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Richard lives with his family on a 160 acre ranch in northern British Columbia. He invests in the resource and biotechnology/pharmaceutical sectors and is the owner of Aheadoftheherd.com. His articles have been published on over 400 websites.

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Following the big US money behind Canadian pipeline protests

Apr 3, 2018 — Rick Mills

Following the big US money behind Canadian pipeline protests
Last week I watched news coverage of Green Party leader Elizabeth May and NDP MP Kennedy Stewart getting arrested at Burnaby Mountain, the site of a protest against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project.

Despite the pipeline being federally approved, there was May, Kennedy and hundreds of other protesters in civil contempt for blocking a road giving access to construction workers. The project would twin an existing pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb, allowing a tripling of crude oil from 300,000 barrels to 890,000 barrels a day, while also triggering a seven-fold increase in the number of oil tankers coming and going from Vancouver Harbour. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals approved the project in 2016, along with Enbridge’s Line 3 from Alberta to Wisconsin, justifying the decision with a quid pro quo to implement a national carbon tax to cut greenhouse gas emissions. His government at the same time killed the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project—a plan by Enbridge to ship oil sands crude across northern BC and Alberta ending in Kitimat—citing too much First Nations opposition and risk of a tanker spill in the storm-prone Douglas Channel.

Trump builds economy and war machine

Mar 21, 2018 — Rick Mills

Trump builds economy and war machine
On March 1 Donald Trump announced that his Administration would implement a 25% tariff on all steel imports and a 10% duty on aluminum. President Trump initially said the tariffs would apply to all steel and aluminum exporters but a week later, facing pressure from Republican free-traders, temporarily excluded Mexico and Canada while NAFTA talks continue.

The tariffs were needed for national security reasons, argued Trump, based upon an investigation by the US Commerce Department which found in January that cheap foreign steel was indeed a threat to America:

The continued rising levels of imports of foreign steel threaten to impair the national security by placing the U.S. steel industry at substantial risk of displacing the basic oxygen furnace and other steelmaking capacity, and the related supply chain needed to produce steel for critical infrastructure and national defense. - US Commerce Department

Cypress closing in on billion-ton resource in Nevada’s Clayton Valley

Feb 4, 2018 — Rick Mills

Cypress closing in on billion-ton resource in Nevada's Clayton Valley
As interest in battery metals continues (it was a major theme at this week’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference), investors are on the hunt for lithium plays that will “hit it out of the park” Ie. find a high-grade discovery hole or identify a significant resource of lithium carbonate, to support the trend towards increased electrification of vehicles that require more and more lithium and other battery metals like cobalt and graphite.

As I have suggested before, the most promising of the early-stage lithium explorers is Cypress Development Corp (TSX.V:CYP), whose project in Nevada’s Clayton Valley is close to the only producing lithium mine in the United States, yet with a very interesting geological footprint that is unlike any other property in the valley. And with excellent results from a 2017 drill program recently released and plenty of blue sky upside, this is perhaps THE lithium junior to watch in 2018.

Resurgent US oil industry priming the economic pump

Jan 27, 2018 — Rick Mills

Resurgent US oil industry priming the economic pump
Crude oil prices dropped from $110 a barrel in the summer of 2014 to about $30 in January 2016. The effect on oil producers and oil-producing countries was dramatic. The Russian ruble plunged, and the Canadian dollar slipped to below 70 cents US for the first time since 2003, kicking the country into recession and snuffing out the oil boom in Alberta. Many foreign companies operating in the high-cost Canadian oil sands pulled up stakes.

One of the hardest hit countries was Venezuela, whose petro-currency crashed, leading to hyperinflation, shortages, protests and violence - a dire situation that continues to this day. Even Saudi Arabia, the world’s number 2 oil producer, had to tap its $602 billion in foreign reserves to help finance its 2016 deficit of $88 billion - almost a quarter of GDP.

Bond Market Bear Creating Gold Bull

Jan 22, 2018 — Rick Mills

Bond Market Bear Creating Gold Bull
Gold is climbing as bond yields rise and the dollar falls, over speculation that China is pulling back on buying US Treasuries and Japan signals it is winding down its quantitative easing program. Meanwhile, US debt continues to grow after the Republicans under President Trump pushed a trillion dollars worth of tax cuts through the Senate, that the Congressional Budget Office thinks will add $1.7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade.

The dollar, 10 year yields and golds price

How China is locking up critical resources in the US’s own backyard

Jan 15, 2018 — Rick Mills

China's new Silk Road
In the 1800s the United States under President James Monroe invoked the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that any effort by European nations to control any independent state in North or South America would be viewed as “an unfriendly disposition towards the United States.”

The intent of the Monroe Doctrine was to free the newly independent colonies of Latin America from mostly Spain and Portugal, so that the States could exert its influence undisturbed.

“The Monroe Doctrine, first articulated in 1823 as a means of blocking external interference in the Western Hemisphere, was the central pillar of US policy toward Latin America until Barack Obama’s secretary of State, John Kerry, told a roomful of Latin American diplomats in 2013 that “the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” The statement was part of an effort to rehabilitate the US image in a region long accustomed to seeing the United States as seeking to control it through persuasion when possible, and force when necessary.  In a policy paper published last December, Craig Deare, a dean at the US National Defense University and now Mr. Trump’s top Latin America advisor on the National Security Council staff, denounced Kerry’s statement “as a clear invitation to those extra-regional actors looking for opportunities to increase their influence. He specifically mentioned China.” Is Trump resurrecting the Monroe Doctrine? Max Paul Friedman

Weapon of Mass Disruption

Dec 27, 2017 — Rick Mills

Weapon of Mass Disruption, Cyberwarfare,
The ever-increasing digitalization of our world has meant advances in technology that would have been unimaginable 30 years ago when the Internet first entered the popular lexicon. Created by the U.S. Government in the 1960s to build robust communications via computer networks, “Internet” as it was then called had no means of electronic mail, telephony or file sharing, which are the building blocks of today’s world-wide web.

More recent inventions like e-commerce, cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have transformed the way we do business and conduct our personal lives. We take for granted the ability to shop and bank online, have a constant cell phone connection either through broadband or wifi, stream music and videos, or talk to each other across thousands of miles through Skype and FaceTime.

Cielo Waste Solutions Inc. (CSE:CMC) Update

Dec 12, 2017 — Rick Mills

Cielo Waste Solutions Inc

Despite decades of educating North Americans on the benefits of recycling, plus cutting-edge technologies that sort and recycle everything from tires to table scraps, billions of tonnes of garbage continue to be dumped into landfills and into our oceans every year.

What is abundantly clear is that a trifecta of problems—ever increasing fossil fuel emissions, less room for landfills and more and more waste being generated on a global scale - is currently an insurmountable problem. But what if a solution could be invented that turns landfill waste into clean fuel, thereby solving all three problems at once?

5 early-stage lithium plays to capitalize on exploding EV growth

Dec 12, 2017 — Rick Mills

5 early-stage lithium plays to capitalize on exploding EV growth
Lithium has been touted as the energy metal of the future due to the renaissance of electric vehicles (EVs), which depend on lithium for their lithium-ion battery packs.

For the past two years the silvery-white metal has been a darling of the junior mining investment space, and for good reason. Speculation of a lithium shortage, led by Tesla which is helping to drive demand for EVs, albeit models out of the price range of most North Americans, almost tripled the price of lithium carbonate to over $20,000 a ton in 10 months. The burgeoning energy storage market for intermittent wind and solar power is also poised to become a major demand driver for lithium.

Battery makers are certainly going to need more mines to keep up with demand, and lithium miners will have to build them quicker than anyone ever thought.

The Lowdown On Getting High In Canada

Nov 17, 2017 — Rick Mills

The Lowdown On Getting High In Canada, Legal Marijuana
A $22.6 billion market!

When pot advocates like Marc Emery - the Canadian who ended up in a U.S. jail for selling strains of marijuana seeds over the Internet - referred to the illegality of smoking pot as “prohibition”, a lot of Canadians rolled their eyes. The idea that smoking recreational pot is akin to illegal alcohol consumption in the 1920’s and very early 1930s in the U.S. seemed a little rich.

Vanadium: The Metal We Can’t Do Without And Don’t Produce

Oct 24, 2017 — Rick Mills

Vanadium: The Metal We Can’t Do Without And Don’t Produce
One of the world’s least known metals is also of great importance, and likely to become more so as renewable energies catch up with and possibly eclipse fossil fuels. Yet vanadium’s primary use as a steel alloy is set to keep prices buoyant and North American explorers racing to find a domestic source of the metal that was once used to make swords so strong and sharp the mere sight of them struck fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Lithium Supercycle

Oct 18, 2017 — Rick Mills

The truth, in regards to the world’s mineral resources, is that we in the western developed countries are usually not in control of supply.

“The spectre of resource insecurity has come back with a vengeance. The world is undergoing a period of intensified resource stress, driven in part by the scale and speed of demand growth from emerging economies and a decade of tight commodity markets. Poorly designed and short-sighted policies are also making things worse, not better. Whether or not resources are actually running out, the outlook is one of supply disruptions,  volatile prices, accelerated environmental degradation and rising political tensions over resource access.” Chatham House, Resources Futures

Cielo Close to Commercialization with its First Continuous-flow Waste to Renewable Diesel Refinery

Oct 16, 2017 — Rick Mills

Cielo Waste Solutions (CSE:CMC) is delivering on its promise to build its first commercial-grade renewable diesel refinery. Construction is well underway at its High River facility – proving that its proprietary technology will be able to convert multiple different waste feed-stocks,  including landfill waste, into high-grade, renewable diesel has moved the company from demonstration to commercial stage.

Vancouver-based Cielo has extended its private placement offering of units, to accommodate additional subscribers. The private placement has so far raised $2,283,236 for moving its development forward.  A private lender has also signed a Term Sheet with Cielo extending the Company a $3.5 million line of credit. Currently, Cielo and the company are working thru the paperwork to get the credit facility finalized. The 356-litre-an hour continuous flow refinery that Cielo is currently building is a retrofit of a 50-litre-an-hour batch process demonstration plant, which the company and its license provider have been using as a test facility.

Enforcer Gold: High-Grade Veins, Tonnes of Upside in the Abitibi

Sep 16, 2017 — Rick Mills

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

Canada’s Abitibi Greenstone Belt is one of the most important gold mining regions in the world. On par with the Carlin Trend in Nevada and the Witwatersrand Basin of South Africa, the Abitibi, which straddles Ontario and Quebec, has yielded over 180 million ounces since the first mining camps were established there in the early 1900s.

It may seem surprising that after over a century of mining and exploration, there is still room for new discoveries there. To make the assumption that the Abitibi is mined out would be a serious mistake, however,  as the story of Enforcer Gold Corp. (TSX.V:VEIN) and its aptly-named stock symbol demonstrates. 

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp.: Exclusive Renewable Diesel Technology Turns Trash Into Cash

Aug 2, 2017 — Rick Mills

Despite decades of educating North Americans on the benefits of recycling, plus cutting-edge technologies that sort and recycle everything from tires to table scraps, billions of tonnes of garbage continue to be dumped into landfills and into our oceans every year.

Moss Mine Marching Towards Production

Jul 11, 2017 — Rick Mills

In mining one of the most important predictors of success is a company’s ability to churn cash, in what is typically a very cost-intensive process. Between water and power requirements to run the processing plant and tailings storage, to earthmoving and haulage expenses, to salaries and camp costs, a mine can just as often turn into a money pit as a means for generating profits and investor returns.

One company that has had no problem attracting money, including from institutional investors, to its project in Arizona is Northern Vertex (TSXV:NEE). Headquartered in Vancouver, the $68-million market cap junior has made good progress on its 100% owned Moss Mine near Bullhead City.

Since signing an option agreement in 2011, Northern Vertex has moved the Moss Mine from a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) in 2012 to an 18-month test-mining phase, followed by a feasibility study in 2015 showing robust economics for a small yet low-cost gold operation. Development expenditures to date total roughly $52 million.

Deveron UAS: First Mover Advantage in $32B Ag Market for Drones

Jul 1, 2017 — Rick Mills

A Brief History of Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have been around for the better part of a century, but it wasn’t until the early 1990s that drones entered the popular lexicon, mostly through their use in stealth military applications.

The first “drone” (named for making a sound similar to a male bee) was actually a boat. Introduced at an exhibition at Madison Square Garden in 1898, inventor Nikolas Tesla used voice commands (actually radio frequencies) to make the unmanned small vessel change direction, to the delight of the audience. Unmanned aircraft was subsequently used by the United States during World War Two, to train anti-aircraft gunners, and Germany, which invented a 2,300-pound bomb called “Fritz X” with four small wings and a radio controller.

Dr. Drone

Jun 17, 2017 — Rick Mills

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

Economist Joseph Schumpeter introduced innovation economics in his 1942 book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. Schumpeter said that industries must incessantly revolutionize the economic structure from within by innovating with better or more effective processes and products.

We can define, or limit the term “innovation” to a product, or process that’s original, that’s more effective, and as a new application better meets new requirements or existing market needs.

A Coming Adoption of Forward Looking Valuation

Sep 4, 2014 — Rick Mills

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

In a very recent article titled ‘Cloud Revenue Cycle Management’ I introduced you to Certive Solutions CSE – CBP.