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• Stop the public dog park and all other misuse of Veterans VA land
• Establish humanitarian emergency "Sanctuary Tent City" to protect our war-injured homeless Veterans
• Same way your boss protects illegal aliens, refugees

Stop Public Dog Park on VA Land

By —— Bio and Archives--November 10, 2017

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Stop Public Dog Park on VA Land
Janet Turner
Field Deputy for U.S. Representative Ted Lieu
California’s 33rd Congressional District
Los Angeles Office

Re: Opposition to the Illegal dog park on Veterans VA land

Ms. Turner:

It’s been brought to my attention by several people who attended last night’s Brentwood Community Council meeting where you spoke and announced today is supposedly the last day to register either support or opposition regarding the City of Los Angeles’s free public dog park, free public recreation center and free public parking lot on Veterans VA land.

And why shouldn’t it be free to the public because the City of LA has never paid any rent whatsoever over more than two decades while war-injured and destitute Veterans are forced to live homeless and hungry at skid row and in back-alley squalor?

Los Angeles remains our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans in spite of the VA / ACLU promising to end it by December 31, 2015.  Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles increased 57% over 2016 and your boss remains “silent” about that.

This whole land-fraud scam is manipulated by your office through the neighboring communities of which the vast majority are not Veterans, as they are obviously in support of this illegal and immoral use because it benefits their personal interests first and foremost. It was reported that last night you offered no way for attendees to contact your office—only those “in the know”—know who to contact and everyone knows this is already a “done deal” dog park.

How do homeless Veterans get a chance to voice their opposition to the dog park, etc.?

If it wasn’t for the Old Veterans Guard, they would have no voice whatsoever.

This letter is to go on official record—again and again—that the Old Veterans Guard, on behalf of thousands upon thousands of war-injured homeless Veterans in Los Angeles, is adamantly opposed to the illegal and immoral misuse of this land that was deeded exclusively to house and care for war-injured and impoverished U.S. Military Veterans.

It is our understanding that these 12 acres, estimated to be worth as much as a half-billion dollars, will continue to be illegally used by the City of LA—“rent free”—in exchange for an insulting $100,000 “Veterans Memorial” that consists of nothing more than two large rock piles, five cheap plaques supposedly representing the five Branches of our Armed Forces and a nondescript flagpole, presumably to display a “placard” because that is what the Los Angeles VA bureaucrats call the American Flag and your boss refuses to defend otherwise.

Please note that “memorials” are for the dead. We already have the National Veterans Cemetery and construction has begun on a Columbarium.

There’s an old saying, “We honor our dead Veterans by taking care of our living Veterans.”

Attached is a so-called license agreement between the VA and City of Los Angeles for the public dog park, etc., which is contrary to the Congressional Act of 1887 and Legal Deed of 1888.  Also attached is a letter between Vince Kane—former VA Secretary McDonald’s—“homeless czar”—and the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation General Manager.

Why was the VA’s “homeless czar” negotiating VA property away for free public use instead of evicting the City of Los Angeles and constructing a humanitarian emergency-crisis “Tent City” on this land and make the free public parking lot available to homeless Veterans living in their cars, campers and RVs?

It is shameful beyond comparison or comprehension how your boss, who boasts constantly about wearing our Nation’s Uniform, can support the illegal use of this land, instead of demanding immediate construction of emergency housing and care for our Veterans in need. Oh, I forgot, homeless Veterans don’t know where to register to vote (they have no home address) and the only people Ted Lieu cares about are his wealthy and powerful non-Veteran constituents that donate heavily into his misguided political campaign.

In sum, stop the public dog park and all other misuse of Veterans VA land and immediately establish a humanitarian emergency-crisis “Sanctuary Tent City” to protect our war-injured homeless Veterans the same way your boss protects illegal aliens and foreign refugees.

Robert L. Rosebrock
Director, Old Veterans Guard

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Continued below...

Parking Lot Operator Accused of Defrauding VA Out of $11 Million

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A Westside businessman was arrested Wednesday on charges of bilking the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs out of more than $11 million, authorities said.

Prosecutors say Richard Scott, 58, the owner of Westside Services LLC (WSS), was arrested without incident this morning at his home in Santa Monica.—More…

When will the VA ever learn how badly they’ve been ripped off at the expense of the multitude of war-injured and impoverished Veterans who belong on this land, not the numerous non-Veteran entities?

Now the VA is in the process of giving away 12 acres of Veterans land for a public dog park, recreation center and parking lot, “rent free”, which has been a no-payment deal for more than two decades.

What happened with the parking lot scam is chump change when you add up all the outsiders who have paid pennies on the multi-million-dollars of market value of this sacred land. 

There’s a lot more criminal activity regarding the biggest land-fraud swindle in American history that will be exposed soon ... endless corruption at the Los Angeles VA.

Mr. President, come out here and clean house!

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Robert L. Rosebrock -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Rosebrock is a U.S. Army Veteran, Vietnam War-era, HQ USARHAW, Schofield Barracks. He is Director of the Veterans Revolution and the Old Veterans Guard.

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