…Franken has called for an ethics investigation . . . against himself. Yes, seriously. “I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate,” Franken stated.

“Of course.” (Ben Shapiro, Nov. 16, 2017)

‘Credible’ allegations of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill have already cost American taxpayers some $17 million over the last 10 to 15 years, and according to three Democrat reps,  senators have been openly exposing themselves right on the House floor.

Where were self-professed Champions of Women former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when all this was going on?

Any pleas from either party for sexual harassing politicians to be called out?

No, not a single one!

We don’t know what Obama has been up to since Franken was outed.

Continued below...

We do know what Hillary Clinton will be doing for the month of December: “In December the two-time Democrat failure for president will serve as the guest editor for Teen Vogue, the magazine/website best known for encouraging children to have anal sex. (ProjectRepublicToday, Nov. 16, 2017 )

“Even though Teen Vogue’s parent company Condé Naste will soon cease publishing a physical copy of Teen Vogue, the trash mag can still be found online.”

Paying out $15 million to settle sexual harassment charges is an outrage; sending elected public officials for mandatory rather than voluntary sexual harassment training, a joke.

Politicians who give in to their baser instincts are costing big money, but remain unnamed and therefore unidentified to continue their sexually predatory behavior. 

Politicians, not all, but far too many of them, do not care a fig about sexual harassed victims, they only care about politicizing sexual harassment charges to take down Donald Trump.

Stop paying for their sexual crimes.  Throw them overboard with Senator Al Franken.

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