It is about time that our political leaders stop being so politically correct. And instead demand independent investigations and/or initiate independent investigations so we get real answers to this troubling terrorist event and to these questions.

Was The Danforth Shooter a Member of a Toronto-based Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell?

By —— Bio and Archives--August 1, 2018

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Was The Danforth Shooter a Member of a Toronto-based Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell?
There is clear evidence that Muslim Faisal Hussain, ( aged 29) who shot fifteen people on the Danforth, killing two innocent girls, Juliana Kozis (age 10) and Reese Fallon (age 18), and injured thirteen other innocent people, was neither seriously mentally ill, nor that he had acted alone.  (Also see Saturday’s 1st off-the-mark breaking story by William Kay, ‘Did We Just Dodge 9/11 2.0’?)

Seemingly within minutes of the SIU (Special Investigations Unit), identifying Hussain as the Danforth shooter, an unsigned statement was suspiciously released to various media organizations, purportedly on behalf of the family.

This statement was promoted by such mainstream media as the CBC and the Toronto Star as the truth without any apparent due diligence or investigation.


The statement explained that “our son had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life.”

We have learned that this statement was prepared not by the father, mother or close family member or friend of the Danforth shooter , as is normally the case,  but by a certain leftist New Democratic Party (NDP) Muslim organizer and activist named Mohammed Hashim, whose biography describes him as a driving force behind the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun has reported that Hashim self-identifies as a spin doctor who admits that his “work as being widely credited as framing a new narrative for Muslims in Canada.”

Well, that “new narrative” of an apparent radical Islamic terrorist being a victim of serious mental illness, blew up within a day of its release.

Sue-Ann Levy, also of the Toronto Sun, interviewed a co-worker of Hussain’s at the Leaside Loblaw’s on Redside Road. This co-worker worked with Hussain for the past four years. She confirmed that Hussain was always “bubbly” and “would go above and beyond” to help. This co-worker said Hussain never showed any signs of mental illness.

Amir Sukhera, a friend of Hussain’s for over eight years, corroborated the Loblaw’s co-worker’s view of Hussain. Sukhera remembers him as shy, reserved, but also generally happy and upbeat. According to Sukhera, Hussain never showed signs of being troubled or violent.

In addition, video evidence and eyewitness reports of Hussain on his killing spree on the Danforth show a man who is determined, focused and fully in control of all his faculties. These are not traits of a seriously mentally ill individual. Rather his expert actions, the grip of his handgun, his stance and his ability to walk and shoot calmly and accurately while reloading at least three times, amidst the chaos, indicates he was a very well trained marksman and assassin.

We have learned that within the space of a few horrifying minutes, Hussain, with his handgun, was capable of shooting and hitting 15 moving targets in discharging about three magazines of bullets ( about 20-30 shots).

Policemen on the scene and other gun enthusiasts have all concluded that your average cop with ten years of gun training could not match Hussain’s shooting ability.

We have learned from Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun, that in total Hussain discharged about 4 magazines of bullets ( about 40 – 50 bullets) and that he had another three magazines in reserve.

We have also learned that a search of Hussain’s apartment indicates that another firearm was discovered together with an extensive amount of ammunition.

CBC has suggested that Hussain obtained these illegal firearms from his brother who was known to the police as being a member of a gang and a known drug dealer. But his brother has been in a coma for over a year, so that simple explanation is questionable.

We know Hussain had little money, as he worked part-time at Loblaw’s- probably at minimum wage.

At the age of 29 he still lived with his parents in a modest apartment.

So how Hussain could afford these illegal guns and very expensive ammunition?

Also due to acute and up to date Hussain’s expert shooting skills, it can be concluded that Hussain must have had years of training as a marksman and killer, not only in Afghanistan or Pakistan, but more recently here in Toronto or outside of Toronto.

Such professional training implies he was trained by professionals. His expert skills were not self-taught.

If he was professionally trained in Toronto, then other radical Islamists were also trained.

Furthermore, since his brother has been out of the picture, it appears more reasonable that his guns, ammunition, organizational and logistical support was supplied by other individuals, i.e.  a well-organized team.

In other words, the facts clearly suggest that this highly deadly and effective mass shooting was not the work of a lone wolf. Hussain had significant help.

In other words,  it is arguable that Hussain is part of a radical Islamic cell, that apparently not only trained Hussain extensively but supplied him with weapons,  ammunition, logistics, organization and planning. And best of all, a cover story. After the fact. 

Recall not long ago,  Toronto had another home-grown radical Islamic gang of 18 which wished to blow up the Parliament buildings and kidnap then Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  This is a more plausible explanation than the ridiculously unbelievable story that Hussain was just a seriously mentally ill lone wolf.

The questions now being asked by millions of Canadians and Americans who are following this story is how extensive is this Toronto-based radical Islamic cell? And have radical Islamists and radical Islamist sympathizers infiltrated the New Democrat Party (NDP),  the Toronto police, the SIU, and especially the Toronto Star and the CBC who apparently colluded in putting out this suspect and deceptive story in the first place?

It is about time that our political leaders stop being so politically correct. And instead demand independent investigations and/or initiate independent investigations so we get real answers to this troubling terrorist event and to these questions. The overriding goal is to prevent further such Danforth shootings, or other terrorist events such as bombings, or stabbings by radical Islamic terrorists in our midst.


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