Dr. Gerald Stephens

Dr. Gerald Stephens is a former Marine and retired Chiropractic Physician, a member of the NRA and a strong Constitutionalist.

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American Eunuchs

Apr 15, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Dr. Sellin’s recent work, Obama’s ineligibility and Republican eunuchs, gives a precise explanation of the issues leaving not a millimeter of wiggle room for the enemies within with witch to cloak themselves.

Citizens of America, you are summoned to hear evidence that will decide the fate of the America

Apr 14, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

If you choke on the word ineligible, do not even think of placing your name before the American public as a candidate for the office of the President of the United States of America. The reason is straight forward. Spineless cowards who choke on ineligible inevitably can not enunciate the word constitution. Now to unfinished business.

Thank You, Mr. Trump

Apr 12, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

White House senior adviser to Obama, David Plouffe, stated two fascinating political mumblings today. First, that the American public would never hire Donald Trump to the job [President]. And that Mr. Trump’s use of the birth certificate issue is a ‘sideshow’. GAME ON!

The Enemy

Mar 31, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

One who feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes the interests of another; a foe; A hostile power or force; A member or unit of such a force.

Do Republicans Understand?

Mar 28, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

The 2010 election was a clarion call, shrill, clear and forceful. America is a nation born in rebellion against tyranny. We will not permit our constitutional governance to fall prey to any faction.

Obama, Are You Eligible Or Not?

Mar 26, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

If Obama is not eligible to be President, the dangerous scam has gone on too long with a rogue criminal organization running the most powerful nation in the world.


Mar 22, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Historically there is a single group of people who can not decide what to call themselves. Depending on circumstances of the day they have tried socialist, progressive, liberal, community organizer, and one popular in the early 1900s through the great depression, WWII, and 1950s, communist.

‘UN Said I Could Do It’, Obama

Mar 20, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Ron Paul: Libya Airstrikes Unconstitutional – Only Congress Can Declare War

Mr. Speaker: I rise to introduce a resolution expressing the sense of the Congress that the President is required to obtain in advance specific statutory authorization for the use of United States Armed Forces in response to civil unrest in Libya. As many in the administration, Congress, and elsewhere clamor for the president to initiate military action to support those seeking to overthrow the Libyan regime, Congress sits by, as usual, pretending that Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution does not exist. According to this long-ignored section, ‘‘The Congress shall have Power To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.”

Empty Suits Are Dangerous

Mar 13, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

This description of a garment is generally employed as a derogatory appraisal of a deficient intellect wanting of any substance or redeeming quality. One so identified is ordinarily ignored as pragmatically harmless. They are rarely but sometimes found as a chief executive officer, having been the only genetic descendant to the family business, and amazingly more frequently in political office at various levels of importance, this last category demonstrably dangerous.

The Fate Of The Nation

Mar 11, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams

The U.S Supreme Court has again declined to consider an appeal in a matter of the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of president of the United States of America.

I Knew I Liked Saul Alinsky

Mar 5, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Congressman Trent Franks, 2nd Congressional District of Arizona reminds one of the colonial who grabbed his gun from the closet, jumped on his horse, and rode into destiny with General Washington. He, like many of his fellow countrymen, knew his personal liberty and that of his nation was in mortal danger if the enemy was not defeated.

An Open Letter to Dr. Roth, Obama Eligibility

Mar 3, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Dr. Roth, say it again louder, LOUDER!

I could not sit still on this one beyond Rove, but forced myself.

Almost Not Believable

Mar 2, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Obama busts the budget for Amtrak and ‘livability’

  • Livability
  • Smart Growth
  • Urban Planning

Attention Comrades…U.N. AGENDA 21

Mar 1, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

WARNING: Any comrade referring to Agenda 21 as Agenda 21 will be severely disciplined. It is henceforth to be called ‘Smart Growth- Sustainable Development’

Déjà Vu, George III Lives

Feb 27, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Mr. Obama’s declaration that the Defense of Marriage Act, a United States Statutory Law, law of the land is unconstitutional begs the highest order of attention. Even he, having taught constitutional law, albeit, briefly, knows he has no authority to declare any U.S. law UNCONSTITUTIONAL. He further knows that this conduct clearly rises to the level of an impeachable offense. So what’s up?

Daddy, What Did You Do In The War?

Feb 26, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Some conflicts are of a nature to excuse one’s participation from front line assaults. Even then the outcome is contingent upon material and moral support rendered to the forces. America has experienced and withstood great threats to liberty, the very concept that elevates and separates her from all others. She is first among equals. There is little question that should the bedrock of its existence, the Constitution, be sullied in any manner, and in particular by domestic enemies from within, the entire world’s hope for justice and freedom for mankind everywhere will be severely diminished and perhaps extinguished.

I prefer rats

Feb 25, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

The worst case scenario is that they will cause plague, commonly referred to as the ‘Black Death’.  While science has not yet discovered a means of eliminating them from munching in the granaries and public housing of the land, they have at least developed a treatment for the disease they carry.


Feb 12, 2011 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

The word has ancient linguistic roots as a noun describing an insane person - luaticus (L), lunatik (Middle English), lunatique (Old French). Its continued use for classifying the insane persisted until the mid nineteen century when progressive psychiatric schools abetted by liberal intelligentsia , and other profound thinkers of the gentler, kinder socialist forces morphed it into a politically correct less critical manor of describing the insane, ‘psychologically disturbed’. More contemporary understandings and use are ascribed to other noun forms, that is, Obama, and federal bureaucrat.

Sophist Main Stream Morons

Nov 27, 2010 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

Who can forget the ridicule, disdain, and contempt uttered by the main stream morons heaped upon those who very early and beyond questioned Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the Office of President of the United Stares of America?  Then again, who is without sounds of the unending blizzard of hype for Barack’s alleged intellectual prowess?  The curtain of silence is descending!

A Danger or Just a Nuisance

Nov 26, 2010 — Dr. Gerald Stephens

The ‘O’ reminds me of the kid flashing out of his driveway on a too big bike with wobbly training wheels and a demonstrable appearance of conquest and defiance. And one can imagine the scene when the ‘trainers’ fall off. At the outset there was the potential that he would dominate the play area.