Corrupt Hillary Clinton--who would do anything to be able to call herself ‘president‘ even as Obama’s 3rd term-- already is America’s 45h president without a single vote ever having been cast for her

How Obama and Google plan to rig Election 2016

By —— Bio and Archives--August 23, 2016

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(Editor’s Note: The truth can be depressing)

Brace yourself, America.  Brace yourself Free West.  Coming down the pike at you is President Barack Obama for a third straight term under the guise of the ‘Pantsuit President’. 

It’s as certain as tomorrow’s rising of the sun, and because his eight years in office left America on its last legs, it’s a clear and present danger to the very survival of the West.

The Republicans, who actively piled on for America’s destruction looked the other way during the past eight years, and still look the other way in the present day.  Constant laments from the public about Obama’s anti-American hatred did nothing to stop him in his tracks.

But the way we elect presidents changed forever with Obama.  Problem is, that change has gone right over most of our heads. 

While roughly 50% of Americans were reeling in shock over how a largely absentee senator could be elected president back in 2008, Obama and search engine goliath Google were working out the details on how to make digital Democrat presidency a permanent fixture in our lives.

Needless to say, the devil was in the details,

They call it making use of “new MEDIA strategies.  Knowing where their Marxist One World Order intentions are leading the masses, we call it the very worst thing that could possibly happen to the Free West.

How did we get there?

It went down out of eyesight behind the scenes when Obama was able to first find, then secure his very own private Internet Channel gifted him by Google+:

“Obama’s campaign learned during his presidential run that he could sidestep the traditional media filter and communicate directly with his 13 million grassroots supporters using Internet channels like YouTube.” (Google Transparency Project, )

“President Obama has participated in YouTube interviews following each of his State of the Union addresses since taking office, taking questions directly from Americans and bloggers handpicked by Google. His first address, on January 27, 2010, offers insight into how closely Google worked with the White House to support Obama’s use of new media strategies.

“YouTube’s head of news and politics, Steve Grove, conducted an exclusive 45-minute interview with the president on February 1, 2010 in which questions were submitted by Americans and chosen online.  A “Behind the Scenes” YouTube video of that interview shows Obama pointing to the traditional media assembled in the Oval Office to cover the YouTube event. “You’ve got all of these old media people here,” the president joked.”

This is the same “old media people” who continue to poison the chances of Donald J. Trump ever making it to the White House by saturation character assassination; the same media who work feverishly to distract the masses from what is really going on behind the scene.

In gaining an impenetrable power, Community Organizer Barack Obama went all the way from a weekly radio show to an omnipresent digital presence that only Google can take down.   

More than ironic that Hillary Clinton’s hateful, hurtful words during her Congressional hearing into the Benghazi scandal could now be used to describe her outrageous lies, email scandal and pay-for-play Clinton Foundation fraud:  “What difference does it make?”

What difference does it make if videos going viral display Clinton as having to be propped up because of failing health? 

What difference can it possibly make if she hasn’t held a press conference in 262 days, or that she is leading the polls with no commitments to presidential debates with Donald Trump?

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Count on Obama and Vice President Joe Biden doing her legwork and heavy lifting

Count on Obama and Vice President Joe Biden doing her legwork and heavy lifting while she stays out of the limelight writing her inaugural address.

Obama came into power with no experience, no media vetting even though promising one five days before election that he was all about fundamentally transforming America.

Now with his sights fixed on the only way he can hold onto that power with a third term, he’s doing it all for Hillary Clinton.

In other words all of Obama’s powerful social media that twice elected him is Hillary Clinton’s now.

In this, the Final Act that should be called ‘Darkness Descends on America’, voters become the bit players in general elections.

Google is forever and so is every digital Democrat that Google decides to elect.

And that is why Hillary Clinton, congenital liar that she is, having to be propped into standing position during public outings,  is acting as though she has already been elected, and why she is already choosing her cabinet.

The Cheshire Cat smirk of Hillary Clinton is for real,

The tragic truth is, that corrupt Hillary Clinton—who would do anything to be able to call herself ‘president‘ even as Obama’s 3rd term—already is America’s 45h president without a single vote ever having been cast for her.


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