It’s well past time that the masses started taking the prog-left at their word!

Peter Fonda Visible Proof Of What Obama’s Resistance Movement Is Really Up To

By —— Bio and Archives--June 22, 2018

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Without Laws There is no Order. Without Order there is no Civility. Without Civility all that's Left is Evil

In a dotage most discernible to all, Peter Henry Fonda’s name has been left in the mud; his 49-year-old ‘Easy Rider’ days image too far behind in the rearview mirror to matter anymore.

In real life, at age 78, Fonda is the young hippie biker who became the old hippie with a much different decrepit set of wheels.

Peter Henry Fonda, (the name with which he signed his threatening Tweet saying Americans upset with the White House’s separation of illegal-immigrant families should “rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles,”  went directly into hiding after his so-called ‘apology’ to the Trump family.

In his Hollywood-style apology, Fonda said he was sorry for tweeting “something highly inappropriate and vulgar” about the president and his family:

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Try brutal and downright deadly!

“I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family.”

“Highly inappropriate (the prog-left’s favourite adjective) and vulgar”?

Try brutal and downright deadly!

It was the kind of ‘apology’ tried on for size by all anti-Trump haters, one that went all the way down to the gooey muck at the very bottom of the swamp that lives to take down America.

All but lost in the on running drama, that is now real life minus the silver screen, is that the has-been actor also called for addresses of ICE agents to be hacked and released, declaring “we should find out what schools their children go to and surround them”, adding “We need to scare the f*** out of (border agents)!  “Need to make their children worry now”.

Who is Peter Fonda to make the innocent children of border agents “WORRY”?

A member of Barack Hussein Obama’s Resistance Movement.  That’s who!

“And in addition for urging people to kidnap and abuse Barron Trump, the 78-year-old had called for 90 million people to take to the streets in protest at the government’s decision to criminally prosecute illegal immigrants who jump the border.” (Daily Mail, June 20, 2018)

But in the end, and without ever meaning to, Peter Fonda did us all a favor, by showing walking proof where the corrosive and despicable hatred of the prog-left is headed.

From depraved, to deranged, to determinedly deadly

From depraved, to deranged, to determinedly deadly, they’ve gone to the same place Fonda’s apology went, hiding comfortably there and waiting it out for their next opportunity.

This is the game plan of the prog-left who refuse to believe that Donald Trump’s president and not Hillary Clinton:  90 million people to take to the streets in protest at what they thought the government’s decision to criminally prosecute illegal immigrants who jump the border would be.  That’s what the Obama Resistance had the 78-year-old actor calling for—with NO apologies.

Then maybe—just maybe—one of the whackos urged out onto the streets by the prog-left stoking of mindless hatred will finally do for them what they have always wanted done, anarchy and the possible killing of citizens that come with street anarchy.

The Daily Mail subhead describing what Fonda’s staff said during their boss’s post-apology hiding: “HE’S NOT HERE!’ could be swiftly changed after the 90-million march to “HE’S NOT THERE!’ protecting from blame all Obama Resistance activists when the worst comes to pass.

For average citizens exposed to this kind of risk, “Staying informed” is now the best weapon of defense.

Squeeze past Facebook, Twitter and all social media by talking it up.

Start talking it up with your family, friends and neighbors letting them know what is being planned.

Start protecting your family members with Situational Awareness discussions today.

It’s well past time that the masses started taking the prog-left at their word!

God keep all children and America’s hardest-working President safe.


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