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George Koukeas is a freelance writer focusing on political news and commentary and has been published in newspapers, magazines and websites.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Powerless Against ISIS

Nov 24, 2015 — George Koukeas

Because President Obama is weak in his foreign policy, ISIS/ISIL terrorists remain strong and have continued murdering mass numbers of civilians.  The attacks in Paris are the latest in a long line of terrorist acts committed by that group.  The element enabling their continued attacks is Obama’s exclusive reliance on air power, which, by itself, is an ineffective strategy.  In the past, Obama has said that he wants to avoid fighting a ground war with the terrorists and wants to “work with” our allies.  As a result, ISIS continues growing stronger, since you can not defeat an aggressive enemy solely through air power.  Air power was meant to reinforce ground assaults on the enemy.  Obama’s use of air power alone has led US-allied nations to using their own, usually weaker, militaries to fight ISIS terrorists.  In the case of Iraq, they lost.   

They lost one of their recent battles due to having less training and fewer resources than more prosperous countries, like America.  They also did not have the support of the US military.  Nor has the US, under Obama’s direction, become “the leader” in such battles.

Decision-makers should hire Protection Specialists, not Bodyguards

Mar 24, 2015 — George Koukeas

By now people have heard of the knife attack on US Ambassador Mark Lippert when he was in South Korea attending a breakfast seminar.  The visit occurred in the context of joint South Korean-U.S. military exercises at sea.  Lippert had one guy news articles referred to as being either a “bodyguard” or a “security guard”.

Turkish PM, Ahmet Davutoglu, Appeases Islamic Terrorists

Feb 7, 2015 — George Koukeas

For decades, Hamas and other terrorists have started wars with Israel. Then, they use the peace-talks as time to recuperate from war and resupply themselves with weaponry and plans to attack Israel in the future. They hope to destroy Israel piecemeal over time by compromising her during peacetime and destroying her through violence. In 2014, Hamas broke the peace by firing rockets into Israel—yet again.

“Stand your ground” Law Not Invalidated by Zimmerman shooting

Apr 21, 2012 — George Koukeas

Suppose some leftwing activists told you that you should not use guns because you have no right to protect yourself from a murderous criminal? If you’re like most right-thinking people, you would be outraged. Yet, liberals are using the shooting of Trayvon Martin as an excuse to say exactly that. They want to use the Martin case to repeal “stand your ground” laws.

Hamas is the cause of Israeli-Palestinian Wars

Jun 24, 2011 — George Koukeas

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s making more land concessions to Palestine’s terrorist-run government is not going to establish peace.  Neither will Obama’s call for Israel to revert back to its pre-1967 borders with Palestine.  Only peace plans necessitating the overthrow of Hamas terrorists from Palestine’s government will give “permanent peace” a chance.

Egyptian Freedom demands Muslim Brotherhood’s removal from Political Process

Feb 16, 2011 — George Koukeas

Now that Mubarak is no longer in power, the Muslim Brotherhood needs to be neutralized or else Egypt will gradually become an Islamic dictatorship like Iran.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s method of takeover is cultural jihad.  That means the Brotherhood is going to infiltrate Egypt’s political and religious “cultures” with Islamic-fascist ideas.  This will practically lead to an Islamic dictatorship.  The Brotherhood is hiding behind opposition leader Mohamed Elbaradei.  If Elbaradei gains influence, the Islamic radicals can influence Egyptian society.  The necessity of destroying Muslim Brotherhood influence is a point most Yahoo news articles are missing.

Ground-zero Mosque conceals Cultural Jihad and Terrorism Plan

Sep 7, 2010 — George Koukeas

The ground zero mosque will serve as a source of future terrorism against New York by bringing the radicals’ “cultural jihad” activities to fruition.  If a strong homeland security policy does not exist to end cultural jihad, more schemes like the ground zero mosque will arise.  They will end with more terrorism and an Islamo- fascist takeover of America.

Moral rules of war

Mar 31, 2010 — George Koukeas

Recently, Hilary Clinton and PJ Crowley gave vehement opposition to Netanyahu when he permitted the building of settlements in Jewish East Jerusalem. 

Utah Bill May Not Be Right For Gunowners

Feb 19, 2010 — George Koukeas

In his article, “Gun bill moves to Utah’s House floor” Brandon Loomis reported that Utah’s House of Representatives accepted Republican representative Stephen Sandstrom’s bill, HB 78.  According to Sandstrom, the bill will allow concealed carry holders to mention or reveal they have a gun in order to prevent arguments from escalating to physical fights.  The bill, it is hoped, might also help prevent lawful gun carriers from having to point a gun at an aggressor.

Ahmadinejad Exposed in Couric Interview

Oct 6, 2009 — George Koukeas

Ahmadinejad has been known to say he wishes to “wipe Israel off the map.”  Basically, this implies Ahmadinejad’s desire to commit genocide against Israel, a strong American ally in the war on terror.  Yet in his interview, Ahmadinejad accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians.

“Ahmadinejad’s Transparency”

Oct 2, 2009 — George Koukeas

The Yahoo news website featured a blog relating Ahmadinejad’s tactic against reporter Katie Couric.  Ahamdinejad had asked her why the Western media did not report the murder of an Iranian woman, Marwa Ali El-Sherbini, by a neo-Nazi in a German court.  He had said this to Couric after she had questioned him about the murder of Neda Soltan by Ahmadinejad’s security forces.

Leftwing Pseudo-science Threatens Freedom

Jul 10, 2009 — George Koukeas

On June 5th, the Yahoo News website published an article, “Boys with ‘Warrior Gene’ More Likely to Join Gangs”, written by the anonymous “Live Science Staff”.  The article tries selling the absurd notion that there is a ‘warrior gene’ (i.e. a “specific MAOA gene, known as a ‘low activity 3-repeat allele’ “) that makes teenagers join gangs and do violence.

Swine Flu Spread By Illegals and Terrorists.

Apr 30, 2009 — George Koukeas

Recently, the Flu virus has spread to the Middle East and New Zealand.  It started from Mexico and Japan .  Once Mexico started having it, they experienced many deaths and illnesses.  The fact the Swine Flu has spread to so many places means the Swine Flu is very easily contagious.  Yet many sick Mexicans cut across American borders and infect Americans living here.  What the Obama administration should be doing is implementing stricter measures to keep the illegal entrants out of our country and quarantining them in huge numbers. This also includes Non-Mexican illegals, as well.

Gearan’s Liberal ideas are popular misconceptions

Apr 26, 2009 — George Koukeas

While news articles have been discussing Obama’s plans for Iran and nuclear disarmament, it is wise to scrutinize the leftwing misconceptions that all too often distort these issues on the international scene.

Netanyahu Right in rejecting Mitchell’s “Two-state Solution”

Apr 18, 2009 — George Koukeas

In another one of their ill-conceived ideas, Obama and his Mid-East Envoy, George J. Mitchell, are advocating that Palestine and Israel peacefully co-exist as two legitimate nations.  Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu rejected the proposal, according to writer Isabel Kershner, in her article, “Israel: Netanyahu Demands Palestinian Recognition” (dated April 16th 2009).

Obama’s Anti-nuclear Plan: Half-hearted and Ill-conceived

Apr 17, 2009 — George Koukeas

Yahoo news has recently reported that Obama wants to implement a (unrealistic) nuclear disarmament plan with other nations.  The two elements of his plan involve:  1) isolating Iran if it remains defiant in pursuing nuclear arms and 2) worldwide disarmament with possible weapons inspections for defiant nations.

Aggression is the best way to deal with piracy

Apr 14, 2009 — George Koukeas

Three pirates were shot by Navy SEALs snipers, freeing American freighter Captain, Richard Phillips, from captivity.  The naval commander who ordered the SEALs snipers to shoot was acting on his own initiative to save the hostage.  He took this initiative in the absence of any orders from Washington or higher military channels.  This is what leadership is all about.  That and fast, lethal action by US servicemen will continue being a genuine solution to piracy of US ships.

Radical Muslims: Masters of Deception and Manipulation

Apr 4, 2009 — George Koukeas

Muslim terrorists are waging cultural jihad in America —in addition to terrorism.  Part of their “cultural jihad” involves manipulating the political correctness of those who run America ’s legal and political machinery.

Hamas, not Israel, should be tried for war crimes

Jan 19, 2009 — George Koukeas

While the Israeli-Hamas war raged on, we saw the usual idiots making unfounded anti-Israeli condemnations.  The criticisms come at a time when Hamas terrorists are using Palestinian civilians as human shields to block Israeli fire.  This is also a time when Hamas is using this war and their propaganda to cover their deliberate murders of Palestinian civilians who are part of the Fatah organization.

Israel: Fight Unto Victory, and not before

Jan 8, 2009 — George Koukeas

As the Israel and Hamas war continues, we must get perspective.  Israel is fighting a war of self-defense, while Hamas terrorists wage a murderous assault on Israel.  This is because Hamas started the war by firing missiles into Israeli cities, killing and wounding multiple Israelis.  That includes not only the four reported in the media but the other Israelis who died over the last six years from the terrorists’ on-again/off-again terrorist attacks.