The problems we are heading into now won't be solved politically. But the president we have may be our last touch with grace and peace. Truly when little Johnny finally comes into his own, all hell is going to break loose

The Attack Of Rotten, Vicious Children In Grownup Bodies

By —— Bio and Archives--August 28, 2017

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Nearly a year ago I wrote the following narrative that first appeared in Canada Free Press. It works too well with this article not to use it again. Since I wrote this, I’m proud to say I have seen and heard this little vignette referred to by some brainy people I admire in both literary and audiovisual pieces they have done. It is one of a million singular experiences I have been blessed with. I’m glad it has been used by others in spotlighting the development of the Frankenstein that is currently bringing America to its knees.

‘Years ago in a Wal-Mart, I was walking past the toy department. A screaming four year-old was demanding that his mom buy him the little car set he had opened and scattered all over the floor. After the young mother had several times declined and asked him to come along with her, the boy threw one of the toys at her, leaving a cut on her forehead.

The rattled mom stood there and began slowly counting as some parents do before administering discipline. After she got to ‘five’, the kid stomped his foot and threw another car nearly hitting another shopper. The boy’s face was purple now. Mom started over with ‘one,’ and began counting again. A crowd had gathered, and a manager was looking at the mess in disbelief. The mother smiled at the boy, held out her hand and again pleaded with him to come with her. And what happened next is one reason why my wife never takes me anywhere with her.

In my deepest, sweetest, most articulate voice (from my belly, so It can be heard in the back of any auditorium) I said, “Isn’t he PRECIOUS?!” With that, the mom became furious (at me) and took her bratty kid by the wrist and dragged him toward the main aisle. While he was kicking and flailing his feet and fists she managed to stick him in her shopping cart and roll toward the front of the store. The crowd dissipated. The manager quietly began cleaning up the damage.’

And that was a defining moment capturing a young, 21st century ‘snowflake’ (I will call him ‘Johnny’) in the making. I have no doubt that Johnny was chauffeured home that day, plopped back in front of a tv set, and endlessly catered to on into adulthood - from one whining fit after another screaming tantrum. And that monster and his parents, dear reader, are much of the reason why our nation was made to suffer through eight years of Obama and then only barely missed the bullet of a Clinton administration (or worse) which is still looming in the ‘shadows’.

Now multiply the little (but all ‘grown up’) Johnny darling by several millions, both male and female, and you have a rough schematic of what our president, Donald J Trump, must face daily in order to run this nation. Currently, by the grace of God, it is obvious that there are still enough voting age, sane Americans to effectively stave off the full-bodied madness of those monsters from doing a complete takeover. But, and this cannot be over emphasized, OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

The decidedly liberal television/cinematic/internet empires and their politicians who all rely upon these dialed-in automatons for their customer/voting base and brute force are now launching an all-out assault to finish what they have started. I have spent many articles up to this point carefully spelling out the progression of all the nonsense that has brought us to our present calamities. Those articles are archived and will hopefully always be available to anybody who wants to catch up. But here’s what’s going on right now. And it is all stuff that we should be vigilant to deal with ... NOW,

At the heart of the target that the left and a very real devil are after, our American Constitution and our faith in God are the bull’s-eye/center. In a free society, an informed Christian conservative right presents a real problem to both the liberal media machine as well as to a manipulating devil who knows his time is short. When the Constitution of our limping America has been compromised to the point that our rights have been taken from us, both aforementioned parties will have had most of their problems solved. Because then it won’t matter how informed or concerned we may be. We will no longer have the liberty to say or do anything about our new helplessness.

With all this in mind, let’s compare our president to an orchestra leader. A conductor does much more than just stand before a band of musicians and flail his arms. The quickest way to identify a really good conductor is to hear the music he gets from his orchestra. Currently President Trump, a proven genius at the baton, is producing some really beautiful music even from an orchestra and audience interspersed with senseless and chaotic rebellion. In just a little over a half year our conductor has brought record highs from a formerly crippled stock market. He is beginning to make consumers feel safer in spending their money. And he is regaining the respect of the onlooking nations, many of which hate us, silently watching his progress.

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But while America is going about its business in a hostile world a lot of our enemies are gratified to see our citizenry throwing organized tantrums that would not be tolerated in their own lands. And the richly televised and judiciously edited stunts of a bunch of spoiled brats now have our adversaries salivating at the visible lapse in our watchfulness, because we are being thoroughly distracted here at home.

The stupidity of tearing down informative monuments left behind in the course of our free government’s maturation is an ongoing encouragement to those who will profit from our eventual downfall. To all the ‘Johnny rioters’, it amounts to simply another fad for which the inciting tv and news media will issue kudos of attention in exchange for their blind conformity.

Before Abbie Hoffman committed suicide, he wrote a book entitled, “Revolution For The Hell Of It!” And that is the level of integrity I see when I watch a silly grinning Michael Moore and other, C-list ‘celebrities’ chanting in the streets for the downfall/overthrow of our current conductor. Their demonstrations amount to nothing more than free publicity at the expense of our disintegrating unity. And the ‘cause’ they forward in staging their little spectacles? Nothing of any substance. Just like the prince of darkness, they are pushing lies with no substance. They aren’t selling steaks - only the mouthwatering sizzle. Donald Trump is their enemy number one because he has awakened and fortified too many people who don’t look to liberal lies for permission or direction in life. And for that, he and all who support him must be labeled as Nazis and silenced.

And the outrage I feel can’t be articulated as I watch our former, cocky president haul himself, his wife, his daughters, all his entourage, pets, barnyard animals, etc. jetting around the world criticizing our current, ELECTED President while promoting the global socialism that will ensure his future. Much of his globetrotting is on our nickel in paying for an army of Secret Service protection for all that frolicking rabble. And CBS recently, conveniently announced the lie that America can no longer afford to protect our current president (from the hatred they have helped in generating toward him). Lamestream media is not breathing a word about the astronomical cost of protecting our first/worst black president on his joyrides. Instead, of course, they will concentrate on the cost of the protection required to keep millions of their own viciously obedient Johnnies at a safe distance from President Trump.

Right now a stranglehold is being fitted for the necks of what is left of free America. Here are a couple of examples. The instances are, however, increasing and innumerable ...

As of a couple of months ago Facebook notified me that I could no longer access my page because they had discovered ‘malware’ on my computer. And they went on to notify me that, before I could participate any further in their globe-consuming ‘community’, I had to allow them to search my machine for threatening viruses.* I had already noticed their mysteriously “disappearing” articles that I had posted containing nothing more ‘offensive’ than opinions that are not currently politically correct. Especially given that experience, needless to say, I will never submit to such a compromising ‘search’.

A close friend, on the other hand, who regularly uses the very same computer (but who doesn’t author Christian or conservative articles that reach around the world), is free to enjoy her membership with no restrictions. How could that be? And such phenomena are ostensibly just as dishonest as when the big-mouthed liberal media tells us that President Trump’s polls are all at record lows. But, yet, lo and behold, his crowds at rallies all around the United States are packed and standing room only. They greet him like a rock star! And, on that same Facebook, whenever an anti-Trump meme, video or live feed is up and running it garners fifty indignant responses for every one that is supportive. Weird.

We have the problems we have right now because, effectively, either (a.) no one is aware of the problems, or (b.) those who are aware don’t understand what’s happening or don’t care, or (c.) a very powerful liberal left is lying to everyone - through all the media they control. Me, with just my eyes open, I’ll readily choose b. and c. And seeing that reality scares me…

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Little Johnny is old enough now to put together sentences - and scream them through a bullhorn - that sound just as powerful as the make-believe movies, programs and newscasts he grew up in front of. And, now that Johnny is no longer little, he can wield a ball bat and shoot a gun. Instead of just throwing a toy. In fact, he can throw lethal rocks and firebombs. And now that he isn’t restrained by his spineless mother, he can go where he wants, and find unlimited power and anonymity in an angry mindless mob. Of course all the mentoring, audiovideo and cyber-based incitors and the professional politicians in league with them are jubilant because of the control they have found in little Johnny and his family and friends.

I heard a man on Facebook (I have my ways) the other day ranting on about how he had been censored in criticizing Facebook’s increasingly narrowing and enforced ‘community standards’. I couldn’t believe what he said: “This is a free country! And I have a right to say or do anything I want, as long as I don’t break any laws!” And I thought to myself, “Oh that is rich! My friend, where HAVE you been?!” But he’s one of the many people, probably people like a lot of my readers - folks with brains (no brag, just fact) - who weren’t raised like, or at least didn’t wind up like, Johnny (who is no longer little and is raising little monsters of his own). We need to catch up with the fact that, in 21st century America, “freedom of the press” is sadly, increasingly only enjoyed by those who own the press. And your freedom of speech is limited - especially when you are standing on someone else’s property like a Facebook.

Our neglect in the advance of ‘liberal’ thinking and politics has accommodated power-hungry and now powerful hacks who will no longer hide behind a dying political party. ‘We’ have lain down in front of a bunch of malevolence that never has played by the rules. Little Johnny was the product of all that. He certainly didn’t yield in the toy department. He damn sure won’t yield now that he technically qualifies as an adult American. Little Johnny, in all of his present forms and factions, is becoming large and in charge. And one day even the people who believe they control him will discover he is way out of their hands. We have seen just a foretaste of his behavior in Charlottesville and towns yet to be put in the news. Lord have mercy.

A lot of people these days try to laugh off God and his Son, Jesus. Nevertheless, EVERYTHING He said regarding the world shortly before Jesus’ return and the behavior of mankind in that day is materializing around us like clockwork. One of the more interesting things (to me) He said was this ...

“In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.” (Matthew 24:22 Living Translation)

The problems we are heading into now won’t be solved politically. But the president we have may be our last touch with grace and peace. Truly when little Johnny finally comes into his own, all hell is going to break loose.

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