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© Copyright by Chip McLean, 2014. All rights reserved.Chip McLean is the editor/publisher for Capitol Hill Outsider. He is a former broadcaster and long-time sales professional whose interest in politics began in 1964 at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the presidential campaign. In addition to his work at CHO, Chip's columns have appeared in a number of online publications.

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Democrats Are Destroying the Nation in Order to Win

Oct 2, 2018 — Chip McLean

Democrats Are Destroying the Nation in Order to Win
Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi has been famously quoted as saying, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. Some might contend that Lombardi meant winning at all costs, but that would be misunderstanding how Lombardi approached the game. For Lombardi, it meant playing fairly and by the rules to the best of one’s ability in order to achieve victory.

To the Democrats of today, winning is certainly the only thing, but playing fairly or by the rules is not their strategy. One only need witness the nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh to understand the depths of deceit, slander, and out and out lies the Democrats in the senate are willing to engage in, to know that they have declared total war on all things which contradict their agenda.

The NYT Op-Ed…Is this “insider” for real?

Sep 6, 2018 — Chip McLean

The NYT Op-Ed…Is this insider for real,
The left wing media became totally unhinged yesterday after the publication by the New York Times of an op-ed supposedly penned by a high ranking Trump Administration official…

President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader.

It’s not just that the special counsel looms large. Or that the country is bitterly divided over Mr. Trump’s leadership. Or even that his party might well lose the House to an opposition hellbent on his downfall.

Once a RINO, Always a RINO – McCain Sinks Obamacare Repeal

Jul 28, 2017 — Chip McLean

They say a leopard never changes his spots, and with that being a given, you could also say that a RINO never loses his horn…

John McCain has made a career out of cultivating an image of being a “maverick”, or at least that’s what the mainstream media likes to call him. To anyone on the right, he’s nothing more than an egotistical blowhard who loves being a thorn in the side of his own party.

Nancy-boy CNN Now Blackmailing Private Citizens Over Insults

Jul 5, 2017 — Chip McLean

So a private citizen “doctors up” a 10-year-old video of a scripted WWF event where Donald Trump takes down Vince McMahon. Instead of seeing McMahon’s face, we see a CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s face, giving us an illusion of Trump taking down CNN.

Judging from the absolute hysteria emanating from the “mainstream media” – especially CNN – you would have thought that Trump actually did “take down” one of CNN’s reporters.

“Encouraging violence against the media” has been the mantra since the video’s release.

Really. Such hyperbolic caterwauling. Where was the uproar from the MSM after all of the multiple mock “assassinations” of President Trump that have been occurring on a nearly daily basis? My gosh, even Skakespeare in the Park has been turned into acts of violence against Trump.

CNN Thinks You’re “Stupid as “Sh*t”

Jul 1, 2017 — Chip McLean

Oh, it just keeps getting better and better.

In the ongoing series of James O’Keefe/Project Veritas videos that have been exposing the extreme bias of CNN and their deliberate efforts to push fake news stories in their not-so-subtle efforts to take out President Trump, we now know that they believe that millions of everyday, working Americans are stupid…

It Starts With Rice: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

Apr 4, 2017 — Chip McLean

Now that Susan Rice has been exposed as the Obama official who authorized the unmasking of Trump transition team members, it is time to find out what other Obama officials - including Obama himself - knew about this highly unethical, and possibly illegal action by the former national security adviser.

This is the same Susan Rice who told bald faced lies for days about the Benghazi attack that killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three others. Rice kept repeating the demonstrable lie that the attack was prompted by a video.

Potty Mouthed DNC Chairman Perez Doesn’t Share American Values

Apr 3, 2017 — Chip McLean

“Republicans don’t give a s**t” about you” – DNC Chairman Tom Perez, addressing attendees at a rally

Is this what public discourse has come to?

The head of one of the two major parties uses potty mouthed language in public…and then goes on to say he doesn’t care what people think about what he said.

George Soros funding efforts to lower voting age to help Democrats

Mar 10, 2017 — Chip McLean

Evidently engaging in sedition by paying for-hire rioters doesn’t occupy enough of George Soros’ time, so he stays engaged in a whole host of globalist “let’s erase American sovereignty” activity. Now the Washington Times is reporting that Soros is funding groups who are pushing for lowering the voting age to 17.

For a very long time, voting was restricted – wisely – to those who had attained the age of 21. We also restricted voting to those who were American citizens and who weren’t taking dirt naps but Democrats and people like Soros have been finding all sorts of ways to get around those requirements as evidenced by the ever increasing voter fraud in Democrat controlled precincts…but I digress.

Alan Colmes Dies, Along With What Was Left of Political Civility

Feb 23, 2017 — Chip McLean

We are a very divided, polarized nation.

It wasn’t always that way. If you were born before perhaps 1965 or so, you probably recall a time when disagreements on politics were for the most part just that – disagreements. Public discourse was far more civilized in years gone by.

California Can’t Afford to Fix Dams, But They Want to Give Universal Healthcare to Illegal Ali

Feb 19, 2017 — Chip McLean

Only in California…

The land of Pelosi, fruits and nuts has a state debt that is spiraling out of control (over a trillion dollars), they are so short on water they have to buy much of it from neighboring states and they have a healthcare industry that is on the brink of collapse due to the ever burgeoning population of illegal aliens. (Or as Governor Moonbeam would say “undocumented workers”.)

They Never Learn: The MSM keeps discrediting themselves

Jan 15, 2017 — Chip McLean

With public opinion indicating that the mainstream press has an even lower approval rating than congress critters, why does the MSM keep shooting themselves in the foot?

The latest self-inflicted left-wing casualty is NBC owned BuzzFeed—which chose to publish the unsubstantiated and badly tainted “dossier” on Donald Trump and his “Russian connections”. Their rush to put out what the intelligence community has now referred to as “unvetted information”, has led to a worse than embarrassing moment for BuzzFeed (along with CNN, who reported the event without publishing the 35 page dossier).

The Establishment’s Fake News Russian Conspiracy

Dec 14, 2016 — Chip McLean

I would say that the establishment is having a full-blown panic attack concerning Donald Trump’s impending presidency, but that would be insulting the rationality of those who suffer panic attacks.

The MSM, the Dems and the establishment Republicans all seem to be coalescing around the latest spectacular fake news narrative—that somehow the election was stolen from Hillary because Russian “hackers” won the election for Donald Trump.

Gutless, Cowardly Mainstream Media

Nov 10, 2016 — Chip McLean

The mainstream media – that same MSM that was so in the tank for Hillary – has proven again how blatantly one-sided their “coverage” of events has been.

The same MSM that skewed the polls by oversampling Democrats are also the same ones that consistently tried to tar middle class Americans by calling them “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes”, “misogynists” and so forth.

Republicans Eating Their Own – Well, there they go again

Oct 8, 2016 — Chip McLean

The GOP has an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In a race where a Republican presidential candidate has generated more excitement than any since Ronald Reagan, the establishment GOP has from the get-go tried to sabotage that candidate.

From the usual cabal of neocon pundits (Bill Kristol, etc), to Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz delaying their endorsements of Donald Trump it would seem that the entire establishment has been doing everything they can to prevent the choice of the grass roots, middle class and independents from becoming the next president. And that’s not counting the opposition from the Democrat establishment and their minions in the mainstream press.

Media Bias is Alive and Well at the Presidential Debate

Sep 27, 2016 — Chip McLean

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has come and gone. So who won?

That’s a harder question to answer than “who lost?”

The loser in this case was journalistic integrity.

The “performance” by so-called moderator Lester Holt could be likened to that of the interfering third party in a pro wrestling event. Anytime Trump was pounding away on Hillary, Lester Holt was there to jump in the ring and hit Trump over the head with a metaphorical chair or other foreign object. Vince McMahon couldn’t have scripted a better two on one match – especially as this added the plot-twister of the referee being the one who interfered.

“Why aren’t I up 50 points?”—Hillary Clinton thinks she is owed the presidency

Sep 24, 2016 — Chip McLean

“Why aren’t I up 50 points”, exclaimed an angry Hillary Clinton. The bizarre outburst came this week after nearly all polls showed the race to be basically even, with some swinging slightly in favor of Donald Trump.

The Hildebeast has reverted to total shrill mode—a shrewish side of her that former Clinton staffers have alluded to on numerous occasions but is almost universally ignored by the sycophantic MSM.

Hillary is angry because she believes it’s “her turn” to be president but Donald Trump and his supporters keep getting in her way. Of course, she also believed that it was “her turn” in 2008, when (in her view), she was robbed after Democrats decided that the “black card”—pardon the expression—“trumped” the “woman card”.

The End of the Wicked Witch of the Left?

Aug 23, 2016 — Chip McLean

Even the left-wing MSM seems to be sensing that events could be moving to a cataclysmic end for Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

Every day (sometimes hourly), there are new revelations about missing, deleted emails that are being recovered; more and more evidence that points to Hillary’s deteriorating health; previous scandals that have gained new traction; more to come from WikiLeaks…but the thing that is truly proving to be the albatross hanging around Hillary’s neck is the Clinton Foundation scandal.

By now it should be patently obvious that this so-called charity is nothing more than a money laundering scheme where political influence and favors are sold to the highest bidder. The millions that have poured into the Clinton Foundation from corporations—and even worse—foreign interests, have been influencing government policy.

It’s official. The Dems are in all out panic mode

Aug 2, 2016 — Chip McLean

Despite the MSM’s best efforts to boost Hillary—with Reuters even going so far as to“cook” poll results—the real deal is the media sycophants’ favored candidate got very little real bounce—if any—post convention.

Their attempted hit on Trump over the weekend concerning the Khizr Khan incident is backfiring, with facts emerging that Mr. Kahn has ties to the Clintons going back over a period of years. It’s just another orchestrated hit that has already been debunked.

Rigged Game – Making a Mockery of Independence Day

Jul 6, 2016 — Chip McLean

The announcement came July 5th. The FBI is recommending no charges to be filed against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.

This is shocking. It’s also not surprising.

Donald Trump has been echoing what many of us have been saying for some time now about our government and justice department – it’s rigged.

The New Missing “I” Word

Jun 13, 2016 — Chip McLean

Our fearless leader Hussein Obama has quickly determined the cause of the tragic Orlando shootings…and the culprit? Guns.

Not exactly a surprise, as every mass shooting has seen Obama blame guns as the sole cause of the occurrence. We could stop all these shootings if we could just get rid of all of those guns, according to Obama and the other usual suspects (Hillary, Pelosi, Bloomberg et al).

If only we could get the guns out of the hands of conservative white men…oh wait, the shooter wasn’t a conservative white man.