Trump supporters are not only outsmarting poll hucksters, but will make fools of them by proving how wrong they were when the vote count is finally announced

Hillary’s Savvy 'Deplorables' Turning Tables on Poll-Lying Dems

By Judi McLeod

Hillary’s Savvy Deplorables Turning Tables on Poll-Lying DemsHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday called on President Donald Trump to “stand up like a man” and accept the upcoming election results.

“Stand up like a man”.  Strange words from a woman whose party prefers gender pronouns like “he” and “she” for gender identifying the Creator’s ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

Truth is that If Pelosi and her ilk had their way there would be no such thing as ‘man’.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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Trump/Biden: two bombshell breaking stories And, why Trump must win

Trump/Biden: two bombshell breaking stories And, why Trump must winONE: Tucker Carlson announced, on his highly popular FOX broadcast, that a trove of Biden documents implicating Biden in illegal business relationships with China, the Ukraine, and other countries has gone missing.

The documents were shipped through a major commercial courier, from Manhattan to Carlson by FOX staff, and somewhere along the route, the envelope was found open by courier employees—-and the contents were gone.


Democrat Party’s corruption is Incurring Judgment

By Dennis Jamison

Democrat Party's corruption is Incurring JudgmentHunter Biden’s laptop has taken center stage in the 2020 election whether people want it to or not. Especially, the Democrats who would prefer it not take such a prominent position in their efforts to tell onlookers, that they “do not need to look behind the curtain - that the Great and {Powerful Oz has spoken.” One has to hand it to the Democrats - they truly have an extremely difficult time to concede the truth, and they will never admit defeat. That is a good fighting spirit, but the sad part about it is they only fight for their Party—nothing more, nothing less.


Foreign collusion: What is the evidence and what does the evidence indicate?

By Charles Wills

Foreign collusion: What is the evidence and what does the evidence indicate?Regardless of how tiresome and worn out the Russia hoax has become, Democrats and the media are now claiming that the information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation. The only Russian disinformation, that has been proven to be Russian disinformation, came from the Democrats, and that was the infamous Steele dossier, that the FBI used to spy on President Trump’s 2016 campaign as well as his presidency.


Benign Popular Uprisings Can be Sudden

By Bob Hoye

The Fake News Wall Is Crumbling, Benign Popular Uprisings Can be SuddenNo matter in what century they occur, benign popular uprisings have been inspired by one thing—the iniquity of governments living the good life while the taxpayer suffers hardship and driven to desperation begin to say “No!” to the bullies. 

Such opposition to the privileged has been shocking.


Twilight Zone Ready To Descend On America

By Judi McLeod

Twilight Zone Ready To Descend On AmericaReady or not,  the for-real Twilight Zone will descend over America just about when the sun’s going down on November 3.

That’s the time and the day when the Democrat/media gang-up will prove that in spite of Joe’s jokes and Kamala’s cackling laughter that the Democrat plot to steal Election 2020 was always a deadly serious one.


2020:  A Painful Year in the U.S. History

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

2020:  A Painful Year in the U.S. History2020 is the year when we were willingly held hostage and still are to the communist flu.  I am not talking about the Chinese Corona-19 virus developed in the Wuhan laboratory. I am talking about the long and unending months of unnecessary lockdowns, destruction of small business America, complete transformation of our school system, public and university, the destruction of our stellar health care, and the complete obliteration of our Constitution.


Media Ignoring That The Democrats Are Stealing Election 2020

By Judi McLeod

Media Ignoring That The Democrats Are Stealing Election 2020There’s no mystery why the electorate is not seeing much of Democrat presidential and vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the 2020 Election campaign.

Why should Joe Biden and Kamala Harris go to the inconvenient trouble of appearing in public when they know down at heart that the Democrats are going to steal the election—even if President Donald Trump wins in a landslide?! 


Sen. Kamala Harris Laughing Her Way To The End of America

By Judi McLeod

Sen. Kamala Harris Laughing Her Way To The End of AmericaWith Big Guy Joe Biden seeming to think that he’s running for the presidency against George W. Bush and not President Donald Trump; hopelessly ensnared in Burisma, China scandals with his son Hunter, and whose campaign trail gaffes still making it appear that he really is suffering from dementia, Senator Kamala Harris is laughing all the way to the presidency.


Media, Not President Will Be Big Loser On Election Night

By Judi McLeod

Media, Not President Will Be Big Loser On Election NightPresident Donald Trump won’t be the predicted-by-polls big loser on Election Night, the bully mainstream and social media will be.

More than anything else, the outcome of Election 2020 will prove that bullying citizens into voting for the candidate you want to win the presidency just doesn’t work.


Pollsters Still Counting Eggs Before Their Chickens Hatch

By Judi McLeod

Pollsters Still Counting Eggs Before Their Chickens HatchIf Trump defies polls again in 2020, “my profession is done’, pollster Frank Luntz laments.

Waah! One more thing to blame on Donald J. Trump, that incorrigible rascal.

Against all odds, Trump beat the polls in 2016, and the Democrats and media will NEVER forgive him.


Joe Biden the Same Kind of Catholic as Pope Francis

By Judi McLeod

Joe Biden the Same Kind of Catholic as Pope FrancisDemocrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is the same kind of Catholic as the errant Pope Francis, meaning not much of a Catholic at all.

Any politician, masquerading as Catholic—including the one called Francis—about whom the documentary ‘Francesco’ has been released—can profess themselves Catholic, but that doesn’t mean that they truly are.


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