The very idea of a pope addressing the United Nations where Gaia and not Christianity is the religion of favour is enough to send shudders down the back bones of people of faith

Pope Francis seeks Obama while the Christian World Seeks the Lord

By —— Bio and Archives--September 8, 2015

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Seemingly completely unaware that it doesn’t work that way, Catholic bishops are doing their best to get parishioners to install a lib-left government in the October 19, Canadian federal election, through the Sunday pulpit.

Churches in Canada are heading into their third in a 4-week Election Guide message replacing the Gospel of Jesus Christ this Sunday.


Bishops and priests who believe that parishioners will vote Lib-left just because “Father told me to” are not just gamboling lamb-like out in left field, but are, in every sense of the phrase,  “over the hill”.

Saving souls has tumbled all the way down hill to advice in how to mark the election ballot.

The Bishops’ advice, which comes complete with a take-home, social justice-pushing   Development and Peace brochure, is centered around a “Just Society” theme. But subliminal works much better on Reality TV than it does in church.  Just like those little boys who return home from farmer’s fields, pockets bulging with stolen apples, the bishops carry tell-tale evidence with them.

It should come as no surprise that The ‘Just Society’s’ chosen candidate is Liberal Leader JUSTin Trudeau.

Earth to politicking Bishops: parishioners, just like bishops and priests, don’t always tell other folk what they’re really up to.

Parishioners, who are alone when they’re in the election booth, will vote for whomever they think will best serve their country.

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Can it truly be over the bishops’ and priests’ heads heads that not everybody is going to believe in man-made global warming/climate change just because Pope Francis does?

It’s downright disturbing that just like some children believe in Santa Claus, Pope Francis believes in Obama.

Millions, Catholics and non-Catholics believe more in the spirit of Christmas than they do in the Marxist miasma being spread by Obama and the United Nations.

Is the Vatican really blissfully unaware that the pope is becoming more politically correct every day; that his open support of global warming has already been interpreted as ‘Vote Liberal’ in Canada?

The latest PC move sees Francis advising Catholics to provide shelter for the refugees fleeing Syria, with no warning that in doing so they might be inviting danger into their homes.

It turns out that what the mainstream media describes as ‘refugees’ are jihadists determined to expand their caliphate by overwhelming borders.

In any case, the Almighty would certainly disapprove of the pontiff’s boast of taking two immigrant families into the tiny part of the Vatican he shares.  God does not wish for any doer of charitable works to advertise them, but to keep them between themselves and Him.

People are uneasy about the pope’s upcoming visit to America, and through New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan we hear the pontiff himself admits he’s a tad nervous about it.:

“He’s a little nervous about coming,” Cardinal Dolan said at an interfaith event in New York in May. “Not that he lacks any confidence in the reception of friendship that he knows he’ll get, but he readily admits he has never been to the United States.” (New York Times, Sept. 5, 2015)

“Those who have known Francis, both before and after he became pope, say the reasons for his absence have everything to do with his distinctive identity. He is a Latin American critical of the United States’ economic and political hegemony, a Jesuit of Italian ancestry who looks more to Europe than to North America, a Spanish speaker who is not all that comfortable speaking English, and a pastor who disdains “airport bishops” — his term for prelates who spend more time jetting around the globe than serving in their dioceses.

“He is not opposed to all America represents. But he is troubled by privileged people and nations that consume more than their share and turn their backs on the vulnerable. The message he will probably deliver when he comes, they say, is that the United States has been blessed with great gifts, but that from those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

The Pope’s not “opposed to all America represents”, but Obama to whom the pope is coming to pay homage, is.

If the pontiff is “a little nervous about coming” to America, perhaps he should listen to his inner voice and stay home.

Americans, and westerners in general, need a break from the bitter criticism of all its detractors, including that of the anti-American president.

No good ever came out of Obama.  No good comes from the overbearing United Nations.

Humanity will not buy into exaggerated man-made global warming alarmism just because it is being espoused by a visiting pope.

The very idea of a pope addressing the United Nations where Gaia and not Christianity is the religion of favour is enough to send shudders down the back bones of people of faith.

From the lips of people of faith to the Almighty: Please keep Francis in Rome where prayers for persecuted Christians worldwide are so sorely needed, rather than coming to the stage to boost Obama and the U.N. before a watching helpless world.

That way,  a truth no one wants to hear will never come to pass:  Pope Francis seeks Obama while the Christian world seeks the Lord.


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