VA’s plan to give away Veterans land to a for-profit real estate developer “rent free” to supposedly build housing for a few Veterans sometime in the distant future

VA Trojan Horse Settlement: West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016

By —— Bio and Archives--July 12, 2018

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VA Trojan Horse Settlement: West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016
Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans

Yesterday, I attended a meeting at Patriotic Hall (an oxymoron) in downtown Los Angeles.  It was to inform the public about the VA’s plan to give away Veterans land to a for-profit real estate developer “rent free” to supposedly build housing for a few Veterans sometime in the distant future.

There was “free parking” for the VA bureaucrats, some who flew in from D.C. to give VA land away, along with wealthy developers who were there to finagle how they could heist this land “free of charge” for 75 years.  To hold such a meeting in “Patriotic Hall” is un-American and an insult beyond description.


Keeping true to their agenda of who is important and who is not, Veterans like myself were told to find “metered street parking” and pay for our own parking.

This is a clear metaphor of the VA’s history of forcing war-injured homeless Veterans to “the street” and provide for themselves, while their sacred land inside the VA is illegally occupied by wealthy and powerful non-Veteran entities.

Yesterday’s meeting was the confirmation of a prophecy made by the Old Veterans Guard (OVG) on January 28, 2015, the same day the VA announced their so-called “settlement agreement.”

Without any knowledge whatsoever about the content of the VA’s to-be-released-that-same-day “settlement agreement,” we announced the Truth in the attached e-mail under the Subject title “VA Trojan Horse Settlement,” which was sent to a wide list, including those who secretly orchestrated the “settlement agreement” behind closed doors. All recipients were bcc’d.

Also attached is the OVG’s “National Veterans Home Accord” that accompanied the Trojan Horse email.

Additionally, an attached copy of the 2015 “Principles for a Partnership and Framework for Settlement By and Between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Representatives of the Plaintiffs - Valentini v. McDonald”

Here are the first two sentences of our Trojan Horse email warning:

Do not be deceived by a U.S. federal government “settlement” when it involves Native American Indians or Military Veterans. Beware of a “Trojan Horse” settlement where the VA will offer a master plan that looks great in appearance but will infiltrate and take over with more of the same illegal use under a different name.

As predicted, the VA has infiltrated our exclusively deeded Veterans land with a “Trojan Horse” that took over with more of the same illegal use under a different name.

How did this happen?

Quite simply, they replaced the sacrosanct Deed of 1888 with a deceptive “West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016” co-authored by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and U.S. Representative Ted Lieu.

This counterfeit Act fraudulently allows for “Enhanced Use Leases” as a deceptive means to lease VA property to non-Veteran entities, yet nowhere in the entire settlement agreement is there any mention of Enhanced Use Leases – none whatsoever!

However, what is mentioned first and foremost in the settlement agreement is the VA’s #1 Objective and promise … “to end veteran homelessness in Greater LA in 2015 and beyond.”

We’re halfway through 2018 and Los Angeles is still our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans, yet yesterday, at no time was there any mention of honoring and fulfilling the 2015 settlement agreement’s #1 Objective and promise.  Absolutely no mention that Los Angeles is in a “state of emergency” for homeless Veterans and they were going to erect a “tent city” or other means to provide immediate temporary shelter at the largest VA property in the nation in our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.

Instead, vast amounts of money is being spent on six-figure VA bureaucrats to figure how to give this land away to real estate developers “rent free” for 75 years.  Each and every person who approves and participates in this “free rent” land giveaway while Veterans are dying in the most inhumane conditions imaginable, has blood on their hands. 

Interesting enough, in the settlement agreement there is mention of an “exit strategy” to resolve the nine VA real estate deals that were adjudicated in federal court to be “unauthorized by law and therefore void.”

And to no one’s surprise, most of the illegal occupiers are still “inside” the VA with fraudulent and manipulated Enhanced Use Leases while war-injured and impoverished homeless Veterans are living on the sidewalk directly “outside” the VA.

So why, three and a half years ago, would the OVG forewarn not to be deceived by a U.S. federal government “settlement” when it involves Native American Indians or Military Veterans?

Consider Chief Red Cloud (1858 – 1928) who declared this about the U.S. federal government: “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one. They promised to take our land, and they took it.”

Indeed, yesterday’s U.S. federal government meeting confirmed the free takeaway of U.S. Military Veterans land and given free to non-Veteran occupiers, which is no different than the promises made to Native American Indians.

Ours promise by the U.S. federal government is a proven Trojan Horse to deceive and defraud Veterans while continuing to benefit the wealthy and special interest groups by warehousing war-injured and impoverished Veterans with HUD-VASH welfare rent in slum neighborhoods far away from the VA property that was exclusively deeded in their behalf. 

Now, compare this by Chief Spotted Tail (1823-1881) Brule Tribe of the Sioux Nation: “When I was here before, the President gave me my country, and I put my stake down in a good place, and there I want to stay. You speak of another country, but it is not my country; it does not concern me, and I want nothing to do with it. I was not born there. If it is such a good country, you ought to send the white men now in our country there and let us alone.”

The same can be said about Veterans land that was exclusively deeded in their behalf more than 130 years ago but now occupied by the wealthy and powerful non-Veterans while the VA is sending our war-injured homeless Veterans far away from the Los Angeles National Veterans Home.

If it’s so good elsewhere, why aren’t the wealthy and powerful living there?

For the record, President Trump did not give U.S. Military Veterans our land, nor did his Administration enter into a bogus settlement agreement that would take it away.

However, it is now his responsibility to stop the biggest land-fraud scandal in American history and to build a completely new and modern National Veterans Home.

On behalf of all U.S. Military Veterans, this is a demand notice for President Trump to cancel the “2015 settlement agreement,” to direct Congress to repeal and replace the “West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016” with the attached “National Veterans Home Accord.”

Lastly, President Trump recently announced his nomination for a lifetime Judge on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Currently there are no Veterans on the Supreme Court nor were any of his nominees listed as Veterans.

Veterans are a minority group representing less than eight percent of our U.S. population and dwindling, yet they individually pledge their lives to defend the U.S. Constitution, so shouldn’t they be trusted to enforce our U.S. Constitution with the same loyalty they did in physically defending It?

On behalf of all U.S. Military Veterans who have served to defend our nation since its Founding, this is a demand notice that the next United States Supreme Court Justice must be a United States Military Veteran.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


Trojan Horse Settlement (pdf)

Veterans Home Accord 2015 (PDF)

Settlement Signed Principles for Partnership (PDF)


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Rosebrock is a U.S. Army Veteran, Vietnam War-era, HQ USARHAW, Schofield Barracks. He is Director of the Veterans Revolution and the Old Veterans Guard.

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