Frank Gaffney Jr.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. is the President of the Center for Security Policy and a columnist for the Washington Times.

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Muslim Brotherhood Day on Capitol Hill

Apr 25, 2016 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

On Monday, April 18, legislators’ offices will be visited by individuals associated with a group unknown to most lawmakers: The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). In the interest of helping members of the U.S. Congress understand precisely who their interlocutors are, permit a brief introduction: The USCMO is the latest in a long series of front organizations associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem

Apr 11, 2016 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

On March 24th, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put in an appearance in Los Angeles that perfectly captured one of the most problematic facets of her checkered public service. Seated next to a prominent Islamic supremacist with longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, she nodded like a bobbing-head doll as he dissembled about Islam, fraudulently professed a commitment to “partnership” with law enforcement to prevent radicalization, and criticized those who know better.

Does Islam ‘Hate’ Us?

Mar 28, 2016 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

In the course of the most recent Republican debate, he refused to back away from that assertion, bringing a variety of responses from his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination and harsh criticism from some Muslims, their allies on the left and media outlets.

The Love of Freedom is Not ‘Hate’

Mar 14, 2016 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Islamic supremacists are desperate to silence effective opposition to their efforts to subvert us. 

For example, Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are panicking as they see Republican presidential candidates gaining traction for the idea that we shouldn’t import more jihadists, citing opinion research conducted for the Center for Security Policy (CSP), and quoting a secret Brotherhood plan for “destroying Western civilization from within” – a document CSP has made widely available.

Will the ‘Red-Green Axis’ Snuff Free Speech?

Jan 4, 2016 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Ten years ago last week, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is arguably the world’s most powerful multinational organization, declared war on freedom of speech. On December 8, 2005, the OIC unveiled a 10-year “Program of Action” for imposing worldwide what Islamic supremacists call shariah blasphemy restrictions on expression that might “offend” Muslims.

Do We Really Need More Jihadists?

Dec 14, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

On Monday, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump created a political firestorm by releasing a statement, “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on.”

It’s Shariah, Stupid

Dec 9, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Sunday night, President Obama used his third prime-time address from the Oval Office to try to allay widespread concerns in the aftermath of the San Bernardino attack that he neither understands the nature of the enemy that perpetrated that and similar acts of terror here and abroad nor has an effective strategy for defeating it.

The message Obama must send to Xi and China

Oct 26, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Xi Jinping, the dictator of Communist China in his role as leader of its party and its military wing, the People’s Liberation Army, is being rewarded by President Obama this week for his escalating aggression with a state visit.

China’s state media have been full of articles, some written by pro-Beijing American “China hands,” admonishing America that nothing is more important than maintaining stable bilateral relations.  In other words, we should continue to ignore the fact that Chinese goals increasingly threaten America’s interests and security.

If It Walks Like An Influence Operation…

Sep 21, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

The more we learn about the facts surrounding the events in Irving, Texas this week, the more it seems we’ve been bamboozled.

The Boston Globe’s Paean To Boston’s Jihad Enablers

Aug 17, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Having now become a city seemingly synonymous with homegrown jihadists, Boston’s paper of record continues to go back to the very enablers who recruit and indoctrinate young men and women as the go to source for all things Muslim in Boston.

The Boston Globe’s Paean To Boston’s Jihad Enablers

Aug 11, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Having now become a city seemingly synonymous with homegrown jihadists, Boston’s paper of record continues to go back to the very enablers who recruit and indoctrinate young men and women as the go to source for all things Muslim in Boston.

Nine Red Lines For a Nuclear Agreement With Iran

Jul 27, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

The Iran nuclear talks have missed the June 30 deadline imposed by US President Barack Obama for a final agreement, but the US negotiators are hoping a deal can be struck by July 7. This is an important date because under the Corker-Cardin bill (the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015), if an agreement is sent to Congress by July 9, the House and Senate will have only 30 days to review it. If submitted after July 9, however, legislators will have 60 days.

Grover Norquist is No ‘Useful Idiot’

Mar 30, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

In the course of an uncomfortable hour-long television interview with Grover Norquist yesterday, radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck established a number of things. The most surprising is that the libertarian activist best known for his anti-tax campaigns would rather be perceived as what influence operators call a “useful idiot” – an individual unwittingly duped into helping hostile forces – than as an “agent of influence” for those forces. As Bill Clinton used to say, “That dawg won’t hunt.”

The ‘Defeat Jihad Summit’

Feb 9, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

Later this month, leaders and other influential figures from around the world will come together to address in a realistic way the emerging – and potentially existential – threat facing our nation and its friends overseas, and to resolve how best to counter it.

We Are on Notice: Terrorists Target Grids

Feb 2, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

On Sunday, jihadists attacked a main power line in Pakistani Baluchistan’s Naseerabad district. As a result, 140 million Pakistanis were left in the dark and two nuclear power plants were knocked off line.

It’s Time For The ‘Secure Freedom’ Strategy

Jan 26, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

A hard reality is finally sinking in across America: for a long time now – actually, for more than thirty-five years – the United States has been at war with an enemy sworn to its destruction.

Je Suis Jihad

Jan 12, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

In the aftermath of the murderous attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo, the iconically irreverent French satirical journal, there is a widespread – and welcome – appreciation that the Islamic supremacist perpetrators sought not only to silence cartoonists who had lampooned Mohammed. They wanted to ensure that no one else violates the prohibitions on “blasphemy” imposed by the shariah doctrine that animates them.

Secret U.K. Report: Britain Not Prepared for Power Outage – Neither is The U.S.

Jan 5, 2015 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

The London Telegraph reported yesterday on the classified findings of a new security assessment by the British government simulating a storm-induced power blackout of two weeks’ duration in southwestern England. As the paper put it, the assessment concluded that:  “Britain is unprepared for prolonged blackouts, with increased death rates, rising public disorder and high-risk criminals on the loose among the likely consequences if major energy networks are seriously damaged.”

Obama’s Double Standard on Free Speech: It Depends on Who is Being Offended

Dec 29, 2014 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

In recent days, President Obama has spoken eloquently about protecting our freedom of speech. He has done so primarily by criticizing Sony Pictures for canceling in the face of cyber attacks and other threats from North Korea public access to a comic film called The Interview that makes that country’s dictator the butt of its jokes.

Why did Hagel have to go?

Dec 1, 2014 — Frank Gaffney Jr.

President Obama professed today strong appreciation for the service of his third Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. But if he was so appreciative, why exactly is Secretary Hagel about to be former Secretary Hagel?