“The Right has all the guns, and the Left can't figure out which bathroom to use?”

Obama’s Skittish 2nd American Revolution Kick-Off

By —— Bio and Archives--August 3, 2018

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Obama’s Skittish 2nd American Revolution Kick-Off
For all of those concerned that the 2nd American Revolution is about to break out at tomorrow’s Patriot Prayer/Antifa/ rally in Portland, Oregon:

Don’t worry.  Revolution won’t break out in Oregon because ‘Resistance’ Leader Barack Hussein Obama is not ready to step out of the closet—yet.


Circumstances have to be perfect before Obama ventures out from the creature comforts of his down-the-street-from-the-White House $8-million mansion to lead the coming Revolution.

At the moment,  Citizen Obama’s too busy lunching with his ex-vice president Joe (Bite Me) Biden and trying to promote the ridiculous theory that garden variety-type Democrats are fighting off the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Democrat Socialists of America, his latest painstaking political hoax.

So when will Obama come out of hiding to claim his coveted laurel crown as ‘Best Revolution Guy’ in the World?

As soon as Obama can be presented as the solution to the problem he created: the problem he created being his dividing of America, unmercifully along racial and cultural lines.

How do we know that?

Because history fully documents that is how ALL Socialists fomenting for Revolution ALWAYS do it.  When revolutions peak to the full anarchy stage, their leaders (creators) always step in to fill the vacuums their activism made.

That does not mean that tomorrow’s street theatre in Portland, Oregon won’t end in the horror of unnecessary violence.

Not for the elitist Obamas of this world the fisticuffs,  bloody noses and knocked into unconsciousness violence on the rise at these gatherings.

That kind of violence is held in reserve for the riff-raff that get out and do the work their leaders expect from them.

The Washington Post is predicting that tomorrow’s Portland gathering will be a repeat of the June 30 riot as far-right marchers and antifa face off.

“This weekend, Portland is bracing for round two. (Joey) Gibson, who is running as a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat from Washington, is planning to hold a “Freedom March” on Saturday at the city’s waterfront, the Portland Mercury reported. (Washington Post, Aug. 3, 2018)

“It’s shaping up to be a possible tinderbox. Fringe-right media outlets like Alex Jones’s Infowars have promoted the event, and Gibson has reportedly promised that followers from across the country will attend, including members of the Proud Boys, a self-described “western chauvinist” group known for their distinct Fred Perry polo shirts.

Guess Post scribes couldn’t be as specific in their descriptions of antifa, who get to hide behind face masks.

“We’ll have people locally showing up from Vancouver, Portland, Hillsboro, California. We have people flying in from Texas and the East Coast,” he told Oregon Public Broadcasting. Some of those attendees will also reportedly be armed, prompting the Southern Poverty Law Center to wonder if this weekend could be “Another Charlottesville” (Washington Post)


If tomorrow’s mob brings on “Another Charlottesville” it will only be because that’s what the mobs really wanted

Here it comes at last:

“In response, local leftist and antifa groups are prepping counterprotests. Once again, Portland could again be the scene of a clash — another illustration of the partisan tears in the current American social fabric.” (Washington Post)

“On June 30, as a faceoff between opposite ends of the political spectrum exploded into a street fight, Portland, Ore., law enforcement jumped into action. The march, organized by Patriot Prayer, a far-right outfit with a history of sparking conflict, was met by anti-fascist — antifa — and other counterprotesters. As the clash escalated, the event was declared a riot. Officers in body armor tried to unknot the scuffles. Four people left the scene in ambulances, the Portland Police later said in a statement. Four others left in handcuffs.

“But for the march’s organizers, the melee was arguably a success.”

If tomorrow’s mob brings on “Another Charlottesville” it will only be because that’s what the mobs really wanted.

These loons must keep hearing the strains of the Beatle’s ‘Revolution’ as they spin big dreams of Anarchy in their heads.

But most know that it takes more than two sparring groups to kick off America’s 2nd Revolution.


Like the June 30 one, the one tomorrow and all those that will likely take place between now and Midterms, it’s important to note that a majority of citizens with better things to do continue to sit them out.

Without them, media hype notwithstanding ,you only have Citizen Obama, the mobs and deranged Democrats trying to make a desperate comeback from the oblivion where Hillary Clinton left them back in November of 2016.

Reminds me of my friend Sarge’s take on when the Revolution will come:

“Having 7 years of 35-year shelf life, Water purifiers ( I can purify 5000 gallons of water ), HAM Radios etc., I don’t know what these Commies are thinking.

“The American Political Right has all the guns, and permits to carry them. 

“A small loony band of  Commies is going to start a civil war with 90% of the rest of the population?”

And the best line of them all: “The Right has all the guns, and the Left can’t figure out which bathroom to use?”


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