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Gail Jarvis is a Coastal Georgia based freelance writer. Following a career as a CPA/business consultant, Mr. Jarvis now critiques the establishment's selective and misleading reporting of current events and history. Gail can be reached at: [email protected]

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Will Kamala Harris Be The Next Obama

Jul 25, 2017 — Gail Jarvis

The Left and its compliant news media obsesses about “White privilege” and the harm they claim it’s causing our nation. But even more harm is caused by the phenomenon known as “identity-based privilege” ; the decades-long special advantages and unreasonable dispensations bestowed because of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. These perquisites have gotten completely out-of-hand. It is no exaggeration to state that identity-based privileges are literally undermining the Bill of Rights and other protections of the Constitution. This doesn’t bother the Left. In fact, the Left claims that our Constitution is no longer “relevant” to our modern society.

A person’s “identity-based category” has become the primary consideration to determine whether that person should hold public office, or be appointed to another critical position impacting our society. Being the first Black to hold the office was more important to Barack Obama’s presidential election than his qualifications to perform the duties. His status as the first Black president gained the Obama campaign the full support of national media, and also exempted his presidency from media criticism. Although his presidency was largely unsuccessful, Mr. Obama is considered media’s most esteemed celebrity.

Network News Has Evolved From Slanted To Fake

Jul 11, 2017 — Gail Jarvis

Statistical results of opinion polls vary, but they all indicate that the public’s trust in news media is at an all time low. And its not just President Trump that’s concerned about “fake news.” The public has serious reservations about whether the news reports they read are factual or simply “made-up.” Fake news, in one form or another, has been around for so long that almost half of the public thinks it has learned how to determine if news is reliable. The reliability of the report is largely based on the reliability of the agency doing the reporting. News reports that have to be retracted and apologized for have become common.

The public didn’t lose its respect for news media overnight. Its taken several years and developed in stages. Decades ago, when television was in its infancy, news reports may have been slanted but there were a variety of opinions being expressed. But as television viewing became more prominent, the three major networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS, became so firmly established that they told the public what to think. These self-anointed experts thought they were better qualified than the public to decide what kind of society was needed. So, based on the philosophy “the end justifies the means”, networks stopped presenting the other side of the story.

Deplorables Versus Effete Snobs

May 22, 2017 — Gail Jarvis

In the late 1960s, Vice President Spiro Agnew used the phrase “effete snobs” to characterize establishment elites who considered themselves so superior that others should kowtow to their demands and opinions. Agnew was roundly criticized for this unfavorable description of the self-anointed powers inside the Beltway. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton was not criticized when she sarcastically dismissed Trump supporters, those residents of America’s heartland, as a “basket of deplorables.” Today, many of us believe “effete snobs” is an apt description of Washington insiders, and we also believe that those insiders concur with Mrs. Clinton’s put down of heartland Americans.

Politics Of Recent Decades Has Made American Cities Less Safe

Mar 24, 2017 — Gail Jarvis

When you read about the worst cities in the United States you’ll find that they all share a common characteristic: each has been under Democratic leadership for decades. Most of you have read horror stories about some of these cities; Detroit, Cleveland, Birmingham, St. Louis, and New Orleans. In many ways, the deterioration of these cities is a microcosm of what’s gone wrong with our nation.

As the 1970s drew to a close, I decided to move to New Orleans. Media at that time avoided reporting real conditions in the city, so I had no reservations about moving there. Obviously, the celebrated joie de vivre depictions of New Orleans in story and song helped influence my decision. But I didn’t find that New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” Permanent residents experience a different New Orleans from the one experienced by tourists. For new residents “the mythology of New Orleans” soon gives way to “the reality of New Orleans.”

Paul Ryan Exemplifies The Need For Term Limits

Aug 5, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

Our Founding Fathers would be thoroughly disillusioned by how the form of government they envisioned has been altered and abused. The Founders thought they were creating a governing structure radically different from the British Monarchy the colonists had escaped from. The Declaration of Independence codified their feelings, and the three separate branches of government they created had checks and balances to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful.

As a further attempt to prevent the development of a sovereignty, the legislative and executive branches of government were elected by the populace and had fixed terms in office. Thomas Jefferson expressed it this way: “A government by representatives elected by the people at short periods was our object, and our maxim was, where annual election ends, tyranny begins “. It was expected that citizens would donate a few years of their lives to public service, and then return to the private sector.

Voter Fraud Is A Serious Threat To The Election

Jul 25, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

The proliferating violence and threats of violence by Islamic Terrorists and Black Lives Matter thugs is another powerful indication of how crucial the upcoming presidential election is. President Obama and his clone, Hillary Clinton, not only refuse to find fault with these two factions, they even blame today’s violence on the racism of police and the evils of White privilege. Because our president condones the violence, it will continue until a new political philosophy is established in Washington.

The political positions of our two choices for president are diametrically opposed. Mrs. Clinton has made it crystal clear that she will not only continue Mr. Obama’s policies, she will expand them. She dismisses claims of Islamic Terrorism, and is committed to increasing Muslim migration into the United States. Mrs. Clinton also plans to enlarge Obama’s deportation amnesty program for illegal aliens. Contrariwise, Mr. Trump has committed to do whatever he can to end the calamitous policies of the Obama administration. He might not be able to turn back the clock and recover the America we once had but at least he will not encourage the chaos taking place in our cities.

We Cannot Wait Another Four Years To Begin Saving America

May 30, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

Barack Obama maintains that the concept of government envisioned by our Founding Fathers hasn’t worked and must be changed. As the 2008 election drew to a close, Obama stated ” We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” With this arrogant boast Obama placed himself on the level with our Founding Fathers, implying that he not only knows what’s best for America, but is capable of imposing it. Obama’s administration has been fraught with haughty, self-aggrandizing pronouncements. They are usually just hot air with no substance. Obama has few if any accomplishments to his credit and what he has implemented has not only failed to achieve its purpose but has actually caused harmful side effects.

America’s economy, as well as its social structure, are in a desperate condition. Unfortunately, countless Americans are either unaware or in denial about the serious crisis our country currently faces. Consequently, they think that the current presidential election holds no special significance over previous elections.

We Must Rein In The Abolishing Of Our Traditions

May 9, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

London’s election of Sadiq Khan, its first Muslim mayor is being hailed by the Left as a sign of progress. Mr. Khan was sworn-in at a Multi-Faith Ceremony using a Quran rather than a Bible. Females accompanying the new mayor wore the hijab and Islamic attire common in their non-Christian culture. Buses in London and other English cities are being adorned with large signs bearing the incantation “Subhan Allah” (Glory to Allah.)

Whenever any aspect of Western civilization is altered or eliminated, Leftists consider it an improvement. But Americans and Europeans have learned that radical societal changes can make things worse instead of better. So it is premature, and naive, to assume that London’s first Muslim mayor will have a positive effect on British society. All we can say is that it represents a significant alteration to centuries-old English traditions. In America, the public is conflicted over the ongoing elimination of American traditions. Unfortunately, those who want to abolish them largely control the media. Indeed, America’s long-held moral values have become easy targets for Saturday Night Live comedy skits.

America Needs Congressional Term-Limits And A President From Outside-the-Beltway

Apr 2, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

In the 1960s, when flower children replaced American traditions with a “feel-good” counter-culture, their rallying cry was: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Now in their declining years, these elderly flower children must surely experience deja vu when they witness the antics of today’s post-pubertal do-gooders. Like the flower children, today’s young people are driven to correct what they perceive as society’s flaws. This is their “Rite of Passage”, the sociological term for ritualistic behaviors engaged in as young persons mature into adulthood.

The 2016 motto should be “Don’t Trust Anyone Under 50.” These are Americans who were born after 1965. When this group reached their late teens, the age when youth usually start paying attention to socio/political issues, they found themselves in an America where political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, sensitivity training, and other so-called “progressive” positions were already firmly entrenched. In the past, a disagreement with a political position was considered a “difference of opinion.” Today it is called “hate speech.”

Can Mainstream Media Elect The President

Mar 14, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

Being in the eighth decade of my life, I have lived through far-reaching, and distressing, changes in American society.  I have also witnessed how the process for selecting presidents has altered, gradually, subtly, and without official sanction. An indication of changes to the presidential selection process is the powerful influence mainstream media has acquired over the years.  Mainstream media’s dominance of television and the Internet is profoundly impacting the public’s political opinions.

The Prima Donna of Fox News

Feb 9, 2016 — Gail Jarvis

Megyn Kelly is currently the reigning queen of the young, attractive females that have become the mainstay of television networks. Most viewers of Fox News are probably unaware of what is involved in preparing Kelly for the camera; getting her ready is so time-consuming that it is unfortunate that her appearances couldn’t just be photoshopped. 

A former employee of Fox News disclosed secrets about the network’s make-up staff: the inordinate amount of time and money spent styling hair, applying lip gloss, false eyelashes, eye liner, skin bronzing, and more. Fox still uses male broadcasters in its programs, but heavily made-up, glamorous Megyn Kelly is its luminary, its media diva. Showcasing their media diva seems to be the most important aspect of Fox’s presidential debates.

Feminists, Lunacy, And The Southern Belle

Aug 27, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

The recent malicious denigration of Southern sorority girls by radical feminists might appear to have only regional connotations, but it actually has nationwide implications. Excerpts from two journalistic assaults on these young women will illustrate how ridiculous radical feminism has become. The feminist writers of these articles call these young girls “Southern belles.” They use the term in a derogatory sense because it implies femininity and charm; gender attributes that feminists maintain are a form of social control, i.e., gender roles prevent women from achieving equality with men.

Gender activists fault these young college girls for making themselves attractive and going on dates rather than railing against the campus rape culture. Instead of dating, feminists insist that young women should be promoting women’s issues and crusading for diversity and inclusion. By behaving as young females often do, these girls have incurred the wrath of feminists do-gooders.

Two Events That Are Symbolic Of Our Current Society

Jul 21, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

Being a citizen of the United States for over eighty years, I have seen and heard a lot of very strange things, especially during what is charitably called “political discourse.” I witnessed another of these fantastic incidents recently. This one was particularly troubling, because it has become so commonplace that it could be described as symbolic of this era. I am referring to presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s cringing public apology for saying “all lives matter.” In all my years, I never dreamed the time would come when an American had to apologize for saying “all lives matter.”

O’Malley was exposed to what is becoming a fairly typical audience reaction from social activist organizations - i.e., Black Activist Associations, LBGTQ Alliances, Transgender Support Groups: - audience members interrupt the speaker, shout him off the stage, and often threaten him. This wouldn’t happen in a civilized society, but as neither our leaders nor our news media will speak out against it, we can expect it to continue. I was disappointed by O’Malley’s apology, and I certainly expected a strong, indignant response to his craven public groveling. Although many referred to O’Malley as a coward, the public’s reaction was fairly mild,

Two Sides to Every Story Doesn’t Apply to Confederate Flags

Jul 14, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

Leftists and grievance groups now feel that the time is ripe to radically alter society. Their two top “justifications” for eliminating the existing society are the ‘legacy of slavery’ and Christian “convictions” that inhibit progress; progress as defined by Mr. Obama and the Left. The strategy the Left is using to eliminate aspects of American society is the same strategy that has been so successful in eliminating all things Southern.

Will the Jefferson Memorial be Taken Down?

Jun 25, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

In the past anyone who questioned whether the Jefferson Memorial might be taken down would have been dismissed as a screwball. But it is the kind of question that is being raised in this bizarre society we’re living in. A CNN anchor recently questioned whether the Jefferson Memorial should continue to stand. One of her cohorts responded that it might be time to “rethink Jefferson.”

To understand these media types, we must remember that most were born after 1970, so they came of age during the heyday of Political Correctness. What they were taught about the United States was radically different from what previous generations were taught.

Robert E. Lee, Southern Heritage, Media Bias, and Al Sharpton

Jan 14, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

As you can probably surmise by my detailed caption, this article is a collection of random thoughts. It is typical at the beginning of a new year for people to reflect soberly on the state of events, and make optimistic resolutions and predictions for the future. Although I will try to maintain a hopeful outlook, I’m afraid I am unable to make any starry-eyed predictions.

Will Someone tell the Mainstream Media about the Booker T. Washington Society

Jan 2, 2015 — Gail Jarvis

Mainstream media reports usually focus on racial establishments like the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s organizations; those organizations that not only disapprove of American society, but also express hostility towards white Americans. But rarely if ever does the media mention the Booker T. Washington Society: a society that espouses Mr. Washington’s philosophy of conciliatory rather than adversarial interactions between blacks and whites.

A Christmas Story for the Old South

Dec 8, 2014 — Gail Jarvis

A Christmas Story for the Old South

Much to the annoyance of multiculturists, Christmas is still America’s most celebrated holiday, and in the weeks preceding this festive time, traditional Christmas stories will appear on television screens. We can expect to see numerous versions of Charles Dickens renowned tale, A Christmas Carol, O.Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts like myself look forward to adaptations of Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.

Third Reconstruction Will End America As We Know It

Nov 25, 2014 — Gail Jarvis

Two of the federal government’s most futile and costly social experiments were Reconstruction and Prohibition. Although both failed, both still have supporters. It is unlikely that Prohibition could be resurrected , but there was a so-called Second Reconstruction a little over fifty years ago, and now we are hearing rumblings about the need for a Third Reconstruction. Basically, those who advocate this latest reconstruction want the government to redistribute income and wealth more “evenly.”

Why isn’t Mary Landrieu smart enough to play the race card properly?

Nov 1, 2014 — Gail Jarvis

Why isn't Mary Landrieu smart enough to play the race card properly?

‘Mary had a little scam
To fleece the voters’ views
And everywhere her campaign went
Her race scam made the news.’

Most of us are dumbstruck by the over-exploitation of the race card by Democrats. Their exaggerated playing of the race card is incredibly cliched and worn out. Do they really think that voters are gullible enough to swallow their hokum? Do they really believe that the intellects of American voters are that small? If I were a black voter I would be incensed that Democratic candidates assume that I was boneheaded enough to fall for these idiotic racial accusations.