We cannot ignore a dangerous situation

By -- Mrs. Carolyn M. Brown—— Bio and Archives--April 16, 2018

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Let’s say your neighbors have a volatile relationship. Usually they fight, scream, slam doors but one day you hear him threaten to kill her or you see him punching her. At what point do you have a responsibility to take action? Most of us probably think that how they live is their business until such point as someone is physically harmed or harm is imminent. And there is always the possibility of retaliation. One or both could turn on you for interfering.  Still, we cannot ignore a dangerous situation. In fact, the shooting in Parkland is a stark reminder of the outcome of ignoring clear and present danger.

If you take those lessons further, 6000 miles to Syria. How Syria (and other Countries) run their business is exactly that-their business. Democrats at one time and Republicans don’t want us to be the policemen of the world. But, for years the world has prohibited to use of chemical weapons. They are a horrific weapon with horrific results. How can the rest of the world look the other way? Syria crossed a line. Can you justify their actions in your mind? Can you pretend that this is ok?

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.



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