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David Jennings is an ex-pat Brit. living in California.A Christian Minister he advocates for Traditional & Conservative causes.David is also an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club and writes for the supporters club in AmericaDavid Jennings can be found on Twitter His blog can be read here

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UK Police Commanders staring down the barrel of 96 Manslaughter Charges

Apr 26, 2016 — David C. Jennings

In the longest running inquest in British legal history and possibly the biggest policing cover up ever, a Coroner’s Jury found retired Police Superintendent David Duckenfield and other senior commanders responsible for the unlawful killing of 96 soccer fans.

The unlawful killing finding was the key component of the 14 counts and now invites criminal manslaughter charges to be filed. That decision will be taken by Assistant Police Commissioner John Stoddart, appointed directly by Home Secretary Theresa May in 2012 to run Operation Resolve. It is the official investigation that would then refer evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Blatter Wins Re-election but FIFA Is Now a Boat That Won’t Stop Rocking

May 29, 2015 — David C. Jennings

Dawn raids on glass towered corporate offices from Zurich to Miami! Indictments, extradition proceedings, executives in jail! But meanwhile the Kingpin of the entire operation puts on a brave face and says he will clean up the corruption, the same cleaning up he’s been promising for over a decade.

You might think you’ve just stumbled across a preview of the latest Jack Ryan adventure or maybe a Washington expose by Bill O’Reilly. But this is the world of professional football (soccer), and the man at the top of the totem pole is every bit as skilled in politics and corruption as the Clinton’s.

UK Political Establishment still Befuddled over UKIP’s Continuing Success

Nov 22, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Nigel Farage, UKIP

An old adage is, if it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it. Reality in the British political establishment is the exact opposite. The political system is broken and needs fixing and everyone on the outside can see it. But the insiders continue to scratch their heads as UKIP (the UK Independence Party) score one victory after another campaigning on the idea of real change.

Red Cross Volunteer Sacked for Gay Marriage Opposition

Nov 17, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Back in March, Bryan Barkley was photographed standing outside Wakefield Cathedral holding a small placard reading “No Same-Sex marriage” on the first day they took place in England. The 71 year old Barkley believes in traditional marriage and has also been a Red Cross volunteer for almost 20 years.

Poppy Day Bomb Plot Foiled

Nov 9, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Eight years ago, when UK security forces arrested a number of people planning on blowing up airliners, the raids included homes in the bustling market town of High Wycombe which sits on the M40 about 30 minutes north of Heathrow.

Scotland steams forward with policy to override parental rights

Oct 27, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Scotland may have rejected the opportunity to leave the UK altogether last month but it’s provincial assembly, which more or less acts like an independent state, is continuing to implement its national ‘named person’ policy despite significant concerns and objections.

Scotland Teeters on the Edge

Sep 14, 2014 — David C. Jennings

On Thursday Scotland (including 16-17 year-olds) will go to the polls to vote on what amounts to full sovereign independence from the rest of the United Kingdom which would presumably, amongst more serious matters, necessitate a full re-design of the (rest of the) Union Jack flag.

British Mums who turned down medical abortion advice now raising healthy babies

Aug 10, 2014 — David C. Jennings

British Mums who turned down medical abortion advice now raising healthy babies

British mums who refuse to have abortions, despite being given medical advice to the contrary, are continuing to discover to their delight that they are bearing children that not only live but have every chance of a normal life, despite the doom and gloom predictions that overshadowed their choice.

Support for assisted suicide in the UK wanes

Aug 3, 2014 — David C. Jennings

As parliament processes assisted suicide legislation the British public are increasingly turning against the concept and once again Prime Minister David Cameron finds himself on the wrong side of social opinion. Brits who initially support the idea turn against it as facts come to light from countries that have already legalized it, particularly Belgium, Holland and Switzerland.

Kirchner continues to manipulate Argentine emotions:  Risks escalating conflict over the Falklands

Jul 27, 2014 — David C. Jennings

For the past year or so Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner has been making the most popular of noises in her homeland as well as on the international stage, that of ‘repatriation’ of the Falkland Isles or as Argentina prefers – Islas Malvinas.

Radical Imams penetrate prisons on both sides of the Atlantic

Jul 21, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Imams with links to radical Islam and been successful in infiltrating the British prison system as Chaplains, and are using their access to radicalize some of the nation’s more than 11,000 Muslim prisoners whilst pointing them toward extremist paths.

Persecution of family-run bakery reaches the floor of the House of Commons

Jul 13, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Gareth Lee, an LGBT activist in Northern Ireland ordered a cake from the Asher Baking Company with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ and a picture of Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie in an embrace. It would also contain a logo of the homosexual pressure (lobby) group Queerspace.

Anyone for tennis?  Female Russian banker pays £160,000 to play with Cameron!

Jul 6, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Banker Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of former Russian Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Chernukhin, has paid £160,000 at a Conservative Party fundraiser in London for the privilege of playing tennis with Prime Minister David Cameron along with London Mayor Boris Johnson.

UK Christian Street Preachers vindicated, charges dropped

Jun 29, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Christian Concern reports that “Police in Scotland have dropped all charges against two Christian evangelists who were arrested for allegedly using ‘offensive’ language whilst preaching in Dundee and Perth. (This) after months of representation by the Christian Legal Centre.”

British Police continue to treat Christian preaching as a hate crime

Jun 1, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Police in Northern Ireland are investigating a ‘hate crime motive’ after James McConnell, Pastor of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church, said that “Islam is heathen, Islam is Satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in Hell” in a recent sermon.

Earthquake in EU elections! ‘Sensible’ Right win in Britain!

May 26, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Scientists often warn about ‘the big one’ coming when it comes to earthquakes. The political establishments knew there was some shaking coming but the full force of change from the weekend’s European elections is only just beginning to be felt.

The UKIP Dawn!

May 23, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Joey Jones is the Deputy Political Editor at Sky News and tweeted out a picture of the sun rising over London Friday morning. He wrote: “the ‘ukip dawn’ as I came across lambeth bridge this morning”. England and Northern Ireland went to the polls the day before to elect some of its local councils with Scotland and Wales joining in to vote in the Euro elections.

As Euro elections approach this week, bigoted labeling by the establishment has backfired

May 20, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Strategies by the three major parties in Britain (soon to be former major three) to cast the UK Independence Party (UKIP) as racists has backfired significantly as the anti-EU libertarian conservatives have opened up a commanding lead in the latest opinion polls.

UK Conservative party running radical Islamist candidate in next week’s elections

May 17, 2014 — David C. Jennings

Newham, London-The Labour Party controls this borough 100% occupying every seat on the Council, but they have become increasingly unpopular in recent years. Under the leadership of Mayor Sir Robin Wales, the council has wasted the typical sums found in lefty governments but has more importantly opposed the building of a “mega mosque” also known as the London Markaz in the area. This has caused Sir Wales’ popularity in the borough of immigrants to crash.

Irish women receive red light to taxpayer funded abortions in the UK

May 14, 2014 — David C. Jennings

The High Court in London ruled at the end of last week that women from the British province of Northern Ireland can no longer travel to the UK mainland to obtain abortions under the taxpayer funded NHS (National Health Service).