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Trust me, folks, Barack knew precisely why he was campaigning for her. And he is, as we speak, delighted that so many are dismissing her as a ditz

Deceivers Leading Many Astray… They’re Here!

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By —— Bio and Archives November 25, 2018

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Deceivers Leading Many Astray
My last article, “The Manchurian Counterfeit”, was an obvious thought provoker, given all the places it went and the comments it garnered in response. And again I will come back and beat the drum about the profound effect that liberal network television and now liberal ‘network’ Internet are having on the thinking of my countrymen. People, please, listen up.

If you have some extra time, be sure to read how and why I threw out cable tv, thirty years ago, and literally saved the brains of my precious family. But please just bear with me. I will now briefly recall a conversation I had some months ago with a surgeon friend of mine. He is a conservative’s conservative as well as a brilliant doctor. We were talking about the great improvements that have been made in our nation’s functioning on so many levels.

And that forced us into discussing the accompanying controversy surrounding the President irrefutably responsible for all those positive changes. My friend, who stays unbelievably busy doing the impossible, finds little time for breaks other than occasional sleep and his well-deserved, annual ‘power vacation’. When he can in the evenings, right before bed, he will catch a little bit of tv for diversion. Usually it includes a newscast.

In our conversation he conceded that a lot of economic challenges he had seen as unsolvable during the Obama administration were suddenly really starting to be met and beaten. He even told me that his liberal-slanted patients were telling him that they were putting in more profitable time at work because of increased orders. One even admitted that customer-manufacturers that had been suffering during the Obama administration were suddenly coming to life again, and it was undeniably because of Trump’s incentives and tax restructuring.

I was delighted to hear that! And I told my doctor friend that I was going to be voting to put that same economy-fixing hero back in office in 2020. I said to him, “And I’m sure you will be voting for him, too, my friend.” He looked at me and shrugged. “Probably - but I sure wish we didn’t have to have all the other unpleasant embarrassment that comes with him.” I screwed up my face and responded, “Unpleasant embarrassment? What do you mean, Doc?” And without batting an eye, he said, “Well, I mean, come on, Dave! He’s Donald Trump!”

I don’t hesitate to tell you that my friend is every bit as intelligent and perceptive as any of my good readers. But I will also just as confidently say that his opinions have been predictably and severely skewed by the steady diet of lies liberal media are telling to the gullible and trusting public who aren’t taking the time (or, like my doctor friend, don’t have the time) to make sure of anything for themselves. I asked him to give me hard examples of serious personality or leadership problems that Trump had (not embellishments of a vengeful press) that were any worse than any of his predecessors’. Try as he might, even he was shocked that he couldn’t..

Infected, by the droning lies of liberal media’s concerted dissemination of misinformation

In finishing our conversation I told him, “Doc, if you’ll take a break from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS - all of the big machinery that is so blatantly about making ‘Trump-Hate’ an art form - I will bet you money that in just a few weeks you will begin to lose a lot of your groundless criticism for our president. I’ve proven this with other friends. Further, if you need some time to decide whether to try that, listen carefully to their newscasts, programming and sitcoms, etc. You will quickly detect the inordinately determined vitriol with which they are attacking our president - both directly and in dizzying subtlety. Let me tell you, buddy ... they have a vested interest in destroying him. And they know that they can completely shape people’s opinions by warping the truths they claim to be bringing us.”

And that brings us, my good readers, back to the ‘Manchurian Counterfeit’ we had begun discussing the other day. While you read my words, remember that the little scrap of paper we call our Constitution is the only thing that stands between us and the omnipotent and invincible tyranny of absolute government - socialism/communism.

Let me begin by saying that I am amazed at the level of mind control that has been achieved over our nation! Okay, okay ... I realize this may sound real paranoid to some. But, as my hyper-smart wife would say, “Is it paranoia? Or is it perception?” We have to ask ourselves that question when we stop to consider how far our enemies will go to enslave us. Our nation’s welfare, our very lives and the lives of our loved ones depend upon our being ever vigilant - what Thomas Jefferson knew the survival of our Republic rested upon - our remaining ‘an informed society’.

The ‘very real devil’ I am always talking about is absolutely using today’s big-money media to keep us from receiving vital truth which allows us to make safe and sound decisions. Just as (forgive me, here we go again) Adolf Hitler used the press/radio to fully capture the love, fear and support of all of Germany, the lying left and its handmaiden, the lying news, are today making the world safe for themselves by controlling what we must lean upon as fact and reality. If the well’s water is tainted, everyone drinking there will be showing the same symptoms. Right now our nation is uniformly sick as a result of years of fake news. Even we conservatives have become jaundiced, infected, by the droning lies of liberal media’s concerted dissemination of misinformation.


Continued below...

The Manchurian Counterfeit: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Most recently, I am flabbergasted to see that many of my most admired Conservative commentators have fallen for the LIE that our new, ‘baby-Congresswoman’, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is actually as lightheaded as she is playacting. For those of you who haven’t seen it, by all means take the time to read the Canada Free Press exclusive (by yours truly) entitled “The Manchurian Counterfeit”.  Read and discover for yourself that she is no dummy. Nevertheless she is being casually dismissed as ‘nothing to worry about’, by some of the most powerful conservative commentators who have been taken in by her deception. But be warned, she is the newly unveiled pinnacle of failsafe keys that will unlock the gushing support and voting power of 21st century leftist ‘liberalism’ - 90% of which is comprised of spoiled, stupid tv-mesmerized kids and their dumb parents.

And especially to that bunch of whining, abysmally ignorant and inexperienced ‘awesome dudes’ and ‘dudettes’, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is their representative voice in fuddy-duddy old Washington DC. And that is why some of the sleaziest, leftist democrats can’t say enough good things about her - because she is accomplishing everything that wizened and brilliant political figures could never touch: If you want to attract flies, my good readers, you don’t argue with them or even invite them in. Instead, you must discover their very favorite flavor and odor of excrement - and pile it high. And that is exactly what Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is about.

Nevertheless, even conservative commentators have joined in the chorus making light of how this “dummy”: doesn’t know about the three branches of our government, or how she intends to take down the Supreme Court, and that she is the “democratic party’s worst enemy”, etc. etc. In a state of shock, I sincerely can’t believe that more people’s jaws are not agape at the fact that so many have been taken in by the charade of this little, female wrecking crew. Can you imagine satan (is he known to be real stupid?) running around promoting anything that is going to interfere with his unwavering determination to deceive and destroy the creation of God? So in that same line of reasoning, why in the world would a silver-tongued devil like Barack Obama be out banging the drum and stumping for anything or anyone that might wreck his opportunity to become an untouchable, One-World oligarch? Forget about it.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the prototype of America’s worst nightmare on the move. She is the new and improved Hillary Clinton!

The other day I saw a lot of conservative commentary making fun of her advocating ‘fresh blood’ running for office and pushing out incumbent democrat fogeys. That’s right, she said, big as life, to every swarming street urchin/activist under the sound of her voice: “... I need you to run for office,” ... “We all need to run at all levels of government, but I really hope that many of you join me here in Congress.” This was the same ‘silly’ little woman who announced that she was out to destroy ‘grandma’s democratic party’. And the brilliant conservative comeback to that? That she is the democrats’ biggest enemy? Did you not hear what she said? People, she is cleaning house for the new left! She is heralding the true advent of the grand debut of the shadow government that Barack Obama spent his eight years in planting and nurturing!

And some of the most lucid and mentally acute conservative writers and commentators, many of them my heroes, are treating her as though she’s an idiot! My friends, she is the prototype of America’s worst nightmare on the move. She is the new and improved Hillary Clinton! She is the doe-eyed, hovering basilisk currently hypnotizing millions of infantile minds who see her as the bubbling personage of the revolutionary, paradigm shift. She is the new, ‘innocent’ cheerleader that the triumphantly emerging ‘One World America’ has been yearning for. And the victims of her narcotic deception are as prepared for her fatal spell as a nursery full of babies. Trust me, folks, Barack knew precisely why he was campaigning for her. And he is, as we speak, delighted that so many are dismissing her as a ditz.

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